Orthopedic mattresses-toppers: reviews

A sofa bed is available in each house andUsed as a main or extra bed. Sleep on such a couch is not always comfortable, as in the decomposed form it consists of two halves, between which there is a gap.

In addition, over time, the available fillerslides down from the halves to the center, and significant dents and grooves are formed. Eliminate such shortcomings will help comfortable and functional mattresses-toppers, reviews about which in the majority are positive. Such a soft bed helps to smooth out existing irregularities, which provides the anatomically correct position to the spine.

What is Toppers?

Orthopedic mattress topper customer reviewshas the most positive, because with his help you can provide a calm, comfortable sleep throughout the night and an excellent condition after awakening. Toppers are thin springless mattresses filled with various artificial and natural materials. They are built on the surface of a bed or a sofa, and also on top of a usual mattress.

mattresses toppers reviews

Functional purpose isleveling the sleeping place and giving him orthopedic qualities. In this case, the models of such beds are used for a variety of purposes. To soften the mattresses with polyurethane filler, and to make the surface more rigid - you need toppers with coconut murr.

What is a topper for?

Folding sofas are not only usedat night, but also during the day, so they experience a double load and wear out very quickly. At the same time, most such pieces of furniture do not have the required solid orthopedic base. Mattresses-toppers reviews of customers deserve the best, because they help to fix the existing shortcomings of the sofa and are used for:

  • leveling the surface;
  • connection of sliding parts;
  • providing a more comfortable sleep.

In addition, with the help of such products, you can adjust the required stiffness and softness of the sleeper, give the couch orthopedic qualities and extend its life.

mattress topper dormeo reviews

What kinds of fillers are there?

Choosing a quality and reliable mattress-topper, you need to focus on the following qualities:

  • compactness;
  • ease;
  • presence of orthopedic properties.

That is why for the manufacture of toppers inAs a basis, spring blocks can not be used, since they have considerable weight and take up a lot of space. Toppers belong to the category of springless mattresses and have a small thickness, as well as weight. Among the most popular materials used as fillers, it is necessary to distinguish such as:

  • coir;
  • latex;
  • artificial latex;
  • polyurethane foam;
  • memorial;
  • combined version.

Coir is a natural material,made from coconut palm nut fibers. Coir is initially pressed, then processed in various ways, it can be fastened by a firmware or impregnated with latex. The filler, not treated with latex, is more rigid and has a short life. When choosing a mattress with a coir, one must take into account its stiffness, which is determined by the amount of latex.

Latex is a natural material,which is very well-shaped, has good orthopedic qualities and does not release dangerous toxic substances. Such a base provides the required air exchange, contributes to the preservation of a certain body temperature. Even a very thin latex mattress will provide the spine with the required support and will give a sense of relaxation.

mattress topper dormeo roll up comfort reviews

Artificial latex by its characteristicsis closer to natural, however, it is characterized by greater rigidity and has a shorter period of operation. In addition, when it is produced, substances that gradually evaporate can have a negative effect on the person's well-being.

Quite often when manufacturing topperspolyurethane foam is used, which has an acceptable cost, however, at the same time, it is short-lived enough. The degree of elasticity is somewhat inferior to latex. Orthopedic characteristics are poorly expressed. Basically, they are used if the couch is rarely used as a bed.

The filler of memorials is made frompolyurethane with the addition of special additives. This is a very pleasant material, providing the maximum level of comfort, since it minimizes the pressure on the body. Such a mattress is able to give a feeling of weightlessness, but not able to provide sufficient air exchange.

Combined options combine alladvantages of artificial and natural materials, characterized by a long service life, have good permeability for moisture and air. It is possible to select different models for the level of rigidity.

Materials for the manufacture of toppers

When choosing a mattress, the quality of the cover is taken into accountfor a topper, as well as the material from which it is made. The characteristics of the mattress itself and its cost largely depend on the cover. It is best if it is made of natural fabrics, good air-permeable, in particular, such as:

  • wool;
  • cotton;
  • silk.

You can also choose combined materials. Products with satin plating are often found, however, the most popular plating is jacquard, made of cotton in pure form or with the addition of synthetic fibers.

Orthopedic qualities of a mattress

In the process of studying the opinions of people about mattresses, toppers can be convinced that these are quality and reliable products that provide the most comfortable rest and sleep. They may be:

  • orthopedic;
  • take the anatomical shape of the body;
  • bend only in those places where there is pressure.

mattresses toppers activity air 140x200 cm reviews

Virtually all orthopedic effectToppers, but in varying degrees: everything depends on the filler. If you want to give the sleeping place more rigidity, then it is worth buying an item from a coconut coir. The latter in combination with natural latex allows you to organize a sleeper with an average degree of rigidity. If you need to soften the sofa, it is worth buying a topper made of latex, memorials or polyurethane foam.

