Polaris Vacuum Cleaner Rating: Top Ten + Useful Recommendations for Customers

Polaris vacuum cleaners, which differ from competitors by a favorable price and good technical and operational characteristics, have won a positive reputation among consumers.

Among the variety of the product line there are the most popular models. Denote the best positions in terms of basic selection criteria, cost, and real user ratings.

Top 10 best vacuum cleaners manufacturer

Polaris cleaning equipment is presented in the following categories: traditional bag and cyclone units, vertical models and vacuum cleaning robots.

The pricing policy of the company is very loyal. Most units belong to the middle and budget segment, models are more expensive - this is a robotic technique.

For an objective comparison, devices of different types and cost are included in the rating. Technical parameters are supplemented with practical user reviews.

1st place - Polaris PVB 1801

Gold rating given to the traditional bag model Polaris PVB 1801. By many selection criteria, the unit is considered to be the leader. Among the main advantages: low price, powerful traction, roomy dust collector, stylish design.

Declared by the manufacturer parameters are justified by positive reviews.


  • thrust - 360 watts;
  • motor power - 1800 W;
  • a dust collector - a bag on 2 l;
  • cleaning - dry;
  • speed adjustment - rotary switch on the module;
  • completeness - 3 nozzles;
  • cable length - 5 m.

Polaris PVB 1801 is equipped with two bags - paper and fabric. Provided notification of the fullness of the container.

The filtration system is represented by an output foam barrier and two pre-motor elements that are responsible for cleaning the incoming air flow. This solution protects the power unit from contamination and blocks dust from entering the room.

Users appreciated the high efficiency, large bag volume, practical set of nozzles, no overheating of the motor. Noise in the process is acceptable - does not cause much discomfort.

Some lacked the length of the cord and the choice of colors. However, at this price it is very difficult to find a more decent model of the Polaris vacuum cleaner.

2 place - Polaris PVC 1824L

The honorable second position is given to the representative of the multicyclone technology for collecting dust. Despite the capacious container, the unit is quite compact and maneuverable. Its weight is 4 kg.

The power of thrust - 380 W was also highly appreciated. During operation, the vacuum cleaner does not lose power. The stability of the suction contributes to a multicyclone consisting of two filter elements. Separation of impurities occurs in the container - dust settles to the bottom and does not clog the filter.


  • 380 W suction capacity;
  • electricity consumption - 1800 W;
  • 2.5 l cyclone;
  • cleaning - dry cleaning;
  • 2 levels of speeds - a switch on the body, an airflow valve on the handle;
  • completeness - 3 brushes;
  • cord length - 5 m.

The competitive advantage of a home assistant is moderate noise with great performance. Sound pressure is about 70 dB. Polaris PVC 1824L is equipped with a HEPA filter for cleaning the exhaust air.

Users note the following advantages: compactness, good quality of cleaning, convenient telescopic tube, ease of maintenance of the dust collector.Buyers appreciated the smooth start of the engine, no need to buy replacement bags.

Disadvantages of the product: a short cord, the appearance of scratches on plastic, jamming of wheels on carpets with high pile.

3rd place - Polaris PVC 1618BB

Another cyclonic budget series. This vacuum cleaner differs from the previous model in reduced dimensions and high level of maneuverability. It is somewhat inferior in terms of suction power, but it still shows good cleaning results.


  • thrust - 320 watts;
  • engine power - 1600 watts;
  • cyclone - 1.7 l;
  • operating mode - dry cleaning;
  • power adjustment is placed on the body;
  • Included - 3 accessory;
  • cord length - 5 m.

Despite the decrease in size, it was not possible to achieve a quieter course of work. The volume of the vacuum cleaner is listed among the shortcomings of the model. It is not convenient for some users to clean the cyclone container. Another disadvantage - the difficulty in buying a replacement filter.

However, most consumers are completely satisfied with the purchase. The main arguments “for”: good suction capacity, low price, availability of fasteners for nozzles, comfortable telescope tube, stable rubber wheels.

The compact unit is perfect for cleaning small apartments. Polaris PVC 1618BB will easily collect garbage from hard surfaces and tracks.

