New 2018 Lada Largus

Lada Largus is a small-class front-wheel-drive passenger car that represents the Dacia Logan station wagon variant adapted for domestic Russian conditions. The Largus model is a joint project of Renault and AvtoVAZ. The release of the car began in April 2012 and currently continues in three versions:

  • five-seater wagon;
  • seven-seater minivan;
  • double van.

Lada Largus 2018

On the basis of the station wagon, a four-wheel drive version called the Lada Largus Cross was developed and produced.

The advantages that distinguish domestic car owners of this brand should be counted:

  1. High-quality work suspension.
  2. Spacious trunk with folded second row of seats.
  3. Comfort, in the seven-seater version, which is provided to third-row passengers.
  4. A variety of transformation salon.
  5. Price-quality ratio.

Lada Largus 2018

According to the results of sales in 2016 in the domestic car market compact car confidently entered the top ten. It is this fact that became decisive for the management of AvtoVAZ to develop and release a new modification of the 2018 Lada Largus.


The company AvtoVAZ is positioning the new variation of the 2018-2019 Lada Largus as a modern road car in the body variant - a station wagon. Given this point, the main changes in the appearance of the updated car are designed to fit and support this concept. To this end, the following changes were made to the Lada Largus 2017-2018 model:

Lada Largus 2018

  • The front of the car received an X-shaped bumper and grille in the style of models X-Ray, Vesta;
  • head optics are made in an elongated version;
  • increased rear springs in the suspension;
  • enlarged wheel arches;
  • 16-inch wheels;
  • mounted plastic dark kit all over the body.
  • reduce the thickness of the side molding on the body;
  • the shape of the side mirrors is increased (the absence of built-in turn signal repeaters can be attributed to the disadvantage)

The overall dimensions and design of the rear of the new items have not changed. It should be noted that the car has increased ground clearance to 17.5 cm, which is a positive factor for domestic car owners.

Lada Largus 2018

The changes have formed a restyled version of a more confident and solid appearance, but at the same time retained the same high functionality.

Interior of Lada Largus in 2018

On the official photos presented by the company, the design of the new Largus 2018's cabin has not changed significantly compared to its predecessor. The most important thing that they did at AvtoVAZ was the use of new, higher-quality finishing materials. For finishing glossy soft plastic with anti-scratch properties is used, which is present in the instrument panel and in the inserts on the side doors. For edging individual elements in order to give them an attractive appearance used chrome lining. Also, high-quality fabric materials are used for upholstering the ceiling and interior.

Lada Largus 2018

The use of new materials for interior decoration, as well as certain structural changes has significantly reduced the noise in the cabin compared to its predecessor.

In accordance with the currently existing requirements of the car market, the manufacturer has expanded the list of installed basic electronic equipment that will be used on the modified model. This equipment should include

  • power steering;
  • electric steering wheel;
  • air conditioning;
  • Heated front seats;
  • the ERA-GLONASS system;
  • power windows;
  • front passenger and driver seat adjustment.

Lada Largus 2018

The increase in the cabin of the number of special niches, compartments for hand luggage and other luggage also added inner comfort to the car.

Completion and technical parameters

The new Lada Largus 2018 modification will be completed only with petrol power units with the characteristics (volume-power):

  1. V-1.60 l - 106 l. from.:
  2. V-1.60 l - 114 l. from.;
  3. V-1.80 L - 123 L from.

Lada Largus 2018

A five-speed manual transmission or a five-range robot can be installed in a transmission with all engines. The maximum speed in the configuration with the strongest engine can reach 180 km / h.

In equipping the new Largus the following equipment and functions are provided:

  • anti-lock brakes (ABS);
  • on-board computer;
  • electronic brake force distribution (EBD);
  • adjustable steering column;
  • airbags for the driver and front passenger;
  • electric windows front and rear doors;
  • rear parking assistant;
  • electric front seats;
  • electric heating side mirrors;
  • audio system.

Lada Largus 2018

For painting the car will be available in eight different colors. As additional accessories for the new version of Largus, the manufacturer offers:

  • mudguard sets;
  • full set of parking assistance;
  • radiator protection;
  • additional door sills;
  • crankcase protection;
  • a set of front and rear liner;
  • universal boot carpet for the trunk.

Start of sales and cost

Lada Largus 2018

In the basic configuration, the price of the new Largus in 2018 with a capacity of 5 people will approximately amount to 490 thousand rubles. The option of a minivan for 7 people in the initial configuration will cost the buyer 510 thousand rubles. The maximum version will cost about 1.0 million rubles.

The start of sales in our country of the updated compact car Lada Largus is scheduled for January 2018.

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