Pressure leaps? Set the reason ...

Blood pressure jumps for many people -the phenomenon is not rare. Especially in the spring and autumn periods. This problem can appear both in people aged, and in young people. And it can happen spontaneously. It would seem that before problems with the pressure was not, and recently there is a high or a low. And than it is caused, it is difficult to explain. Pressure rises for various reasons. Let us dwell on the most common.

Pressure rises: causes

It is usually not easy to establish the cause of the changing pressure. Many different factors can influence this.

Loads, stresses and stresses are one of themany causes of changes in blood pressure. This is due to the release of adrenaline in an increased amount, which causes the discharge of blood and their flow to the head. From this, of course, the pressure rises. In addition, a person becomes irritable, there is increased excitability.

In most cases, the pressure rises depending on the state of the vessels, viz. Microvessels. Their constriction and expansion significantly affects the pressure change.

In addition, an important role in the emergence of thisProblems are played also by weather conditions. Not for nothing at the beginning of the article we mentioned about the spring-autumn period. It is at these times of the year that most people are faced with pressure surges. This is due to fluctuations in atmospheric pressure. At this time of year, people who are dependent on meteorological conditions, it is desirable not to overwork, to lead a calm, measured and healthy image. But it was not there. It is in spring and autumn that many people increase their physical loads associated with the season of planting, harvesting and putting their horticultural plots in order. Where is there to withstand the pressure?

Pressure rises quite often among people leadinga sedentary lifestyle and a considerable part of time spending time at work in stuffy office buildings. In this case, you should often remember walking in the fresh air. Another reason related to work is fatigue and the resulting chronic fatigue. Do not forget to give the body rest to avoid unpleasant problems in the future.

Hormonal changes in the body - alsoThe reason that pressure rises in the female. Such changes can be caused by the menstrual cycle, the use of contraceptive medicines. Another possible reason for women - irradiation with ultraviolet rays, that is, the pursuit of fashion and the purchase of a beautiful tan in a solarium.

In men, the most common factors,The pressure that causes pressure fluctuations is the consumption of alcoholic beverages and smoking. Reception of alcoholic beverages causes vasospasms, which leads to its increase. Smoking also causes serious damage to the heart, increasing the load and damaging the walls of the arteries, which, in turn, can not but affect the arterial pressure.

An important factor at a variable pressure ypeople of any sex is malnutrition. Food is salty, spicy and oily can cause high blood pressure. Excess body weight, and conversely, depletion caused by diets - is also the cause of the problem named.

Pressure jumps, as we see, in differentreasons, but whatever they were, this problem brings a lot: many sufferers complain of headaches, dizziness, noise in the ears, weakness, nausea, darkening in the eyes, and in some cases, fainting, etc.

Do you have pressure leaping? Do not speculate about the causes and engage in self-medication. The best way out is, as you know, to see a doctor, in order to diagnose the cause of the illness and use the diagnostic methods to direct it to eliminate it. Only in this case the result will be reliable and effective. Do not forget that constantly changing pressure can lead to unpleasant consequences, for example, cause a stroke, ischemic heart disease and other serious diseases.

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