New buildings of St. Petersburg in 2019

In 2019, in many Russian cities, the commissioning of newly erected new buildings will take place. An exception will not be St. Petersburg. In the northern capital, offers will vary both in their price categories, and in design, location, and focus on certain customers. Currently, 107 current options are known. Which of them are the most popular?

The most popular residential complexes

Especially popular in St. Petersburg are the new buildings, which, after putting into use tenants in 2019, will be located as close as possible to the metro. Residents of the rapidly developing “city of Petrov”, for whom time is worth its weight in gold, also prefer not to skimp on comfort and the excellent surrounding infrastructure.

LCD "North Valley"

R. Vyborg, pos. Pargolovo, 4th Verkhniy Lane, Parnas metro station (12 minutes walk), from 71600 r / sq. m., the developer "Glavstroy-SPb." In 9 brick-monolithic 26-storey houses of economy class, studios of 23-24 sq. M are offered for purchase.m., as well as one-, two-and three-bedroom apartments from 32 to 89 square meters. m. with or without trim. This is the most large-scale construction project implemented in the city. Works here will be completed by the II quarter of 2019.

LCD "North Valley", St. PetersburgLayout of apartments in the residential complex "North Valley", St. PetersburgTiling of apartments in the residential complex "North Valley", St. PetersburgTiling of apartments in the residential complex "North Valley", St. PetersburgTiling of apartments in the residential complex "North Valley", St. PetersburgTiling of apartments in the residential complex "North Valley", St. Petersburg

"Georg Landrin"

R. Vyborgsky, B. Sampsonievsky Ave., 77/7, metro Lesnaya (12 min.), ABSOLUTE BUILD SERVICE. Real estate prices in these brick-monolithic business class buildings, the commissioning of which is timed to October / December 2019, are not yet accurate information. However, it is known that Georg Landrin will include 1,186 apartments without finishing, as well as being located close to the key districts of St. Petersburg - Petrogradsky (in 10-minute availability) and Central (in 20-minute availability), which will be an excellent help. for careerists and active residents.

Residential complex "Georg Landrin" St. PetersburgResidential complex "Georg Landrin" St. PetersburgResidential complex "Georg Landrin" St. PetersburgResidential complex "Georg Landrin" St. PetersburgLayout of apartments in the residential complex "Georg Landrin" St. PetersburgLayout of apartments in the residential complex "Georg Landrin" St. Petersburg


R. Vyborg, Polytechnic, 6, m. The area of ​​Courage or Forest (12 min.), From 78788 p. / Sq. m., "PSK". In the multifunctional complex, the comfort class, represented by 11 monolithic houses and exclusively finished rooms, from the third quarter of 2019 will be able to live comfortably both family and free people. The first ones will like the fact that the kindergartens, school, clinic, sport center, hypermarket and shopping center are close by, and the latter will appreciate the proximity of new buildings to Nevsky Prospect.Here you can buy housing from 18 to 91 square meters. m

LCD "Like" St. PetersburgPlanning in the LCD "Like" St. PetersburgPlanning in the LCD "Like" St. PetersburgPlanning in the LCD "Like" St. PetersburgPlanning in the LCD "Like" St. Petersburg

"Ligovsky City"

R. Frunzensky, Ligovsky Prospect, 271, m. Bypass channel or Frunzenskaya (16 min.), From 83500 p / sq. m., "Glorax Development". The residential complex is part of the program for the development of former industrial areas because it is built on the site where the sausage factory was previously located. The developer promises not to leave at the site of 2.8 hectares and reminders about the company, because by October / December 2019 there will be 4 monolithic new buildings of 10 and 11 floors, parking, a kindergarten, as well as a business center and a fitness area. The proposed property - studios of 24 square meters. m. and apartments with 1, 2 and 3 rooms from 32 to 99 square meters. m

LCD "Ligovsky City" St. PetersburgLCD "Ligovsky City" St. PetersburgLCD "Ligovsky City" St. Petersburg

"Murino 2019"

R. Vsevolzhsky, Bugry, Vorontsovsky Blvd., metro Devyatkino (19 min.), From 57501 rubles / sq. M., “Plane LO”. The last turn of delivery of 5 brick-monolithic houses of economy class with housing with a fine finish is timed to the III quarter of 2019. Since In the village, an active population growth is observed, the developer pays special attention to the creation of vital infrastructure, such as supermarkets, own schools, parking lots, playgrounds. Buyers can buy here studios and apartments from 25 to 80 square meters. m

