New Year 2018 in Vietnam

New Year for any person is a kind of symbolic point of reference for new beginnings and victories. Many believe that further life events will depend on how to celebrate this holiday. For the maximum number of vivid impressions during the New Year holidays, you should look at a trip to one of the most exotic countries, and celebrate the New Year 2018 in Vietnam.

New Year 2018 in Vietnam


Despite such a remote distance, every sophisticated tourist seeks to get into one of the Indochina countries, and enjoy the unforgettable sights and traditions of Vietnam during the New Year holidays. The streets, adorned with peach branches, impressing with their decoration, symbolize not only the beginning of the year, but also the coming of spring. This is a grand national holiday in 2018, the Vietnamese will celebrate February 16.

Features of the Vietnamese New Year holidays

New Year 2018 in Vietnam

New Year (from Vietnamese - Tet) is one of the main national holidays, which residents celebrate with an extraordinary scale. Preparations for the calendar event begin in advance - 1-2 weeks before the celebration.During this period, the Vietnamese lead into a festive look altar of ancestors, which occupies an important place in every home. A traditional fruit dish (“five fruits”) is placed on it, which symbolizes wealth and family well-being.

In Vietnam, winter holidays, in particular the New Year festivities, are represented by a variety of entertainment programs. The most popular ones are:

  • Thai games;
  • theater performances
  • colorful fireworks;
  • holiday processions;
  • dragon dances;
  • noisy festivals with dancing and other entertainment.

For tourists, this period is ideal for exploring the country's eastern culture. Therefore, having made the final decision, it will be appropriate to make an early booking of tours, which will provide high-quality and complete rest throughout the entire stay at the resort.

Tours to Vietnam: an unforgettable vacation

New Year 2018 in Vietnam. New Year holidays and tours

By purchasing a New Year's tour, a curious tourist gets the opportunity not only to have a comfortable stay in the hotel and visit ideal beaches, but also to plunge into the historical past of this unique country. Asian expanses have a charming atmosphere of peace and energy, which is inherent in the eastern nation.Therefore, in addition to the classic holidays on the beaches of the country, the New Year holidays can be spent both in the atmosphere of entertainment events, and in sightseeing reviews of historical places.

A huge number of resorts of any price policy provides an opportunity to quite inexpensively enjoy the journey in all its glory. After a noisy celebration of the Vietnamese New Year, the relaxed atmosphere of the Vietnamese islands, where you can enjoy the pristine tropical nature, is perfect for you. No less interesting will be visiting picturesque parks with rare plants, a nature reserve with crocodiles, participation in a walk on elephants. The incredible landscapes of rice plantations and floating houses will allow you to touch the life of the local population, and plunge into the world of oriental hospitality and vivacity.

Vietnam resorts

New Year 2018 in Vietnam. New Year holidays and tours

Before you feel the exotic atmosphere of Indochina, where restless Vietnam and its hospitable resorts are located, you should first decide on the type of rest. For example, history lovers will enjoy the New Year holidays at the resorts of Hoi An and Da Nang, where besides the snow-white beaches,You can enjoy the contemplation of museums, temple buildings and old houses.

Lovers of active water entertainment fit resorts:

  • Nha Trang;
  • Phan Thiet;
  • Phu Quoc Island;
  • Mui Ne

Also, after fun days, you can relax in a more relaxed atmosphere in the resorts of Nyachang, Dalat, Phan Thiet, Vung Tau. Prices for accommodation in resorts depend on the level of desired comfort, remoteness of beaches, as well as location from the central part of the city.

Travel to Vietnam is a sip of Asian culture in the sea of ​​everyday life and monotony. Having visited once this paradise region with its hospitable nation and rich traditions, the chances of returning here again increase significantly. Why is it worth celebrating the New Year in this mysterious and colorful country! An incredible combination of spectacular events and amazing surroundings will leave in the memory of the traveler a lot of impressions and delight that they want to experience more than once.

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