"Dublin" - pub in St. Petersburg: description, menu, reviews

In St. Petersburg,tourists and locals enjoys the Dublin pub. There is always fun here and you can order the most delicious beer. We will tell you about where this institution is located. What is offered in the menu, and also provide feedback from visitors.Dublin Pub

About the place

In St. Petersburg, several institutions with a similar name. They are located at the following addresses:

  • Prospectus of Science, 19/2;
  • Prospect Pyatiletok, 2;
  • Kolomyazhsky Ave., 15/2.

Opening hours: from 12.00 to 23.00. Entrance to the institution is free.

Promotions and discounts

The pub "Dublin" is very fond of making visitors happy. To do this, the management of the institution comes up with various actions. Let's get acquainted with some of them:

  • On Wednesday, when ordering three portions of beer, the fourth you get for free. The same applies to whiskey.
  • If you come to the pub "Dublin" from 12.00 to 17.00, then you will make a 50% discount on the whole menu.

Advantages of the institution

Any institution of public catering has its own characteristics. What about the Dublin Pub?

  • The establishment is very polite and hospitable staff.
  • Here you can watch the broadcast of sports TV shows on a large plasma screen.
  • The cozy atmosphere in the restaurant will appeal to both big companies and romantic couples.
  • Here you can taste a wide variety of beers and whiskeys.
  • On the site of the institution there are telephones, where you can order food and beer delivery.
  • In the menu of the pub there are branded tinctures, which are very popular with customers.
  • Here you will be offered the best dishes of Irish and European cuisine.
  • Live music sounds in the institution.
  • You have a wonderful opportunity to play your favorite song in karaoke.
  • Original interiors contribute to the creation of a cozy atmosphere.
  • Here are the most fun parties and incendiary concerts.

dubbed menu pubs

Pub "Dublin": the menu

Here you will be offered a wide variety of hot dishes and snacks for beer. Among them:

  • Hot hunting sausages.
  • Varenukha of mushrooms under cheese.
  • Herring with potatoes in green.
  • Salad with chicken liver.
  • Cream-cappuccino with salmon.
  • Sauté from lamb.
  • Lamb sausages in Irish.
  • Pork escalope with beans.
  • Red beans with boiled beef.
  • Onion rings.
  • Cheese-puffed crispy sticks.
  • Smoked pork balyk.
  • Hot hunting sausages.
  • Chips from beef and young pig.

In the pub "Dublin" you will be offered a large selection of beerfrom Ireland, England, Belgium, Germany, Holland, the Czech Republic and other countries. Also here are preparing amazing tinctures: robin, gin on black currant, hrenovuhu.Dublin pubs reviews

Dublin Pub: reviews

This institution has a large number offans. Some come here to drink a couple of mugs of your favorite foamy drink. Others to sit and relax with friends in the relaxed setting of an Irish pub. Thirdly, the performances of musicians and singers.

All visitors note that the atmosphere thatThe "Dublin" pub has a pleasant atmosphere and a relaxing break. The staff of the establishment works very quickly and is always ready to offer assistance in choosing dishes and drinks. The evening spent at the pub "Dublin", will cause you only the most pleasant emotions.

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