Proverbs about laziness. "Lazy Mother"

For a Russian person, laziness is a complicated concept. For example, is it difficult to say whether wine is evil or is it all the same good? Of course, everything depends on the measure. If you drink a lot of wine, you can become an alcoholic, and if taken regularly in small doses, then it is harmless. Thus, proverbs do not reflect all the multifacetedness of Russian relations with parasitism.

Laziness as a horror story

proverbs about laziness

Many philosophers, for example Kant or Schopenhauer,they said that in the life of a person, both pleasure and suffering should be harmoniously represented. Hedonists will exclaim: "Well, no! We want pure enjoyment for ever and ever. " Imagine that the desire came true, and what would lovers of pleasures do without suffering? Of course, they would immediately become ascetics, because the pleasure would have poured them very quickly and seemed to be insipid.

The same sin and proverbs about laziness. They always tell a person that being lazy is a terrible crime. But is it? Of course, it is clear that all proverbs and sayings come from those social groups in which the whole existence depended on labor. Therefore, they were forced to come up with scary-stimuli for the younger generation. For example, a terrible phrase: "Laziness is worse than sickness." Or another: "- Laziness, laziness, open the door, burn! "I'll burn, but I will not let go." Proverbs about laziness must be similar, so that from a young age in children inspire awe in front of her. Of course, not all of them are like that. There are also softer. They are known to everyone from childhood: "Under a recumbent stone water does not flow"; "The Seine would all sleep in the manger"; "It's hard for him to live, who runs from work", etc.

Laziness as a signal from the body that there is no more energy to work

proverb and laziness spoils

A man could not work all the time,when he worked on the ground, not now, when most of the life of our fellow is going on at the computer. Labor and laziness must be combined in the being of man as harmoniously as suffering and pleasure. The formula is simple: to work effectively, you need to rest well. When a person is lazy, then he is tired and can no longer work effectively. He needs rest. The biological organism is a rather complicated and quite logical thing. There is nothing superfluous in it. Even illnesses arise because the content of certain substances in us, people, comes out of the shores of the norm.

Laziness as a medicine

Laziness is like wine. In small doses it is medicine, in large doses it is poison. If you do not rest, then you can die in about 40 years, i.е. after 15 years of miserable work. And if you rest, you can live a very long time and get pleasure from work.

A bad laziness in large doses is that if sheexcessive, the person degrades and ceases to be a professional frame. As N.A. Zobolotsky: "The soul must work ...". So, not only the soul, but also the body.

People are usually afraid of laziness, and in almost any culture it is perceived as a negative phenomenon. Hence the proverb: "..., and laziness spoils." In the first part, of course, there should be: "Labor feeds ..."

The position of modernity. "Lazy Mother"

proverb feeds and laziness spoils

Maybe someone will become ridiculous, but ourmodernity clears the famous saying "Lazy Mother was born before you" from the negative meaning. All sorts of sources of information are crammed in ways of how you can relax. Now the question of how to force oneself to work is no longer acute, people are tormenting people quite different now: how to stop and rest. Of course, as before, "work (the proverb) feeds, and laziness spoils" many, but it would be useful for some of them to come to the chest of the sloth-mother and finally take a time-out.

Only rest is not how usedthe majority, go to the south and there even more to inflate your nerves with deafening music and alcohol, but, on the contrary, to visit, for example, reserved places or become a visitor to the sanatorium for the entire holiday period and forget all the proverbs for laziness at this time.

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