New 2018 on Lake Baikal

The new 2018 on Lake Baikal is a wonderful rest with body and soul in an amazing place on the planet. For those who are bored by traveling to, Turkey or Egypt, a trip to the vicinity of the deepest lake will be a great alternative. The temperature of the thermometer here in January is between -10 - -15 ºС, so when you go on a trip, do not forget to take warm clothes with you. Contrary to an erroneous opinion, not only huge drifts, blocks of ice, impenetrable forests, but also a developed tourist infrastructure along with an extensive list of entertainment await tourists on Baikal.

What to visit on Baikal for the New 2018?

In the vicinity of the famous lake there are several popular places where it is interesting to visit every tourist. Among them:

  • Listvyanka village;
  • Little Sea Strait;
  • health resort Arshan.

Beauty of Baikal

If you plan to spend several days on Baikal, then visiting all the places listed will be easy. Each of them is characterized by its unique color, unique atmosphere and leisure options.

Listvyanka - the main tourist village of Baikal

In Listvyanka (a small village 70 km from Irkutsk), most people stop to dream of seeing the unique beauty of Lake Baikal. The village boasts dozens of cozy hotels, restaurants, recreation centers. It should be noted that the price of apartments in local hotels for the New 2018 will increase significantly, since the tourist flow will increase many times. For example, the cost of a double room of a class "Standard" will be from 2500 rubles per day, and the prices for single rooms of superior comfort reach 5000 rubles per day. Earlier booking will help save money, because most Listvyanka hotels are starting to accept applications for accommodation in the summer.


In the village, traditionally for the holiday set New Year tree, next to which in the evening of December 31, hundreds of local residents and tourists will gather. The program of celebrations awaits them:

  • dancing;
  • round dances;
  • disco;
  • New Year's fireworks.

In the restaurants of Listvyanka (“Baikal Fairy Tale”, “Last Century”, “Sval”), vacationers will be offered their own show program, fiery competitions and live music.Visitors will be able to taste the culinary delights of Russian cuisine, as well as various types of alcohol. The average bill in Listvyanka entertainment facilities does not exceed 5-7 thousand rubles per person, but the total amount depends on the number of tasted dishes.

Small Sea Strait - the best winter fishing in the region

For lovers of fishing against the backdrop of majestic mountains and picturesque landscapes, the Little Sea Strait is considered a cherished dream. In addition to the chance to catch impressive sizes of omul, grayling, whitefish, sturgeon, tourists have the opportunity to be alone with themselves, enjoy the atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Bright sun, fresh air, the crackling of ice - what else is needed for a real rest.

Baikal fishing

New Year's fishing on the Small Sea is organized by dozens of recreation centers, located near the strait. Among them:

  • "Bayar";
  • "Gull";
  • "Frigate";
  • Naratei;
  • "Wind of Baikal".

Here you can rent a guest house (prices start from 2500 rubles per day) and spend the best weekend of your life with your family or a noisy company. Among other entertainment options for guests, we note a steam room on the icy surface of the lake, a Russian bath, swimming in a pool, snowmobiling and jeeps.

Lake Baikal

Advantages of rest in Arshan

Arshan is rightfully the best health and medical resort on Lake Baikal, and thousands of tourists are trying to organize a holiday on New Year in this place. There are several dozen mineral springs, which are a panacea for diseases. The list of popular resorts include:

  • "Arshan";
  • "Sayan";
  • "Baikal Resort".


In addition to water treatment, in these institutions apply the latest therapeutic techniques, which have earned flattering feedback from specialists. In addition, visitors are available such services as massage, beauty treatments, body wraps, acupuncture. In his spare time, you can go on a tour, visit one of the recreational activities of the sanatorium, take a walk along the snow-covered coast of Baikal.

What do tour operators offer?

“The Pearl of Siberia” during the winter holidays are invited to see thousands of tour operators. Of course, you can organize a trip to Baikal for the New 2018 on your own, but booking tickets, renting apartments and thinking through the route will take a lot of time. Special 3-day tours to the lake in late December cost from 40 thousand.rubles per person, taking into account departure from Moscow. Many companies are invited to stay in the region for 7 or more days, but such a journey will cost from 70 thousand rubles. Hot vouchers on the eve of the holiday appear extremely rarely, as a result of which it’s unlikely to save money on visiting the lake.

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