Plans for the ski slopes in Sochi in 2019

The idea of ​​organizing a single ski area in Krasnaya Polyana has been discussed for many years. The need for a step, on the one hand, seems to be indisputable and quite logical: for tourists this practice seems to be much more convenient than the system that existed until now, and it will be much easier for route owners to maintain the complex if it becomes one. But, a positive decision was made with great difficulty, since for a very long time the Sochi ski resorts could not decide on the distribution of cash flows and other related issues.

In total, the resorts “Gorki Gorod”, the mountain-tourist center of PJSC Gazprom, Alpika-Service and Rosa Khutor, should take part in the organization of a single ski area, and there is every chance to hope that from 2019 the practice of a single ski -Passa here will work in full force.

Recall most alpine ski resorts, including even thosewhich are formally located in the territory of different EU countries, have long been using the system of a single ski pass, which allows all travelers to try different neighboring routes there, regardless of their legal identity. What gives them the opportunity to more effectively and profitably plan their vacation. In Russia, for the first time, they started thinking about such a practice in 2014 - right for the Olympic Games.

Solution History

As we remember, before the Sochi tracks began to prepare for the 2014 Olympics, the Ministry of Tourism and the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory advised us to work on this idea of ​​the city administration. But, unfortunately, the preparation of resorts for the reception of athletes and guests of competitions, and so was carried out in extreme time trouble - there was no such serious transformations.

Ski slopes in Sochi 2019

Then the topic rose again - already at the meeting of the President with Potanin, the owner of “Rosa Khutor”, in 2015. And stalled. For two whole years. But, at the beginning of 2017, Dmitry Medvedev took the idea of ​​unification under his personal control, recommending that all heads of local ski resorts agree to finally develop a joint “road map” of unification and announce all their thoughts on this by the beginning of March.

Unfortunately, the issue was delayed right up to the summer, therefore, with the implementation already for the season 2017/2018 did not have time to disastrously. The fact is that apart from the unresolved problems with the distribution of cash flows between owners of different clients, the question arose of a purely practical nature: the software used by the resorts is completely incompatible with each other, therefore, it is technically impossible to bring it into a single system.

As it turned out, the three largest bases in the region use the software of three vendors, but in the following months, an interesting proposal seemed to come from one, not yet disclosed, organization that seems to take up the modernization and integration of resort software into a single system. At the same time, what is interesting, even large investments will not be required of them, which is generally wonderful.

As it will be?

track at the resort

The road map adopted by the resorts, in addition to solving the software problem, also recorded the fact that they would choose a clearing company in the future to work out settlements between resorts, and they would set collegial prices for ski pass at meetings of representatives of all project participants.

In addition, the task of modernizing the unification of the Sochi ski resorts includes some fundamental changes in the infrastructure that will allow the convenient system of a single ticket to work in full. For example, they are going to build an additional, by the end of November of this year, to build and put into operation an elevator or a travelator, which will be able to get from Rosa Khutor to Alpiku-Service at points of 1600 and 780 meters.

That is, in the next season of 2019, the resorts are planning to enter already with this convenient new product, as, indeed, with a huge cable car, as well as its full service at a height of 550 meters above sea level on the section connecting K10 “Gorki Gorod »With the lower tier" Alpika-Service ". In this case, the rise will be almost half a thousand meters in height and will open it by the New Year.

Practical implementation and expert opinion

Plans for the transformation of the Sochi resorts are really enormous. But, the question is, of course, in financing and in terms. If the replacement of software is not so sad and it turns out - preliminary estimates showed “only” several tens of millions, then the construction of elevators and the complete transformation of all the relevant infrastructure will not get off with such a slight fright ...

financing of the ski slopes in Sochi 2019

Specialists from the Don State Technical University estimated that each kilometer of cableway in this area, based on a capacity of 2,000 people / h, costs about two to three million euros, and even according to the most modest estimates, the project will be completed in several years physically impossible. Therefore, the authorities were guided by setting such unrealistic deadlines for the delivery of objects - it is not clear.

So objectively, in 2019, all lovers of skiing and other winter sports, as well as relaxing in high-mountain resorts, should count on the introduction of a common ski pass, which, of course, is already a lot, and also, perhaps, on the construction of the mentioned elevator.

Recall that only in the New Year holidays in 2017 (by 2018, the consolidated statistics are still being collected) about 350,000 people visited the Sochi ski resorts, however, it can be noted that, compared with the statistics of previous years, this number slightly decreased. To be exact, about 10%. All in all, about one and a half million tourists skated that season, and in 2018, even by rough estimates, they were no less.

But, according to representatives of many major travel agencies,this number could be even greater if there was a logistic union of the resorts of these places, as well as the introduction of a common ski pass. After all, before this, many were repelled by the limited visitation of the ski areas and the need to pay twice, if one wanted to visit several of them at once in one race.

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