New 2018 in Anapa

The new 2018 year in Anapa is a great opportunity to have a good rest in the famous resort area on the Black Sea coast. An amazing combination of mountain, steppe and subtropical climate predetermined the popularity of this place among millions of tourists. The temperature in early January in Anapa varies between 8-12 ºС, so it’s not necessary to freeze here during the winter holidays.

Options for celebrating the New Year

Rest in Anapa at the beginning of 2018 can be organized both in a noisy company, and in a relaxed atmosphere. For visitors, the city offers several current leisure activities, including:

  • a trip to a sanatorium;
  • mass folk festivals;
  • visiting places of entertainment;
  • excursions and sightseeing.

Prices for the New 2018 in Anapa are quite acceptable, and the level of service is no different from foreign. The unique resort of Russia provides an opportunity to have a fun and exciting meeting of the main winter holiday without significant financial expenses.

Anapa Singing Fountains

Features of rest in resorts of Anapa

On the Black Sea coast near Anapa there are several dozens of sanatoriums, boarding houses, rest houses, where hundreds of tourists will spend the new 2018 with health benefits. The list of the most popular establishments invariably includes:

  • "Rus";
  • "Sail";
  • "Spring";
  • "Kuban";
  • "Hope";
  • "Old Anapa";
  • "Black Sea Dawn".

Practically in every sanatorium there are swimming pools, saunas, massage rooms, gyms and therapeutic rooms. In addition, an entertainment program is provided for guests, and in the evening of December 31 a festive banquet with songs, dances, and competitions is held. As for the prices in the sanatoriums of Anapa for the New 2018, they can afford every tourist with average incomes. For example, in the rest house “Nadezhda” a 3-day check-in for a single “Lux” class apartment will cost 25 thousand rubles per person. This amount already includes three meals a day, a New Year's banquet, free access to spa treatments and an amber room.

Sanatorium Anapa

New 2018 on the streets of Anapa

During the New Year holidays, Anapa is transformed beyond recognition. Bright illumination lights up everywhere, shop windows are decorated in an original way, the city embankment is highlighted with mysterious lights.We should also mention the existing musical fountains, whose height reaches 10 m. The main Christmas tree of the resort will traditionally be installed on Theater Square. Here on the night of January 1, the following entertainment activities are provided:

  • fair;
  • disco;
  • holiday fireworks;
  • songs, dances, round dances;
  • competition from fairy tale characters;
  • performance of local artists and musical groups.

Thousands of tourists come to Anapa at the end of December, so there certainly will not be boring during mass festivities. You can make new acquaintances, plunge into the atmosphere of general fun, get a lot of unforgettable emotions in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

theatre square

Amusement places of Anapa

In Anapa there is a huge number of bars, cafes, nightclubs, which will open their doors to visitors in the New Year holidays. The prestigious restaurants of the resort are:

  • "Pier";
  • "Crown";
  • Clouds;
  • "Noble Nest".

The list of cafe-night clubs in the city include "Arbat", "Empire", "Ocean", "Nautilus". In these and many other places you will be offered hearty Kuban cuisine, as well as famous wines.Among the culinary delights of manta, kebab, branded ear, seafood, fish delicacies. For tasting alcoholic beverages, we recommend you try cornel wine or chacha. Since the prices for the New Year of 2018 are not affordable, the average bill in the entertainment places of Anapa will certainly not exceed 4-5 thousand rubles per person.

New Year in a restaurant

Excursions and attractions

Coming to Anapa for the New Year holidays, take time for interesting excursions and inspection of ancient monuments of architecture. Among the places where it is necessary to go to every tourist, we note:

  • the factory of sparkling wines “Abrau Durso” (you can try dozens of varieties of alcohol);
  • healing springs (for example, “The Ancient Well”);
  • archaeological reserve "Gorgippia";
  • Reserve in the village of Big Urtish.

For travelers there are trips to the African village "Sukko", as well as a visit to the local yacht club. The smallest tourists should go with their parents to the dolphinarium or visit a country crocodile farm where you can feed the reptiles and take pictures with their background.

In Anapa there are a number of attractions that testify to the rich history of the region. Among them:

  • Russian gate (preserved on the ruins of an ancient Ottoman fortress);
  • castle "Lion's Head";
  • Church of the Intercession;
  • Lighthouse Anapa.

Be sure to stroll along the Central Embankment (more than 1600 m in length), visit the Upside Down house, go to the Museum of Local Lore, where artifacts of the city’s history are kept. All these places will convince you that Anapa is a distinctive place to come during the New Year holidays again and again.

Thus, if you want to spend the winter holidays in a warm climate at reasonable prices, then the presented resort on the Black Sea coast will be the best choice. In this wonderful city, you will not only rest your soul, but also gain strength for accomplishments in the New 2018 year.

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