Order Santa Claus on the house 2019

Almost all the children dream of a New Year to get a gift from the hands of Santa Claus himself. To fulfill this dream in St. Petersburg and Moscow is quite possible. It is necessary, only, to make an order of Santa Claus on the house in 2019. Joy kids will be no limits!


What should I look for when ordering Santa Claus services

Today in the big cities there are a huge number of companies involved in organizing events. On the eve of the New Year, many of them will organize the departure of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden to the places of order.

If you want to make a real and unforgettable holiday for your child, then you should definitely contact such services. True, it is worth being very attentive.

Order Santa Claus on the house 2019

There are one-day firms that do not value their reputation and can send unprepared people to customers. They can spoil the holiday and not meet the expectations of children.

To avoid this, you need to carefully read the promotional materials of the companies that organize the departure of Santa Claus.Usually reputable firms are informed in detail about the conditions of service. It is also possible for the organizers to additionally ask how the guests intend to entertain the baby, and whether the animators have a pedagogical education. After all, unprepared "outsiders" can simply frighten a child.

Conscientious providers of such services, as a rule, seriously approach the selection of their staff, especially those working with children. First, there are special requirements for appearance. He should inspire confidence and not scare kids.

Also, the candidate must have experience working with children and be able to captivate the baby from the first minutes. It is better if the future Santa Claus will have psychological skills. After all, all children are different and it is not known how a particular child will react to the “outsider uncle”.

If a child gets into a corner or cries, you need to show your ability to unleash a baby and generate interest in what is happening.

The voice of Santa Claus should not frighten and be pleasant. A child is very difficult to deceive and therefore the person who comes to him must be an actor by nature.His words should fascinate the baby, and he should literally listen with open mouth about what the elder is saying.

The future Santa Claus should have sufficient erudition. After all, it is not known what the small child will ask him. You will agree that parents will be very pleased when, literally from the very first minutes, their child listens to the guest, guesses riddles and even laughs and rejoices at what is happening.

Reputable firms have already learned how to work with any customer. As a rule, the Snow Maiden and any character from a fashionable cartoon or a popular fairy tale go with Santa Claus. Usually under the guise of satellites hiding experienced animators who are ready for any situation.

It is worth noting that the service of the company in this case will cost more. But this is not worth paying attention to. After all, the joy and shine in the eyes of your child are worth it.

Moreover, now in Moscow and St. Petersburg there are whole “brigades”, which include real actors or students of theater universities. Such New Year guests know how to captivate a child and quickly find contact with him. They easily involve children in the game, sing songs, read poems and, without coercion, get it from a child.

If you have a limited budget, you can find Santa Claus at a more modest price. True, the holiday program at the same time will not be so intense and long. Within a few minutes, the grandpa will congratulate the child on the New Year and present a gift. There will be no additional games and entertainment. It can even upset the kid. After all, he waited so long for a fabulous hero.

And now, perhaps the most important thing. Very often it happens that the not very sober Santa Claus comes to the children. This results from the fact that firms not absolutely carefully select frames. There are candidates who cannot refuse to treat the parents of the children and drink alcohol with them during the New Year, the health of the child, etc. As a result, at the end of his mission, Santa Claus is quite unlike expensive Grandpa with gifts.

When choosing a holiday service company, you need to take this issue very seriously. In fact, a true professional in his field will never spoil his reputation for the sake of momentary pleasure. A person who loves children and values ​​his work will always be able to tactfully refuse food.

Parents should not encourage this tendency, otherwise it is possible that Santa Claus will once again come to your child’s drunk and this will not benefit your child.

The advantages of inviting Santa Claus at home

According to psychologists, meeting a baby with Santa Claus has a strong psychotherapeutic effect. Our children are very often deprived of the attention of adults. They need warmth and attention, especially at an early age. Parents for various reasons can not give it. Therefore, children grow up naughty, capricious and stubborn. They lack care and joy in the family. Calling Santa Claus at home for the New Year can even a little smooth out this shortcoming. This is incomparable with children's matinees in kindergarten, when Santa Claus attends a whole group. A child needs their own attention. He wants to talk one-on-one with a fabulous hero:

  • talk to him;
  • to play;
  • ask about something;
  • ask for a gift, etc.

In this case, the child will believe in a miracle, make sure that dreams can come true and become kinder. It costs a lot.

Preparing your baby for a meeting with a fabulous character

Very often, small children are confused by strangers. They may even be frightened by a real Santa Claus with a beard and a bag behind his back. Most often, they only heard about such a character.

Order of Santa Claus for a home in 2019. Prices in St. Petersburg and Moscow

To prepare the baby for the first meeting with Santa Claus, you need to explain to him that:

  • he came especially for him from afar;
  • he has a granddaughter, Snow Maiden;
  • he is kind and loves all children;
  • he has gifts in his bag;
  • he needs a staff to overcome deep snowdrifts and fight the fierce frosts;
  • his beard is soft and quite scary;
  • he comes only to obedient children and gives them gifts for good behavior.

Experienced animators know well how to behave with the youngest children. As a rule, the Snow Maiden and the character from a popular cartoon come first, not Father Frost, who has an awesome beard and only his nose and eyes are open. Snow Maiden is the first to start a conversation with the baby and establish contact with him. She asks the child whether he behaves well or not, whether he obeys his parents. Then she says that in order for Santa Claus to come, you need to light the Christmas tree and call him loudly. In this case, the child must tell a poem or guess a riddle. Only after the child himself expresses a desire to see Santa Claus, he enters and begins to entertain the baby.

Approximate prices call Santa Claus

At prices, of course, leads Moscow. True, there is a wide choice of companies that organize the arrival of Santa Claus.

In fact, the price of the service is in direct proportion to:

  • company status;
  • list of services provided;
  • animators training;
  • call duration
  • the arrival of Santa Claus.
  • from the day and time of service.

There are several programs on which work "children's teams":

Program Prices, in rubles Short description
"Gift" From 1000 The visit of Santa Claus is to congratulate the baby and the presentation of the New Year's present. By the time it takes about five minutes.
"Standard" From 1500 Arrival of Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden. Joint entertainment of the child and delivery of a gift. Session time is 15 minutes.
"Classic" From 2000 A similar situation + more extensive entertainment.
"VIP" From 3000 Better approach in everything. The guests are dressed in theatrical costumes. Entertainment more thoughtful and quality. They include: quizzes, round dances, singing songs and poems.
"Exclusive" From 6000 On a visit to the child can come a whole team of animators. The interests and tastes of the baby and parents are taken into account.

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