How to choose the right topper on the sofa

To choose the right mattress topper, reviewsmust be read in the first place. In addition, it should be clearly understood for which purposes this product is intended. All toppers differ in their characteristics, so it is important to know in what conditions the mattress will be used.

The most rigid and dense mattresses are made ofcoir. Under them imperceptible differences in altitude and the place of joints. Such mattresses are ideal for young people who do not have problems with the bone system and do not suffer from excess weight.

A mattress made of polyurethane foam is ideal for those whose weight does not exceed the average, because the product does not have any orthopedic support, and all the unevenness of the sofa will be immediately felt.

Best manufacturers

In reviews of mattresses, toppers on the sofa are often mentioned manufacturers. These are mainly businesses that manufacture products for beds. In Russia, among the leaders can be identified the following companies:

  • "Ascona";
  • "Consul";
  • "Toris";
  • Ormatek.

The company "Ascona" produces products and underforeign brands. Among the world leaders can be identified Dormeo, DreamLine, Senator. They produce mattresses for beds and toppers. Offers a wide range of thin products and a well-known manufacturer of "IKEA". The products of this company have various sizes, as well as fillers.

Product Dimensions

Before buying mattress toppers, reviews aboutsuch sleeping accommodation is recommended to be read first. This will help determine the size of the products, which are mainly produced for the standard size of the bed. Different indicators have a thickness: from 2 to 9 cm.

orthopedic mattress topper reviews

Length of all mattresses per bed approx.the same and is 190-200 cm, but the width can be 90, 140, 160 cm. For double beds, the size of the mattress is 180x200 cm. You can order the manufacture of this product on request with all required sizes.

Mattress-topper "Dormeo": product features

Mattress-topper "Dormeo" reviews formany years deserve the best. The products of this company are characterized by high quality, reliability and durability. Outwardly, the products of this company resemble not the familiar spring construction, but a dense plaid. They have a small weight, so that in a collapsed state they can be safely transferred.

Although the mattress has a thickness of only 6 cm, foamThe memorial, included in its base, gives the required support and additional softness. Under the pressure of the body, the filler bends only in certain places, providing the required support of the trunk.

mattress topper activity air reviews

According to reviews on the mattress-topper "Dormeo"filler remembers the shape of the body and provides the greatest possible comfort in absolutely any pose for sleep. In addition, such a sleeping place helps to eliminate fatigue, accumulated during the day, and also relieves back pain.

A ruler of mattresses "Dormeo"

The company "Dormeo" offers its customers non-spring mattresses with various fillers. The ruler of the toppers of this company is represented by several different models, in particular, such as:

  • Carbon;
  • iMemory Silver;
  • Medico Latex;
  • Gold;
  • Aloe Vera;
  • Siena.

As a filler mattress Dormeo Carbona special foam is used that adjusts to the anatomical bends of the trunk and provides a comfortable sleep throughout the night. The materials used to make this product do not provoke the occurrence of allergies, perfectly keep their shape, well ventilated. Reviews about the mattress-topper Dormeo Carbon and other models of this company are positive. Products fully meet all requirements regarding comfort.

Particular attention should be paid to a double-sided mattressDormeo iMemory Silver, with different sides for winter and summer. As a filler, a special foam is also used, which is soft on one side, and has a high density and stiffness on the other.

At the heart of the Dormeo Medico Latex mattresslatex along with a special foam. Thanks to the antibacterial cover with silver threads, reliable protection against bacteria is provided, as well as removal of unpleasant odor and excessive moisture from the body.

Mattresses Activity: features and reviews

According to reviews, the mattress-topper Activity Air140x200 cm provides microcirculation of air, characterized by medium rigidity. As a filler, a special foam is used, which allows evenly distributing the load across the entire width of the product. In addition, the bed creates a massage effect and absorbs moisture well.

Having familiarized yourself with the reviews about the activity air mattress, we can conclude that this is a quality product that fully meets all requirements and the latest standards.


Many users leave positivereviews about the mattress-topper Dormeo Roll Up Comfort. According to the characteristics, such a product is able to provide the most comfortable sleep, while it has a small weight and thickness, so it is convenient to take it with you to the country and even hike. It can withstand about 130 kg of weight per bed.

mattress topper on the sofa reviews

However, there are not only laudatory reviews ofmattress-topper "Dormeo Roll Comfort". Some buyers say that in any case, there are cavities on the couch, and there is no pronounced orthopedic effect.

The iMemory Silver mattress has also received good reviews. Buyers note the high functionality of the product. The big plus is the availability of different stiffness of the two sides, which can be changed depending on the needs.

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