4th place - Polaris PVCS 0418

Polaris PVCS 0418 is a portable vacuum cleaner 2 in 1. On the long handle there is a removable mini-unit for cleaning the car interior, cleaning individual zones.

This self-contained mop vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery. The battery capacity is enough for continuous operation up to half an hour. Time to full charge takes about 5 hours.


  • cyclone - 0.5 l;
  • power consumption - 125 W;
  • operating mode - dry cleaning;
  • speed switch on the handle - you can turn on one fan and additionally activate the rotation of the electrobrush;
  • in a set - a turboshchetka, removable mini-vacuum cleaner;
  • cord length - the cord is not provided, the vacuum cleaner works autonomously on a Li-Ion battery 2000 mAh.

Of the design features can be distinguished bending the handle and lighting the cleaning zone. Also, the model is equipped with an indication of the fullness of the container and the level of charge. To clean the outgoing air is set HEPA-filter.

The portable autonomous unit won consumer acceptance.The main advantages of the device include: network independence, good cleaning quality, comfort of use, brush functionality, practicality of the transformer handle.

Additional advantages: the possibility of vertical parking and storage, modern design.

Cons noted by customers: it is not possible to completely vacuum under the bed because of the body of equipment, the turbo-brush reels hair when rotating - periodically you have to stop cleaning and clean the nozzle.

Users with experience have noticed that the main unit when re-installing loosely pressed against the contacts. To solve the problem have to place liners.

In general, the Polaris PVCS 0418 met the expectations of consumers. Such a vacuum cleaner is an excellent solution for compact rooms and rooms cluttered with furniture. There is no need to constantly monitor the position of the wire.

5th place - Polaris PVB 1803

The Polaris PVB 1803 bag unit demonstrates excellent performance at a moderate cost. It stands out among the line of household vacuum cleaners for its unusual design - the fashionable indigo color and the textured surface of the case.

Pleasing and working parameters: an impressive suction power, a large container for dust, double filtration system.


  • 380 W suction power;
  • power consumption of the motor - 1800 W;
  • bag capacity - 2 liters;
  • dry cleaning of carpets, textile coatings;
  • adjustment - on the body, damper on the handle of the hose;
  • in a set - one universal nozzle with a sliding brush;
  • cable length - 5 m.

In practice, the vacuum cleaner showed itself well. He easily copes with the hair of pets, cleaning textile surfaces. With compact dimensions, the suction power is very good, and the noise is quite acceptable.

Cons - limited configuration. There is only one attachment in the set, and two bags - disposable and cloth.

The device is simple, understandable to manage. This model is perfect for those who decided to teach children to work, and definitely worth the money. The model on the market is not so long ago, so it’s too early to talk about its breakdowns.

6 place - Polaris PVCR 0920WV

Very popular model with buyers. Fully automated equipment at a loyal price, when compared with similar devices from other manufacturers. The advantage of the model is the ability to perform wet cleaning.

Polaris PVCR 0920WV absorbs dust with a power of 25 watts. Regarding the bag and cyclone type aggregates, this figure seems too small. However, for robotics it is a good result.

Here, the quality of cleaning depends on the device brush. The robot picks up trash and sweeps it at speed in the dust collector.


  • suction power - 25 W;
  • cyclone filter - 0.5 l;
  • functions - dry cleaning, washing coatings;
  • switch on the case, it is possible to control the console;
  • the set includes two replaceable units, including an electric brush, a nozzle with a rag, and a water container;
  • cord length - the cord is not provided, the vacuum cleaner works autonomously on Li-Ion batteries 2000 mAh.

One battery charge is enough for work up to 100 minutes, it will take about 5 hours to recover.

The robot is equipped with an LCD display to display the charge level and time, there is an option for voice notification of the device status. The kit includes a virtual wall. The unit can be moved along five predetermined paths, including cleaning along the walls and automatic mode.

According to the users, the pros: the blocking of work without a dust collector, the presence of a timer, good quality, the duration of autonomous work - is enough for a thorough cleaning of an area of ​​45 square meters. m

Disadvantages: wiping the floor with a rag does not provide the desired result, a bad detour of obstacles, it is not always correctly parked to the base.

