Panel on the wall with their own hands

December 6, 2012
Home improvement

Panel on the wall with their own handsYou can decorate the walls in an apartment or office with an unusual and very beautiful panel. Now there are many techniques to perform wall paintings, but the option in this article is different and unusual, and at the same time easy to perform. This art deco panel looks elegant and weightless.

At first glance it seems that doing it is long and difficult, but in fact everything is much easier. It is only necessary to carefully cut a variety of patterns on a dense smooth cardboard. Anything can be used as a picture: flowers, birds, butterflies, fish, etc. You can make your work easier and use ready-made stamps with drawings, or you can transfer your favorite picture onto cardboard using copy paper. Attracts and the fact that the panel looks equally beautiful in daylight and backlit. This original panel can be used as a night light, since the light from it is dim, and in the dark only the outlines of the drawing are visible.

decorative wall panelA festoon with fluorescent bulbs is used as a luminous element in this unusual panel.Since the panel uses cardboard of neutral shades, the color of the picture can be changed using the color of light bulbs, so you can choose a color solution for any interior. Also experimenting with the number of bulbs in the garland and their power, you can get different degrees of illumination from the panel.

How to make a luminous panel

The following materials and tools are needed for work: smooth and thin cardboard (corrugated cardboard is not suitable), a marker or pencil, stencils or copy paper, a sharp mock-up knife and a cutting board, a garland with fluorescent bulbs, glue, a furniture stapler and staples for it, a frame and material for its covering, golden paint from a barrel.

  1. First, the selected pattern is transferred onto cardboard using copy paper or using special stamps.
  2. Each element of the pattern is cut out along the contour with a sharp mock-up knife, but not completely, but leaving gaps so that the elements do not fall out of the picture.
  3. When the whole picture is cut along the perimeter, it is necessary to gently pry the edges of the flowers and other elements and bend them up - this will give the picture a volume and create cuts for the light.
  4. By this principle, cut out the entire picture. For the first job, it is better to choose a simpler pattern in order to first train the hand. Then you can quickly make large panels.
  5. A frame of suitable size is covered with a canvas, fastening it on the back side with a furniture stapler and staples. Inside the middle of the frame behind the put a garland, evenly distributing light bulbs.
  6. Velcro sticks are glued to the back of the frame, and then a square is cut out of cardboard that will serve as a lid covering the garland. Stickers of stickies are glued on it.
  7. The cord of the garland is brought out and covered up the back side of the frame with a quad sheet of cardboard with adhesive tape.

    wall panel flowers

  8. It is necessary to check that the back cover is held tightly and does not squeeze the cord of the garland.
  9. Next, check the performance of the garland, including its outlet. Also at this stage you can evenly distribute the lights of the garland.
  10. The edges of the frame are painted with golden spray paint and are waiting for it to dry.
  11. Triangles made of cardboard or foam are attached to the corners of the picture - a cardboard panel will be attached to them.
  12. Now the picture is ready and it remains only to admire it during the day,and in the dark.

According to this principle, you can make a panel of any size and shape, the main thing is to find a suitable frame and a garland. This kind of night light can be made in the children's room - cut out some fairy tale hero or animal on the cardboard and highlight it with the soft light of a colorful Christmas tree garland.

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