Modern building insulation

The active development of modern technologies has also reached building insulation. Numerous domestic and foreign companies began to produce heat-insulating materials from inexpensive, but at the same time very high-quality and reliable raw materials. Currently, basalt insulation is very popular for creating high thermal insulation properties.

Technical characteristics of basalt insulation

This kind of insulation is made from volcanic rocks such as basalt. Under the influence of very high temperatures, it is melted, and then poured into molds to create a certain type.

In the next stage, the product is blown with a powerful air flow, this helps to give the material a certain length and thickness. This method allows to obtain a product of high strength and reliability. At the last stage of production, the material is pressed twice under high temperatures, to which a special binder is added.Reasonable prices for basalt insulation provide an opportunity to use it widely at different stages of construction.

By its appearance, such a heater is very similar to cotton wool of light brown or gray color. It is easy to buy a basalt heater in the form of rolls on the website

Features and benefits

In contrast to the wilaterm harness, basalt insulation is used for thermal insulation of walls and other surfaces. In addition, it is actively used for insulation of various communication systems.

The main advantages of basalt insulation:

  1. The material has high sound insulation properties;
  2. it is steady before external influences, does not pass moisture and cold air;
  3. It is an ideal material for reliable protection against fire, even at the highest temperature, it does not deform, and does not change its important properties;
  4. basalt material acts as a high-quality vapor barrier, due to which condensate does not collect on the walls of the room;
  5. no less important advantage - this type of insulation can withstand even the greatest loads;
  6. resistant to chemical attack;
  7. has high thermal insulation properties;
  8. resistant to biological environment;
  9. It should be noted that buying basalt cotton wool as a heater, it is also due to the fact that it is absolutely safe for human health, does not cause irritation and allergic reactions.

Reasonable prices for this material make it possible to use it in different areas. It is equally used for wall insulation from the inside and outside. Ideal as a reliable thermal insulation material in urban apartments and private homes. Harness vilaterm get for finishing crevices and joints, and basalt wool - for large surfaces.

Additionally, it is used for interior decoration, where there is a high probability of fire, when other insulation options will be ineffective. You can find out the price of basalt insulation on the website of the online store of building materials

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