New laws from January 1, 2019 in Russia

Will the new laws change the life of the population on January 1, 2019 in Russia and for whom are they designed? The State Duma is considering a number of bills, the entry into force of which is expected next year - pension reform, the protection of persons with disabilities and the rights of large families.


Latest news about pension reform

One of the expected laws, which, if adopted, will begin to operate in Russia from the beginning of next year - raising the retirement age. The government plans to change the age limit for the working-age population to 65 years, while the pension reform will be carried out in stages and will end in 2034. The implementation of this initiative will make it possible to increase the size of pensions - next year, an increase for pensioners by 1 thousand rubles per month is expected.

New laws from January 1, 2019 in Russia

According to Valentina Matvienko, who holds the post of chairman of the Federation Council, the bill can be passed in the coming months. While discussions are underway, another proposal has been made - to grant the right to an earlier retirement at birth.

Number of children in the family Retirement Age (for women)
One 62 years
Two 60 years
Three 57 years old
Four 54 years
Five or more 50 years

According to the latest news, the next law, which comes into force in 2019, concerns the accompanying employment of people with disabilities. The purpose of the document is to maximally simplify the citizen’s route to work and adapt it to the workplace. The law provides for a specialist in working with people with disabilities in each department of the employment service. The Office is obliged to inform the applicant about all vacancies in the labor market and provide, as necessary, support. In some cases, the mode of operation may be more flexible than for other able-bodied citizens.

“The task is to bring the employment rate of people with disabilities <working age> to 50%, now less than 32% are working,” says Grigory Lekarev, deputy minister of labor and social protection.

Land and forest laws

Another pending bill concerns the restoration of forests in the country. The essence of the law is to expand the concept of the forest fund, which will allow to preserve nature. The tenants of land plots and loggers will be charged with the restoration (breeding) within the territory equal to the area of ​​cut green spaces.In addition, they will be required to create security zones. These innovations do not apply to persons who are engaged in geological study of the subsoil, as well as those who exploit linear objects.

By analogy with the “Far Eastern hectare”, from next year the “Vologda” will start working. At the same time, the head of the region wants to make a significant change - the ability to build individual housing in selected areas.

Important! Currently, landowners in the Far East can only use it for livestock farms, agricultural land. The term of the free lease is five years.

In total, according to the governor, 468 thousand hectares of vacant land in fourteen districts of the subject are planned to be allocated for the program.

Also next year, fishing bans will come into force. So, fishermen will be allowed to catch no more than five kilograms of inhabitants of Russian water bodies. But in some regions the norms will vary:

  • Altai Krai - 10kg;
  • Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area - 30 kg.

Moreover, it is noted that in the eastern regions, the catch rate differs significantly from that adopted in the west.Thus, experts predict the influx of fishing enthusiasts to the east of the country.

New laws from January 1, 2019 in Russia. Last news

Changes for large families, entrepreneurs and car enthusiasts

Amendments for motorists came into force this summer - now they face administrative liability if they detect 0.3 grams of alcohol per liter of blood. In order for the device to show such data, an adult male weighing 70 kg needs to drink 0.5 liters of beer, a shot of vodka or a glass of wine. Also changed the rules of the road concerning non-ecological transport. However, this prohibition does not apply to special vehicles: police, fire, ambulance. And one more innovation is the unified form of the MTPL insurance policy both in paper form and in digital form. All information will now be contained in the QR code.

Also, the law was considered for large families, giving the right to choose a convenient time for vacation. Currently, the procedure for taking leave is regulated by the Labor Code.

Important! This year, the minimum wage for the first time caught up with the cost of living. From the beginning of May he is 11’163 rubles.

As for business, from next year the VAT will be raised - the State Duma held the first reading of the bill on raising the rate to 20%.The government believes that this measure will attract an additional 630 billion rubles a year.

Small and medium businesses are also waiting for changes - the president signed a decree amending the Federal Law 192. Now for PIs working on a patent, it is not necessary to use a cash register. Innovation touched a significant part of entrepreneurs, the rest is granted a delay until July next year.

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