LCD Murino SPbVideo about LCD:

"Colors of Summer"

R. Vsevolzhsky, Murino, Petrovsky Blvd., metro Devyatkino (21 min.), From 63,600 rubles per square meter.m., "Policy groups." 19-level brick-monolithic buildings of economy class offer potential buyers of studios and apartments with a size from 20 to 54 sq. M. m. without finishing. Construction of the project will be completed only in the second quarter of 2020, so there is still time to buy property in this complex, located in the midst of nature among forests.

LCD "Colors of Summer" St. Petersburg


R. Admiralteysky Str. Krasutsky, uch. 15, m. Frunze or Baltic (29 min.), From 92,689 r / sq. m., LenSpetsSMU. On the embankment of the Obvodnoy Canal, 14-storey comfortable new buildings of monolithic bricks will be erected. 10,000 apartments from 28 to 73 square meters. m., 9 kindergartens, 3 schools and a business center - this is what constitutes the architectural project "Galaxy", which the developer finally put into operation by the end of 2023.

"Polis on the Neva"

R. Nevsky, October Embankment, 44, m. Ul. Dybenko (37 min.), From 88,000 p / sq. m., "Policy groups." This residential complex, all buildings of which also belong to the category of comfort class, is represented by a high-rise 4-section building with 23 floors and a tower of the same height. New buildings, made in the best traditions of neoclassicism, will complement the landscape beauty, namely the views of the river and the garden of Krupskaya, thanks to the finishing with granite.Apartments with pre-finishing or finishing (for an additional fee) finishing will be presented in metric area from 18 to 80 square meters. m until October / December 2019.

LCD "Polis on the Neva" St. PetersburgLCD "Polis on the Neva" St. PetersburgLCD "Polis on the Neva" St. Petersburg

Anninsky Park

R. Lomonosovsky, pos. Kuttusi, m. Prospect Veterans, from 49500 p / sq. m., "UNISTO-Petrostal". Through the construction of the “Anninsky Park”, the developer continues the trend towards the development of the Leningrad Region, where 6 brick-monolithic buildings will be located, each of which will consist of 12 standard levels. By the first quarter of 2019, there will be 2,000 new apartments with square footage from 21 to 89 square meters. m. Interesting is the fact that about 40% of the entire local area is reserved for landscaping.

LCD "Anninsky Park" St. Petersburg

Aparthotel "VALO"

Studios and apartments from 22 to 52 square meters. m. with the finish will be sold in this 18-storey monolithic house under equity agreements. Of the additional options, residents are offered the possibility of unlimited use of the fitness room, pool, cafe, as well as services for cleaning clothes and cleaning. There are not many green spaces around, however, in 20 minutes of walking is Moscow Victory Park and Apple Garden, which level the existing drawback.The construction of the apartments will be completed by the second quarter of 2019.

LCD Aparthotel "VALO" St. Petersburg

Other popular offers

These options are not the only ones. The buyer is recommended to pay attention to the below-mentioned new buildings of St. Petersburg, the start of sales of real estate in some of which is already open.

Important! All prices are based on 1 sq. M. m

In 2019, the following complexes will also be available for settlement:

  • "House at the Karetny Bridge". R. Frunzensky, Dnepropetrovskaya ul., D. 65, metro Obvodny Canal, from 1,100,000 r., Investtorg, II-2019.
  • "Three whales". R. Vsevolozhskiy, lands of the ESCR “Ruchyi”, metro Devyatkino, from 55,000 rubles, “Leader of the Groups”, October / December 2019.
  • "Clear sky". R. Primorsky, Komendantsky pr., Uch. 2, metro. Commandant Ave., d. 81422, Setl City, IV-2019.
  • "Primorsky quarter". R. Primorsky, Kolomyazsky Ave., 13, m. Pionerskaya or Specific, from 85894 r., “Megalit-Okhta Group”, II-2019.
  • "Sunny city". R. Krasnoselsky, Petergofskoe Highway, Metro Prospect Veterans or Leninsky Prospect, from 74571 p., Setl City, II-2019 and III-2020.
  • "Victoria". R. Vsevolozhsky, pos. Murino, Aviators Baltika Ave., 5 and 9, metro station Devyatkino, from 62,000 r., MAVIS, III-2019.
  • "YOGA". Primorsky, Prigorodny, section 197 (Kamenka), metro Commandant Ave. or Specific, from 68,000 r., Leader Group, II-2019 and IV-2020.
  • "Territory". Vsevolozhskiy, Murino, lands of ECCS “Ruchi”, m.Devyatkino, from 54200 p., "Leader of the Group", II-2019.

