Payment of sick leave in 2017

It is impossible to meet a person who, at least once in his life, would not have asked for help in the clinic. There are many reasons for going to the doctor, but each time we hope to get adequate treatment that will help the body recover. If a person does not work, it is easier for him to set aside time and go to a doctor, the situation of the working population is much more complicated.

Indeed, during an illness, an employee is charged a certain amount of money, which is aimed atpayment of sick leave 2017.Thanks to this procedure, approved by the legislation, a person, because of a disease, can miss the number of days allotted for recovery and get money for it.

Temporary disability sheets must be in all public institutions and companies. To get a decent monetary compensation, and most importantly, a correctly calculated, working person needs to be aware of the latest changes and news from this area.Wielding the acquired knowledge, you can determine the amount of payments that are required from the state.

What is the essence of the sick-list

2017 year sick pay

A sick-list is a very important state document of strict accountability. It has its own strict rules for filling out and the form established by law.

It is not allowed to make mistakes during the filling, otherwise the employer may refuse to pay the hospital allowance. There are certain rules for filling out these forms:

  1. Forms must be filled out exclusively with black ink.
  2. You should use only printed letters, do not go beyond the fields and columns of the document
  3. The prescribed information must be plausible and correspond to the data indicated in the outpatient card.

When the first symptoms of the disease occur, the person should immediately consult a doctor. Especially you need to hurry working people so that the company could pay the hospital allowance.

Immediately after the cessation of treatment and the fulfillment of all prescriptions prescribed by the doctor, the sick-list is closed and transferred to the accounting department at the place of official work.The amount of cash payment is calculated based on the data specified in the sick-list. During the determination of the amount of hospital, the specialist considers the following criteria:

  • monetary compensation is calculated in accordance with the salary of the employee and the days he spent on sick leave;
  • there is a determination of the average cost of the working day, while taking into account a period of 730 days;
  • the amount received is multiplied by the number of disabled days recorded in the sick-list;
  • the insurance experience is calculated, which is also important for all working people.

Persons with experience of more than 8 years can receive compensation in full. If only 5-7 years have passed, the employee will receive only 80% of the total salary, and those who work at the enterprise for only 1-5 years are entitled to claim 60% of the salary.

As you can see, these rules are not so difficult, but unknowingly, workers often lose the prescribed amount of sick leave, and those who decide to cope with the illness on their own and not open the list of incapacity for work are at great risk of harm to their health.

Calculate the disability sheet correctly

calculation of sick leave in 2017During the determination of the amount of payments, you should carefully consider the data provided and carry out correct calculations.Only by taking into account all the criteria and factors, the specialist can determine the required monetary compensation, which will greatly delight the recovered employee.

  1. The procedure for determining the length of service, as well as its calculation, must necessarily be based on the specified number of days of leave, which can also be provided for pregnant women and for childcare.
  2. During the calculation of the average wage, the amount of bonuses is not taken into account.
  3. If an employee has been working for two companies for more than 2 years, then he has every right to receive a cash payment on a sick-list from two companies at once. To implement these plans, he just needs to provide several copies of the sick-list.
  4. Those who have recently changed jobs and found themselves on sick leave must submit to the current place an income statement for the past six months.
  5. Payment of hospital benefits occurs ten days after the form is submitted to the accounting department and, often, coincides with the payment of wages.

Electronic Hospital Sheets

Not so long ago, from the Ministry of Labor, it was reported that in 2017 all medical institutions will use electronic document management.Based on this, we can conclude that electronic forms will come to replace the paper sick sheets. At the moment, the system is at the testing stage, hospital sheets of the electronic type are already being processed, but only in those cities where they are being tested.

Why were such measures taken? Of course, in order to save. According to preliminary estimates of specialists, the Ministry of Labor and Labor determined that in just three years thanks to this system, it will be possible to save more than 42 million rubles. In addition, this service will help reduce cases of fraud with paper hospital forms, are convinced of the Social Insurance Fund.

The main advantages of electronic hospital sheets

sick leave how to chargeThis innovation is already perceived with enthusiasm by the population. Still would! At last, this paperwork will cease, and there will obviously be enough electronic hospital sheets for everyone. The main advantages of this service include:

  1. The employer will cease to conduct complex calculations of hospital benefits. Everything will be determined automatically.
  2. Reduce paperwork for health care workers.
  3. The number of errors made when filling out forms will decrease.
  4. The cost of paper used in the manufacture of sick-sheets will be sharply reduced.
  5. The probability of falsifying patient data will disappear.
  6. Employees themselves will be able to register on the website of the Social Insurance Fund and see the amount of accrued benefits, as well as get acquainted with the payment term.
  7. Due to the electronic document flow, the FSS will be able to obtain current data on all diseases.

Let's talk about cons

amount of sick leave in 2017Despite some mistrust, which emerges among a certain circle of people, electronic hospital sheets, practically, have no flaws. The most significant disadvantage is the lack of technical support in medical institutions.

In order to ensure a safe and permanent workflow, it is necessary to establish a continuous connection between polyclinics, the FSS and employers. This means that all institutions should install good computers, run the Internet and connect high-quality network equipment.

In addition, it is necessary to improve the security of this service, because at any moment it may be subjected to a hacker attack.To avoid hacking, all health care workers must have a virtual print, and their computer skills should be above average.

But the Ministry of Labor is optimistic and confident that by 2017 all these disadvantages will be eliminated and the system will be accepted by all without exception: employers, workers, and medical personnel.

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