7th place - Polaris PVC 2003Ri

The maximum power among household climatic equipment from Polaris. The suction power reaches 500 watts. Such performance does not leave chances of dust, wool, the unit cleans well high-pile carpets, cushions, upholstered furniture.

Polaris PVC 2003Ri is a cyclonic vacuum cleaner with a spacious dust collector. A practical solution for comfortable use is an ergonomic handle with power adjustment.


  • traction - 500 watts;
  • motor power - 2000 W;
  • capacity of cyclone - 2.5 l;
  • dry cleaning of various coatings;
  • adjustment - control panel on the handle;
  • in a set - 2 nozzles;
  • cable length - 5 m.

According to the manufacturer, this device is able to trap unpleasant odors, performing air ionization. It involved a dual filtration system, including a 13th degree HEPA barrier.

What do users say? The device belongs to the average price category, so the demand from it is more than with budget vacuum cleaners.

Buyers are quite critical about the size of the device, its maneuverability and a poor set of nozzles. Some found the service inconvenient - the ill-conceived design of the hinged cover on the bottom of the dust collector, the lack of replaceable filters on sale.

However, most consumers focus on their strengths: very high performance, minimum dust output, relatively quiet operation, good build quality.

8 place - Polaris PVCR 0726W

Robot vacuum cleaner with the function of dry / wet cleaning and water collection. Polaris PVCR 0726W stands out for its beautiful design (glass surface), noiseless movement, and battery life up to 3.5 hours.

Orientation in space provide infrared sensors. The unit responds to the steps and the approach of the "abyss". The module is equipped with anti-fall sensors.


  • thrust - 25 watts;
  • cyclone - 0.5 l;
  • modes - dry cleaning, collecting water, washing the floor;
  • switch on the body, remote control;
  • complete - water tank, microfiber cloth, side brushes, turbo brush;
  • no wires - autonomous operation, Li-Ion battery 2600 mAh.

The height of the vacuum cleaner reaches 7.6 cm, which determines its patency under low furniture.

Buyers are satisfied with the purchase, a large number of reviews indicate the demand for the model. Which is praised for good cleaning, the presence of a signal sensor about the error, a capacious battery, a quiet course, planning the trajectory of movement.

Identified deficiencies: reacts to the black bar as an obstacle, there is no information about the battery charge, the lack of a virtual wall, the difficulty of selecting consumables. An important note - the high cost.

9th place - Polaris PVCS 0622HG

Portable model with the ability to transform into a handheld vacuum cleaner. The vertical type unit is equipped with a multifunctional nozzle - this is both an accessory for the care of clothes, and a rotating electric brush with backlight, as well as a module for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.


  • draft - 30 W;
  • engine power - 140 W;
  • cyclone - 0.6 l;
  • modes - dry cleaning;
  • power switch on the handle;
  • complete set - 4 nozzles;
  • wireless unit - battery Li-Ion 22.2 V.

Multi-cyclone technology is supplemented with HEPA-filter 13. The module is equipped with a battery charge indicator, the battery life is half an hour.

Advantages of Polaris PVCS 0622HG: compactness, good cross under the beds / sofas, practical set of accessories, easy storage - can be hung from the wall.

Cons of the unit: significant noise, fast charge, poor absorption of grains of the type of beads, small pebbles, dry food for animals.

10 place - Polaris PVCR 1012U

Economy version of robotic technology.The price of the device is comparable to conventional vacuum cleaners. The unit is inferior to its predecessors in power and functionality. However, it has an important advantage - cleaning automation without labor costs.


  • suction power - 18 W;
  • cyclone filter - 0.3 l;
  • modes - dry cleaning;
  • control - button on the case;
  • in a set - side brushes, charging base;
  • no wires - Li-Ion 1200 mAh battery.

The unit operates in three modes, for orientation in place, ultrasonic and optical sensors are provided. The vacuum cleaner detects obstacles and moves without problems through the sills up to 1.5 cm.

Positive reviews are due to low cost, long duration of work, compact dimensions and maneuverability. Disadvantages: poor cleaning in the corners, large debris does not pick up, small capacity of the dust collector.

