Renault Kaptur (Captur) 2017-2018 year

Kaptur is a Renault front-wheel-drive mini crossover based on the fourth-generation Clio hatchback. It was first introduced in 2013 during the Geneva Motor Show. This car is manufactured at Renault production facilities in Spain.

In the spring of 2016, the Renault Kaptur model was introduced in Russia. It differs from the base model in large body size and increased ground clearance. Kaptur is designed on the B0 platform, on which the models Duster, Sandero, Logan are manufactured, intended for sales only in Russia and in Eastern Europe. Kaptur is a stand alone model.

Renault Kaptur (Captur) 2017-2018

The advantages of the Kaptur mini-crossover are:

  1. Safety (has five stars according to Euro NCAP in 2013).
  2. Unusual design.
  3. Confident suspension work.
  4. Good noise isolation.

In the next two years, the company plans to release a new generation of the Renault Captur crossover of the 2017-2018 model range, the first generation of which has had great success in the European market since the very beginning of sales.

Renault Kaptur (Captur) 2017-2018


At the beginning of this year, the company launched a new generation crossover for test road tests.Renault Kaptur 2018 received a new body design, from the photo posted on the Internet, it turned out to be more expressive, stylish and modern.

Immediately stand out a large false radiator lining, fog lights, mounted in trapezoid niches with chrome edging of the front bumper, smooth extrusion lines made in the body doors. It is interesting to look completely new LED headlights for LED PURE VISION head light in the design, which used unusual s-shaped sections of the running lights.

Renault Kaptur (Captur) 2017-2018

Wheel arches slightly protrude across the width of the body and add the external effect of the elements of an SUV. Interestingly designed 17-inch rims. Slightly elevated rear of the new Renault Kaptur body, which is scheduled for release in 2018, allows you to create an additional effect designed to enhance the dynamic appearance.

Despite the fact that the model belongs to the type of mini-crossovers, Kaptur looks quite dynamic and impressive. For the new generation, the use of a two-color body coloring will continue, which allows the car to stand out on the road, and also gives a certain personality.

Renault Kaptur (Captur) 2017-2018

In addition, to create an individual appearance on request of the buyer, will help (in addition to the two-tone body color) wheels in several different colors, special colored edging for the grille, rear doors, side moldings and headlights. All elements can be made in the following available colors: chrome (steel), black, beige or orange.


To talk about the interior of the new mini-crossover is currently quite difficult, since the company has not provided photos of it. However, according to a number of automotive publications, developers have not lost the positive qualities of its predecessor. The modular interior design will be preserved, which allows you to modify and complete it in accordance with the requests of customers. There will also be saved a number, namely six, interior design options in accordance with the principle laid out during the design of the body, the interior trim will also be carried out in a two-color scale.

As standard equipment, it is planned to install a rear-view camera, multimedia system and an electronic salon mirror for the rear view.In addition, the use of a multifunctional steering wheel, a keyless access system, a large set of airbags, the use of active head restraints, and a start button will be preserved.

Renault Kaptur (Captur) 2017-2018

Technical data of the Renault Captur 2017-2018

Initially, motors from the previous version will be used as power units for the new generation. This is one diesel version V 1.50 liters and a capacity of 90 liters. s., two petrol V0.90; V1.20 and, respectively, with capacities of 90 and 120 forces. These motors have good economic and traction characteristics, which is extremely important for Kaptur, since, first of all, it is intended for operation in urban environments. In the future, depending on demand, it is possible to change the engine range.

The following transmission options are intended for use in transmissions:

  1. Five-speed manual.
  2. Six-speed manual.
  3. Six-speed robotic with two clutch discs.

Renault for the French and European markets will retain five options for the model. Moreover, according to preliminary data, in the same names.

Renault Kaptur (Captur) 2017-2018

The basic package of Life will include:

  • Esp
  • ABS,
  • key card
  • device help when starting off on the rise,
  • four electric windows,
  • engine start button
  • power mirrors,
  • air conditioning,
  • LED running lights
  • four airbags.

For subsequent configurations will be available: a tracking system of road signs, a device for a panoramic view, driver monitoring, adaptive headlights, a parking assistant, a panoramic roof with a sunroof.

Start of sales and cost

Officially, the presentation of the new model is scheduled during the Geneva Motor Show. The start of sales of the Renault Captur should begin in the middle of 2018, the estimated price in the minimum configuration will be 17 thousand euros.

Deliveries of this model are not planned to Russia, since in 2016, the production was started specifically for the domestic car market and went on sale by Renault Kaptur. More than 60% of this model consists of parts of domestic production and is maximally unified with the models of Duster, Sandero, Logan, which are also produced in our country.

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