Planting peppers for seedlings in 2018: how and when to plant peppers for seedlings.

Sweet pepper is a healthy vegetable. But not many gardeners decide to plant it in their garden. And all because the cultivation of Bulgarian pepper is associated with many difficulties. They need not only know, but also take into account even at that moment, when the hand reached for a bag of favorite sort of sweet pepper.

When to sow pepper on seedlings in 2018

According to tradition, it is advised to plant it in February - March, and if you are impatient, then you can start planting pepper for seedlings at the end of January. Planted seedlings in a greenhouse will need in mid-June. Between these dates it will take just 60-80 days, that is, the seedlings should be ready for transplantation.

But in fact, everything becomes much more complicated. After all, the pre-emergence period can take up to three weeks. And then in the indoor environment, when the plants have little light and humidity, their growth slows down noticeably.

Also, the moment of planting the pepper depends on the variety selected. So superearly varieties yield a crop in 90-100 days after germination. Therefore, planting begins rather late. And for the early ones, this period should move by ten days. Otherwise, the crop can not wait.

So, in practice, the preparation for sowing must begin at the end of February, namely the number 20. For the seeds to be in the ground before March 10. Then shoots will appear by the middle of the first spring month, when the length of daylight hours already reaches 12 hours.

When planting peppers for seedlings in Siberia, you need to follow general guidelines. It should be borne in mind that the warm time in this region does not last long. Therefore, it is necessary to acquire seeds from early varieties of sweet pepper. Planting pepper for seedlings should be in late February and early March. Then you can get a good harvest.

Favorable days when planting peppers for seedlings in 2018:

In February 2018, the best days to plant pepper will be 16 - 18, 21, 22, 25 and 26
Planting peppers for seedlings in 2018 in March - 18, 19, 24, 25, 26

when to plant pepper

How to prepare seeds to hasten the emergence of seedlings

  1. From the seeds you need to remove all damaged and weak.
  2. Soak the remaining fungicide in the solution, for example, Vitaros or Fitosporin-M.You can replace it with a pink solution of potassium permanganate. Keep the seeds in solution in accordance with the instructions, and in potassium permanganate - 30 minutes.
  3. At 12 o'clock put them in Elin (in 100 ml of water you need to drop only 1-2 drops of this drug).
  4. Prepare pots, for this they need to be washed in a solution of potassium permanganate. Then pour the soil and compact it so that it remains about 2 cm from the top. After that, put them in a very warm place so that the earth warms to 20-25 degrees Celsius by the time of sowing the soaked seeds.
  5. Soak seeds put in a damp cloth and put where the temperature does not fall below 25 ºC. These conditions will allow the roots to appear in 10-12 days.
  6. At this point, you need to start sowing pepper seeds for seedlings.

How to grow pepper: soil preparation

Novice gardeners may be advised to purchase ready-made mixture for peppers. Only add to it the sifted washed sand. At 6 liters of finished soil will need to take 1 liter of sand.

It should be borne in mind that by the time the terms of planting pepper for seedlings are suitable, the ground should be laid out in containers and heated to the optimum temperature for the specified culture.

For experienced gardeners there is a recommendation for the independent production of fertile soil for seedlings. Its basis is humus (2 parts), which can be replaced by well-rotten compost. The same (2 parts) is supposed to take peat. Add one part of the washed river sand. This mixture must be heated for an hour at high temperature. This will protect future seedlings from fungi and destroy weed seeds.

How to plant pepper on seedlings at home

This culture has a very weak root system. Therefore, when picking or transplanting will have to work very carefully. Since you need to ensure that the roots of the pepper remain intact, and even better not at all removed from the soil.

Therefore, individual pots for 200 grams of soil or peat tablets for seedlings are preferable to one large container for the whole seedlings. In the second case, you need to dive without damaging the root system. Otherwise, plant growth may be delayed for 2-3 weeks.

The ready-made pots of soil are now being planted on pepper seedlings in 2018.In each individual pot you need to put one seed that has spiked. If the sowing goes into a common container, then the distance between the seeds should not be less than 2 cm. Smaller gaps will prevent the seedlings from becoming stronger.

Now the seeds on top need to sprinkle with 1 cm of soil. He slightly condense. Carefully water, as water should not wash the seeds from the soil. Cover pots or container with foil or glass. This will maintain a constant temperature over the soil. Daily relies on soil moisture.

After 5 or 7 days, shoots should appear. At this time, the pots must be moved to a bright place. The temperature there should be between 15 and 17 degrees Celsius. Water the seedlings pepper will have warmed to room temperature with water. Moisture should not be too much. Capacities with seedlings will have to be rotated so that the shoots do not lean in one direction. There is another option: put reflective surfaces on the sides of the window slopes (for example, mirrors or aluminum foil).

Air humidity on a windowsill is usually low. Therefore, it is necessary to use a humidifier or spray the seedlings manually.

planting peppers for seedlings in 2018

How to dive pepper?

Even in 200 ml cups of pepper will be crowded a month after the emergence of seedlings. Therefore, it is necessary to dive, that is, transplanted into a more capacious dishes.

So, 4 weeks have passed, there were 2-3 true leaflets on pepper seedlings. How to grow it further? If the sprouts are sitting in separate cups, then they are transplanted into 0.5 l containers, and then into those that have a volume of 1 liter. In this case, it is necessary to fully preserve the earthy clod around the plant. It is better if the pots are made of materials that decompose in the soil. Then the transplant of pepper can be carried out without removing the seedlings of pepper from small containers.

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