Polaris PVCR 1012U is suitable for targeting daily marafet. You should not expect that the robot-baby will master the general cleaning of the apartment.

The main criteria for choosing a vacuum cleaner

The principles for the selection of cleaning home appliances are the same for all manufacturers. Before buying, you need to decide on the type of vacuum cleaner, the preferred option of the dust collector, the required power and filtration system.

Features of different devices

First of all, it is necessary to choose the optimal type of vacuum cleaner. All variety is divided into three categories: cylindrical, vertical and robot vacuum cleaners.

Traditional vacuum cleaners with a hose remain at the peak of popularity. Their main advantages: high power, versatility, reliability and loyal pricing.

Bag vacuum cleaner
Cons of operation: the cumbersome technique, the need to control the position of the wire, increased power consumption

Vertical models of autonomous action are devoid of these shortcomings. A small cylindrical body attached to the handle with a nozzle. The proximity of the engine to the brush allows you to use low-power motors, so portable units are considered energy efficient.

Disadvantages of vertical vacuum cleaners:

  • high noise level;
  • despite being compact, some models are quite heavy;
  • small dust collector.

Robotic technology is fundamentally different from previous vacuum cleaners. Modern units are able to clean the house without human intervention. Devices are programmed to work in different modes. Models of the latest generation of premium class can be remotely controlled via Wi-Fi.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner
The main drawback of robots is the high cost. Vacuum cleaners of affordable price category have insufficient power and do not always cope with cleaning wool, cleaning carpets

When choosing the type of apparatus, it is necessary to compare the purchase budget and the expected operating conditions.

Which dust collector is better?

The efficiency of work, power and degree of dust retention is largely determined by the principle of dust collection.

There are three options:

  1. Vacuum cleaners Such devices are cheaper, characterized by high power and relative compactness. Cons: the need to buy replacement bags, loss of traction when filling the tank.
  2. Cyclones. The main advantages: the stability of the suction power, there is no need to update the dust collector. Cons: gradual clogging of the pump filters and their change, increased noise, the accumulation of static electricity. The cyclone container requires regular cleaning.
  3. Aquafilters. Hydraulic units purify the air better and partially moisten it. An additional plus - no need to spend money on consumables. Disadvantages: cumbersome, the need during the cleaning to add water, high cost, the complexity of maintenance.

There are no models with aqua-filters in the Polaris product line. A large assortment of bags are presented at an affordable price.

Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Cyclone dust collectors are equipped with all robotic vacuum cleaners and vertical portable devices. The same technology is implemented in the series of cylindrical units of the brand.

Motor power and suction power

It is the traction that determines the effectiveness of the harvesting. For household appliances, a figure of 320-350 W under standard operating conditions is sufficient.

In some cases, an individual approach is required:

  1. For allergy sufferers, it is better to take a vacuum cleaner with a maximum load of 450-500 watts.
  2. If there are no carpets in the apartment, then low-power models will do - up to 300-350 W.
  3. In the house with pets, numerous carpets - 400-450 watts.

Provision should be made for power reserve. As the garbage container is filled, the craving drops by 10-30%.

Accounting for additional parameters

In addition to the above criteria, the following should be considered: the degree of filtration, the level of noise, equipment, volume of the tank and the convenience of the handle.

Hepa filter
High degree of purification is provided by HEPA-filters. The barrier keeps up to 95% of dust inside the container.Almost all Polaris models are equipped with such elements.

Acceptable noise level of a household vacuum cleaner - 70-72 dB. A smaller indicator can boast of robotic devices.

The size of the container depends on the dimensions of the device and the duration of work without cleaning the tank. It is necessary to adhere to the rule: the larger the room, the more capacious the dust collector should be.

Universal brush
Of the nozzles, it is desirable to have a universal brush and slotted accessory. Excellent results shows turbo brush - suitable for cleaning carpets, collecting wool

It is desirable that the power switch button is located on the handle. The user does not have to bend over to the body during the cleaning.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Recommendations for choosing a domestic vacuum cleaner:

Polaris manufacturer’s vacuum cleaners are popular with customers for their affordable price along with good technical features.. Demand are different types of devices. The choice of technology should be made taking into account operating conditions, personal preferences and the size of the budget.

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