Mounting plate

Mounting plate: - wooden beam, support in the roof structure for rafters. It helps to distribute the load bearing elements on the surface.Mounting platealso perform to connect the roof and walls of the building.

Location is allowedMauerlataalong the top of the building (solid mauerlat), under the rafter leg, which transmits the load (partial power plate). Observe an important point: the timber and the outer edge of the wall should not touch each other.

montazh-mauerlataMounting methods

  1. Fastening to the upper logsMauerlataIt is carried out with the help of galvanized wire having a length of 5 or more millimeters, wooden or steel dowels, brackets and metal corners.
  2. Mounting plateon the perimeter of the brickwork. Builders pre-determine the place of installation and material for fasteners.

Install the power plate to the brick walls:

  • anchor bolts, anchor self-hardening solutions;
  • pieces of reinforcement or studs for several rows before the completion of laying (for a small roof);
  • wire rod, which is attached at the final stage of laying.
  1. Mounting plateto wooden caps treated with a protective solution. Traffic jams have:
  • directly under the power plate;
  • one row belowMauerlata;
  • Nearmauerlat, practically at the outer edge of the wall.

Mauerlat with any method of installation attached to the cork with metal clips.


Mounting to truss system

With a rigid attachment are not allowed shifts, turns, bends, torsion. In this casemounting a power plateperform with:

  1. Bearing bar with a corner view. Hemmed bar (not more than 1 meter) is fixed toMauerlaturafter foot. To prevent lateral displacement, nails are driven in by the sides.
  2. The execution on the rafters gash, followed by bonding to the wire, staples, nails. The rafter leg and the mauerlat connects the rigid knot. For durability, 2 nails are hammered from the sides, another 1 nail is driven into a vertical surface.

Sliding (articulated) mount allows you to move the structural element. It is allowed to move to the construction of a power plate truss. There are various ways to pair sliding fasteners:

  1. Installation of fastener metal to the rafter leg;
  2. A single fixing with the help of plates, let's say going beyond the wall of the rafters;
  3. Drinking down on the rafters, fixing to the mauerlat is done through the use of:
  • nails, it is driven in from above for connection of a power plate and rafters;
  • nails, they are driven into the sides;
  • braces, connects the mauerlat with the rafter;
  • metal plate in which holes for fasteners are drilled.

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