The overhaul of a dwelling is a repair, during which the design and style of the whole apartment is changed, completely new architectural components are added (arches, niches, columns), rather serious works are carried out that are connected with the redevelopment of the whole apartment.

In addition, during the overhaul is carried out the replacement of all leading engineering networks and also the main communications, doors, windows and cornices. And, of course, special plastering works are being carried out, renovation and coating of floors, ceilings and walls are being updated. In general, starting such a major overhaul you need to be very thoroughly prepared, calculate well and fully tune into the fact that more than one month you will have to endure great inconveniences.

When overhauling, although, like any other, you must follow the correct sequence in the course of the work. After determining the design, be sure to purchase the necessary materials and equipment, hire a team of repairmen can now proceed directly to the beginning of the repair.Be sure to hire professionals, even if you are a master of all trades and sure that you can handle it. Professionals are still better aware of this area and features of European-quality repair. But keep in mind that the master is the master, and the shabashnik is the shabashnik. And you shouldn’t add these two concepts together, give preference to a professional construction company, where you can guarantee weaving services in one way or another.

Believe me, you will not regret it, even if the cost of services will be somewhat higher than that of a visiting private trader. The initial stage includes the dismantling of old coatings from the walls, floor and ceiling. In addition, if you decided to change the windows and doors, as well as to change the plumbing with kitchen equipment, radiators, curtain rods, they will also be dismantled at this stage. Furniture before this must be completely removed (and not just to move aside).

We carry out all the work associated with the floors, then proceed to the electrics. Nowadays quite a few outlets are required in the apartments, because the number of all kinds of household appliances increases every year. Now we are working with welding, such as the replacement of radiators and plumbing pipes.This work also causes a large generation of dust and debris. Then align the walls and ceiling. So, almost all the noisy and very dusty work is over. We begin directly finishing the room.

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