LCD Territory SPb

  • "New Okkervil". Vsevolozhskiy, Intersection of ul. Dybenko and others. Solidarity, m. Ul. Dybenko, from 79200 p., Otdelstroy, IV-2019.
  • "Prinevsky". Nevsky, October embankment, st. Rusanovskaya, metro station Proletarskaya or Lomonosovskaya, from 64205 r., TsTS, IV-2019.
  • "KudroVO". Vsevolozhsk district, Kudrovo, st. Prague / Central, m. Ul. Dybenko, p. 56713, Patriot Neva, IV-2019.
  • "Green Landia 2". Vsevolozhsky, n. Murino, uch. 53, m. Devyatkino, from 74171 p., “Setl City”, I-2019.
  • "Triumph Park". Moskovsky, Dunaysky pr., 7, metro station Zvezdnaya, from 88400 r., Mirland Development, II-2019.
  • "Colors of rainbow". Vsevolozhskiy, pos. Murino, m. Devyatkino, from 55,000 r., "MAVIS", III-2019.
  • "Renaissance". Nevsky, Dybenko Street, 8, m. Ul. Dybenko, from 92098 p., “AAG”, III-2019.
  • "4YOU". Moskovsky, Moskovskoye shosse, 13, metro station Zvezdnaya, from 89131 r., Akvilon-Invest, IV-2019.
  • Maine House. Kalininsky, Grazhdansky Prospect, 107, metro station Grazhdansky Ave, from 93605 r., Glorax Development, II-2019.
  • "Shuvalovsky". Seaside, st. Parachute / Shuvalov Ave., metro Commandant Ave or Pionerskaya, d. 78788 p., LSR Group, II-2019.
  • "Bogatyr 3". Primorsky, Polevaya Sabirovskaya Street, 45, from 72400 r., “Leader Group”, IV-2019.
  • "Youth quarter". Vsevolozhsky, Romanovka, Stepnoy Avenue, m. Ladozhskaya or Bolshevik Ave., from 45,872 r., Group of Companies "SDS", IV-2019 - IV-2023.

LCD Youth quarter of St. Petersburg

  • "Sea ocean". Seaside, st. Opticians / Yacht, m.Old Village or Commandant Ave., dated 104558, Setl City, October / December 2019.
  • "Color City". Krasnogvardeysky, Piskarevsky Ave., metro station Akademicheskaya, from 60000 r., “LSR Group”, IV-2019 - II-2020.
  • "Clean stream". Vsevolozhsky, Sertolovo, metro Ozerki or Parnas, from 54,150 r., Petrostroy, III-2019 - III-2021.
  • "Shushary". Pushkin Str. Pushkinskaya, m. Kupchino or Star, from 55000 p.,
    Dalpiterstroy, I-2019.
  • "Graffiti". Seaside, Shuvalov Ave. / Ave. Koroleva / Parachute st., Metro Komendantsky pr., From 86000 r., Oikumena, IV-2019.
  • "Civilization". Nevsky Prospekt, Oktyabrskaya Embankment, 40-42, m. Ul. Dybenko, from 79,300 p., “LSR Group”, IV-2019 - II-2020.
  • "Northern Waltz". Vsevolozhsk, Vsevolozhsk, m. Ladozhskaya, from 45600 r., “Petrostroy”, IV-2019.
  • "Promenade". Admiralteysky, Moskovsky pr., D. 65, m. Frunzenskaya, from 119009 r., “BI Group”, II-2019.
  • "Neva sails". Nevsky, Soviet Avenue, uch. 2, m. Rybatskoe, from 78804 p., Setl City, October / December 2019.

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