New Year crafts 2017 to school

The most beloved and long-awaited winter holiday for children is, of course, the New Year. All of them are looking forward to the moment when they will install a beautiful Christmas tree at home, decorate it with multi-colored toys, and at the celebration you can find nice gifts under the branches.

As a rule, this winter celebration is celebrated not only at home, but also in schools. In addition to the matinee, schoolchildren are given the task to prepare some interesting craft that can be sent to a local exhibition. Your child will make amazing things out of scrap materials, of course, not without your help.

In this article you will find a ton of ideas for a student to do.New Year's Eve 2017 do it yourself school. You will only have to follow the correct course of his actions.

Bright color paper appliqué

All children love to make pictures and postcards from colored paper. Why not take advantage of their love for cutting and gluing, and not make a New Year's appliqué. Any topic related to the New Year will be appropriate.For example, you can make a Christmas tree, not simple, but from the palms.

To create the application you will need:

  • color paper;
  • cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • bright sequins, stars and other decorations.
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Step 1.Circle the palms of the child on different shades of paper. Trust him to cut them, and prepare your own decorations for the Christmas tree. You can take a brilliant stationery, cut out stars, balls. And you can stock up on large beads and sequins. In this case, there are no restrictions, so count only on your imagination.

Step 2.As soon as your child cuts out all the palms, you can start gluing them. Glue the grease strip the bottom of the cardboard and glue a few palms. Now swipe up another strip with glue - stick your palms. By the same principle it is necessary to make completely the whole Christmas tree. At the top for beauty you can attach a star, and decorate the “branches” with small stars, balls or beads. The craft is ready for school!

In addition to such an original Christmas tree, your children can make applications for snowmen, winter houses and trees. You can also make wonderful New Year's pictures from multi-colored fabric.

Plasticine snowman

Christmas crafts 2017 do it yourself school

This funny hand-made article will certainly become the highlight of the school exhibition and will bring to your child the deserved “Excellent”.

To create a plasticine snowman you will need:

  • white clay;
  • blue plasticine;
  • green plasticine;
  • multi-colored clay for decoration;
  • cardboard or a small piece of plywood;
  • beads;
  • gel with glitter;
  • plasticine knife;
  • acrylic varnish (glossy);
  • napkin.

Step 1.First you need to prepare the foundation. To do this, cut out a small circle of 15 cm in diameter from thick cardboard. If the circle is large, your child will quickly get tired of modeling. To make the plasticine more plastic, place it in warm water for a few minutes.

crafts to school for the new year coolcrafts to school simplecrafts to school for the new year of plasticinecrafts to school for the new year step by step instructions

Step 2.Now apply a thin layer of white clay on the cardboard base at the bottom. Try to snow took a little less than half of all crafts. Where the "snow" will end, make it hilly, to make it realistic. Cover the top of the cardboard with blue plasticine - this is the sky.

Step 3.Get down to the Christmas tree. First of all, mold the trunk of brown or black clay, as shown in the photo. And to create the crown of the tree, you have to soften the green clay,give it a triangle shape. Attaching the “herringbone” to the base, gently press it so that it holds tightly. Take a knife and make small serifs on the edges.

Step 4.We have to sculpt a snowman. To do this, you need white clay, from which you want to form the body and arms, and from gray plasticine make a bucket in the form of a trapezoid. In the process of creation, you can talk about the figures (circle, trapezoid, rectangle) and your occupation will be not only fascinating, but also informative. Blind the snowman, as shown in the photo, mark the nose, eyes and buttons.

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Step 5.After you finish sculpt a snow man, proceed to decorate crafts and add small details. For example, in the sky you can show the moon, made of yellow plasticine, beads and sequins. A thin layer of sparkles should be applied to the craft itself, and the edge of the "snow" should be highlighted with a shiny gel.

Step 6.Cover the product with a glossy acrylic lacquer, which will ensure its durability. Winter picture is ready!

You can also make cute such cute snowmen and stick them on a small piece of plywood.These figures fit perfectly into the overall winter composition.

Herringbone thread

Christmas crafts 2017 do it yourself school ideas

To create such Christmas crafts you will need:

  • a skein of thread;
  • PVA glue,
  • thick paper;
  • decorations.

Manufacturing technique is quite simple, so even a preschooler can handle it.

Step 1.Make a cone of thick paper.

Christmas crafts 2017 do it yourself schoolChristmas crafts 2017 do it yourself school instructionChristmas crafts 2017 do it yourself school photoChristmas crafts 2017 do it yourself school ideas

Step 2.Now you need to wrap it with scotch tape and foil so that the threads, smeared with glue, can be easily separated from the surface.

Step 3.Dip the thread in the glue and wrap the cone. Try to distribute it evenly over the entire base of the cone. As soon as you make a sufficient number of skeins, the thread should be cut, and the “herringbone” should be set to dry on a flat surface.

Step 4.When the glue is completely dry, you need to carefully separate the paper and do the decoration. Here you can use any decorative elements you have: rhinestones, beads, stars, sequins and other interesting particles.

Handicrafts made of cotton

Christmas crafts to school photo

Vata allows you to create truly fabulous and magical paintings. They make toys, masks, make snowmen and animals out of it. To make crafts for the New Year out of wool, you should stock up on paste, cooked on starch.

Take water, dissolve a spoonful of starch in it, mix well and pour this mixture with a glass of boiling water. Do not forget to stir, so that the starch does not take lumps. Throw in cotton paste and leave for a day. After that, you can make cute snowmen and other characters, as shown in the photo.

snowman child with their own handsBunny from wool to child for the new yearChristmas crafts 2017Christmas crafts to school instruction

You can also make a nice New Year's appliqué or an original Christmas tree from ordinary cotton pads.

Do not forget, the creative process requires you a little imagination, perseverance and free time. Provide yourself and your children a pleasant leisure time by building such beautiful winter crafts.

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