Pleikast Happy New Year 2019

For many users, one New Year's picture at all is enough to congratulate their friends and relatives. But some people appreciate the original approach to congratulations, choosing the playkard Happy New Year 2019. Such a musical gift not only can help express your thoughts and mood, but also convey feelings. But it is necessary to take into account that this type of multimedia cannot be downloaded to a computer, since it consists of several separate blocks: a music series, text, graphics, including animation. All elements can be reproduced together only on the pages of web resources in special players. There are several ways to present a playcast as a greeting.


How to make a playcast yourself

To create a music card with your own hands, you need knowledge of several programs for working with images, video and music. This is a rather time-consuming process, but in the end it turns out a cool creation with an original feed, tailored to the individual characteristics of the recipient.For professionals, using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition and ProShow Producer is enough.

Pleikast Happy New Year 2019

But ordinary users can use the online designers on special services. The most popular of them is On it you can create highly professional playcasts without special skills. But you need to consider that they can not be downloaded free to your computer. To congratulate relatives and friends, you must send them a direct hyperlink to view.

Postcards of our time

Many users are looking for Pig Year for beautiful cards combining text greetings, music, photos and animation. The most relevant of them contain an image of a totem animal of 2019 according to the Chinese calendar. Especially for this, we have created several unique playkasts that you can choose for free for children and adults. All you need to do:

  1. go to the page by clicking on the "View" button under the image;
  2. copy the link in the address bar of the browser;
  3. send it to the recipient by email mail, chat social network or instant messenger.

Gallery of music pictures with the New Year 2019

This year will be held under the auspices of the yellow earth Pigs.In order to attract good luck and well-being, you need to give your friends close postcards with the image of this animal. Mumps sure to reward anyone who shows attention to her. Also, the collection contains interesting musical pictures with New Year's symbols and characters. If you want to download the congratulatory content with the New Year, go to the “Everything about 2019” rubric or open the “Preparing for NG” label.

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