Nicholas Rogers is a popular Australian film actor, a model business star

A popular Australian film actor, athlete andmodel Nicholas Rogers was born in Sydney on March 6, 1969. As a child, I was fascinated by surfing, the ocean waves attracted a teenager, and he was lost on the beach from morning till evening.

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Carier start

When Nicholas was eighteen, hisScouts of a well-known model agency. Stately, with a beautiful figure, a young man attracted the attention of others. He was invited to the studio, photographers took a few test shots, and Nicholas Rogers received an offer to work as a model. This was the beginning of a successful career, which in one form or another continues to this day.

Nicholas managed to work with many fashionablehouses and brands, such as Armani, Dolce & Gabanna, Versace, Ray Ben, Lagerfeld, Chimsi. In each of them he gained invaluable experience and gradually became a high-level professional.

The first film role

Since 1992, the demand for Rogersit was literally torn between New York, London and Paris, constantly flying from one continent to another. And then, in the midst of the rush demand for his person, Nicholas Rogers, whose photographs flashed in all the glossy magazines, received a letter from an Italian filmmaker named Lamberto Bava. A well-known director of adventure films invited him to the casting. Rogers came and was the best of several hundred candidates for the role of Tarabas in the series "Cave of the Golden Rose." At that time was filmed for the fifth season, so the audience was surprised by the appearance of an unfamiliar character.

So Nicholas Rogers, whose biography openednew page, became a movie actor. The debut took place and was recognized as successful. Nicholas Rogers, an actor without dramatic experience, staked on his appearance and did not lose. All the other roles in his film career were bright and interesting in terms of entourage, although they did not have a talented game.

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Sex symbol

In 1997, Nicholas Rogers starred in thea wonderful children's fairy tale "The Princess and the Pauper" in the form of Ademaro. Two years later he got a role in the movie "Pirates", where he played the character Ferrante, captain nicknamed the Evil Rock. After this film, Rogers became one of the sex symbols of the world cinema, millions of women went crazy about him.

On the set of "Pirates" Nicholas helped his experiencesurfer and swimmer. He organically blended into the image of a fearless sea robber, criminal but noble. Ferrante in the performance of Rogers had the best human qualities, he was able to be faithful to the woman, elements and friends.

Participation in film projects did not bringsatisfaction of the actor, he did not feel really in demand. In 2005, the actor played his last role in the film "The Razor's Edge" and retired from the cinematography. He was repeatedly called back, but Nicholas did not even think about returning.

Nicolas Rodgers Filmography

Nicholas Rogers: Filmography

In his short career in film, the actor starred in six films:

  • the series "The Cave of the Golden Rose", filmed in 1993-1994, the role of Fantagrino Tarabas;
  • television fairy tale "The Princess and the Pauper", created in 1997, the role of Ademaro;
  • full-length film "Laura is not here," was released in 1998, the character - Lorenzo;
  • the television series "Pirates", filmed in 1999, the role of Ferrante, captain nicknamed the Evil Rock;
  • the television film "Mary, the daughter of her son," was created in 2000, the role of Jesus Christ;
  • motion picture "Razor's Edge", filmed in 2005, a character without a name.

Personal life

Nicholas Rogers is married. In March 2007, he registered a marriage with a beloved girl named Angela, a professional actress. In November of the same year, the couple had a son. A happy family lives in Sydney.

Nicholas is engaged in the production of exclusive furniture at his own enterprise. Among its clients are owners of ready-to-wear shops, model agencies and owners of large restaurants.

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Rogers avoids popularity and is very reluctantgives an interview. But if he still has to talk about his personal life, he shares his hobbies. Among them - a game of billiards and collecting rock music. Nicholas collected more than six hundred discs with the records of the most famous performers, among whom Kurt Cobain and his band Nirvana are in the first place. Sam Rogers plays well on an acoustic guitar.

His favorite actress is Audrey Hepburn, who is a symbol of femininity for Nicholas. He admires Audrey's talent and is ready to watch films with her participation several times.

The best city Rogers considers Paris, in whichhe had to visit hundreds of times, at fashion shows and other professional matters. Especially Nicholas likes to ride across the Seine across the whole metropolis on a slow boat, go under the bridges and stop near the Notre Dame Cathedral, located on the island of Cite.

The former actor less and less often leaves his home in Sydney, he is comfortable living among close people, the scale of values ​​of Rogers has long been defined, and it does not include travel outside of Australia.

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