Options canopies over the porch.

The canopy over the entrance to a private house can be both small and quite spacious. The first will only protect the door from the weather, but the second will give shelter even to a car.

Sheds over the porch can vary as the material from which they are made, and in form. The latter may be in the form of a dome or arc. Such a canopy will not allow snow and water to accumulate on it. Therefore, he was more in demand. But direct allows you to cover a large area.

Options for sheds over the porch

Let's start with its functions:

  • practical device, it serves to protect the door, porch and people from precipitation;
  • a decorative element, with the right combination with the color and style of the house, it becomes its decoration.

Elements that make up the canopy over the porch to a private house:

  • frame (frame), which is fixed on the wall of the house, it can be made of virtually any material suitable for outdoor use;
  • coating, which serves as any roofing material.

In addition to the sheds options discussed below in more detail, there are also the following:

  • porch with a canopy of metal;
  • a visor from a professional flooring, however, it differs in weak resistance to mechanical
  • impact, which is reflected in the appearance of dents, even from a weak blow;
  • forged canopies over the porch, they have the most artistic decoration, because they can represent almost any style decision, but they are several times more expensive.

Polycarbonate canopy over the porch

A few words about the comparison of this material with others. Examples are glass and metal. The first gives the chance to pass light, and the second provides reliability of a design.

The advantage of polycarbonate over these materials is that it can be of almost any color. Moreover, the paint is dissolved in it, so it is not washed off and does not tarnish. Metal will have to tint, and color film peels off the glass.

If we continue to compare metal and polycarbonate canopies, then the first one loses to the second in such items as weight, resistance to temperature extremes, possibility of bending, susceptibility to corrosion.At the same time, the latter well withstands the test of elements, for example, wind or precipitation.

The technology on which the canopy is built for the porch made of polycarbonate:

  • to build an arched frame to which polycarbonate will be attached, it is best if it is a galvanized metal profile, it bends well according to preliminary cuts;
  • fix the cut polycarbonate on it, the fastening step should not be less than 30 cm;
  • install supports that will ensure the stability of the whole structure, they need to be dug 1.5 meters into the ground and concrete, the distance between them should not be 2 meters
  • fasten the cross bars;
  • install the frame with polycarbonate.

As an option, vertical supports can be replaced with chains that will support the frame from above and will not allow it to fall. There will be a feeling of a cornice floating in the air.

Wooden canopy over the porch

Typically, this material is made only support and frame. Coverage in any case should be used the same as in the whole private house.

This design of the porch blends perfectly with the house of wood. It will be its natural continuation.And the canopies over the porch of wood can be attached to the new structure, and to the restored old. For example, a restored wattle and daub will be an excellent background for a porch made of wood.

Metal canopy over the porch

This structure requires great effort in the assembly of supports and crossbars. Because you need to use a welding machine or use mechanical hardware for metal.

The disadvantage of such a canopy will be a lot of weight. Still, metal is not the easiest material. And this load will fall on the porch and the outer side of a private house.

In addition, a metal porch with a canopy requires special regular maintenance. Without it, there will be problems with corrosion.

Porch design with canopy

It is as important as indicators of durability and practicality of a canopy. Any detail of a private house should decorate it. The same applies to the canopy over the porch, from whatever material it is made.

The modern world makes demands on which ugly things, no matter how reliable, practical they are, are not perceived as part of the whole. Polycarbonate, forging or metal - all this must obey a single style decision of the whole private house, there are various options for canopies over the porch. Only then can we talk about harmony, beauty of the building.

The design, which meets the canopy over the porch of a private house, should take into account such moments:

  • the material should be combined with the interior of the house and, especially, with its roof;
  • the color of the shed should be in harmony or qualitatively contrasted with the main building;
  • the shape of the visor and its size should not create an imbalance with the geometry of the structure.

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