Nissan Terrano 2019

For more than three decades, our compatriots have successfully exploited the famous off-road vehicles originally from the distant mysterious East. Several of them confirmed the reputation of inexpensive, but, nevertheless, reliable and ready for various, the most difficult climatic and relief testing of a passenger car is not worth talking. At present, new Nissan models have appeared as a novelty developed on the basis of a popular and reliable, almost indispensable in the conditions of the domestic unpredictable climate and relief of an SUV.


The new model, while still under development, received many interesting innovations:

  • In the exterior, interior and technical indicators of the model appeared as a significant change in the previous generation of cars in this segment;
  • In the new body received a radically new SUV, the price category - affordable segment for the middle class;
  • A relatively inexpensive value category implies comfort, functionality and options worthy of premium cars;
  • Equipment and prices are given to the best world standards and standardization requirements.

Nissan Terrano 2019

How interesting will be the new SUV will literally show the near future. Nevertheless, the Nissan Terrano has a rather interesting history of climbing the top steps of the popularity ratings.

A little excursion into the past

The famous off-road Nissan passenger car presented at the Spring American Auto Fair as a prospect for the 2019 model year can no longer be positioned as a novelty. This is the fourth generation of this model. But each preceding was interesting enough for its time:

  1. 1986, the international car market in Europe, North America and Japan gets a brand new SUV called the Pathfinder. Even in the photo in the catalogs popular at that time, its main priorities are clearly visible in the form of a reliable frame structure, all-wheel drive, a powerful power system, manual transmission and automatic transmission, a huge cabin;
  2. The next generation has 5 doors, numerous innovations. And the first spy photos hit fans with two types of drive, a wide engine range - 3 diesel engines, one petrol V6.This model became the basis for the Regulus SUV series "luxury";
  3. 2013, the updated and radically modified Terrano in the third variation has not only an impressive exterior, but also really amazing performance. The base is equipped with a front gear, more expensive versions of the model are offered in a full drive version.
  4. About the forthcoming, fourth generation, it is known that the car was designed for India, the concept was first shown at the salon in Mumbai and received excellent reviews from experts in the car market. In order to adapt the new Terrano for our domestic roads, the developers have added a lot of new and interesting, as well as significantly expanded the range of options.

In this regard, an off-roader model should appear on the Russian market, to which attention and professionals are riveted - drivers and lovers of extreme travel. Therefore, information on the following order is important. The release date on the international market is the beginning of the next year, the beginning of sales in Russia is somewhat later, the manufacturer plans it in the middle of 2019.

About looks and options

Nissan Terrano 2019

The exterior of the proposed new product has become dynamic, a modern style has emerged, a new trend can be traced in the form of bright sports notes and elements.A new exterior is formed by a large “Nissan” grille, which is complex in design head optics, with niches for fog light. The last test drive demonstrated their quality. Latest news for fans of style. Some fashionable shades and colors appeared in the body painting palette.

The dimensions of the car presented are as follows.

Length cm 431, 5
Height cm 162, 5 – 169, 5
Width cm 182, 2
Base cm 267, 3
Clearance cm 20, 5

Briefly about the salon

New Nissan Terrano 2019 model year

Appearance is getting closer to premium SUVs, the first photos of the interior confirm that the cabin is still classically simple, conciseness and restraint is the main principle of the concept. The advantages of the novelty are enough; they consist in comfort, roominess and practicality. The interior is formed in a two-color version, and the movement control options correspond to the best world models.

About engines

The technical characteristics of the power system make a strong impression even on automotive professionals:

  • Two petrol, the volume of 1, 6 liters and 2, 0 liters, with a capacity of 114 and 143 liters. from. respectively;
  • A pair of diesel, both on 1, 4 liters. with a capacity of 85 and 110 liters. from.

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