Macadamia Nut: useful properties, taste, application

Walnut macadamia, whose useful propertiesvarious, has recently become a popular medical and cosmetic means. This plant is rather whimsical and problematic in terms of cultivation, which causes its considerable cost. Walnut macadamia, the price for which now is about $ 30 per kilogram, is considered the most expensive in the world.macadamia nut But people who can afford suchspending, gladly get this product, and not only because it is prestigious and exotic. In fact, this plant has certain useful properties and is used both in cooking, and for medical and cosmetic purposes.


This plant was first discovered in Australiabotanist named Müller. It was he who first described this amazing nut and named it after his friend, the chemist John McAdams. This tree is referred to the family of protoinovyh, and now its nine species are known. Five of them grow exclusively on Australian lands, two species are cultivated artificially.where the macadamia nut grows For today in the world it is possible to count not so already many places where macadamia nut (cultivated) grows. These include: California, Hawaii, Brazil and South Africa.

Difficulties in growing

One of the main problems in the cultivation of macadamiais that the tree fully begins to bear fruit only in the 7th to 10th year of life. But the achievement of a tree of a certain age does not at all guarantee that it will bring a long-awaited harvest. The reason for this is the fact that the Australian nut (one of the most common names of macadamia) is constantly at risk of falling under the destructive effect of oceanic winds that have hurricane force.

But even in cases where the tree manages togrow and give a full yield, there is a number of problems with the collection of its fruits. In the height of the macadamia can reach 15 meters and get to its top without special devices is very difficult. The nuts themselves are covered with a very tough shell, which is severely separated from the fruit. So these nuts are not only difficult to assemble, but still very problematic to clean.macadamia nut That is why the most expensive among the well-knownThe present day in the world is the macadamia nut. The price for it, of course, decreases every year, as the number of plantations increases and the production of these fruits increases, despite all the difficulties. But an average kilogram of this product costs the final buyer $ 30.

General description of the plant

As we have already mentioned, an adult tree canreach 13-15 meters in height. The flowers of this plant are rather small, have a white-cream or pink color. When they blossom, their inflorescences look like spikelets, while they emit a light sweetish flavor.australian walnut This smell attracts bees that arenatural plant pollinators. As a rule, the fruits fully ripen during the period from March to September, but under favorable conditions the macadamia nut (the useful properties of which will be examined by us later) can bear fruit for a year. These fruits have an almost perfect round shape and in diameter can reach 2 cm.

What does it taste like

Walnut macadamia, the taste of which resembles a simplehazelnut, is often criticized for an exorbitant price. But true connoisseurs say that this fruit is a little sweeter and more fragrant. At the same time, those who are not true gourmets and connoisseurs of nuts simply do not understand why to pay a lot of money for a product that does not differ in any way from a simple hazelnut.macadamia nuts reviews It is for this reason that macadamia nuts,which are different, are often criticized for a high price. But do not forget that this product has the highest calorie content, and also has a rich and useful chemical composition.

Plant composition

Nut macadamia, useful properties of which are due to its composition, contains a lot of useful substances, among which:

  • Fats and organic acids, proteins, fiber, carbohydrates;
  • oil;
  • vitamins (C, E, B1, AT2, AT5, AT6, AT9);
  • microelements (selenium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese);
  • macroelements (potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sodium).

Due to the composition of the fruits of this plant have a certain healing power.

Macadamia Nut: useful properties

This product is suitable for use in beriberi andfor its prevention. Also, these nuts are recommended to eat at an increased risk of developing tumorous diseases. It is believed that the use of macadamia can relieve migraines and help with a number of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, such as arthritis and arthrosis. Also, this nut can be used as an adjunct to the main therapy during the treatment of angina and meningitis.macadamia nut properties

Despite the fact that macadamia is verycaloric, with obesity, nutritionists recommend replacing a handful of this nut with one of the full-fledged meals. A very small amount of macadamia can saturate the body with the necessary energy and at the same time nourish it with all the necessary micro-and macro elements for its full-fledged activity. In addition, this product enhances blood circulation in the human body and eliminates excessive cholesterol, due to which there are general rejuvenating processes.

Macadamia oil, properties and applications of whichdiffer in variety, successfully used to treat burns of varying degrees. The ability to restore the skin is explained by the fact that this oil contains various unsaturated fatty acids, among which there is palmitic acid. As you know, it is also contained in the human skin. That is why oil can accelerate skin regeneration and promote the rapid healing of various burns and wounds.

Macadamia oil: properties and application in cosmetology

Thanks to its ability to regenerate the skinthis product is successfully used in cosmetology. Oil is considered to be very effective both in its own application and in the composition of various creams and masks. With its regular use for cosmetic purposes, the following effect is observed:

  • the skin of the face is noticeably tightened, small wrinkles disappear and the complexion becomes more noticeable;
  • when using oil for body massage, the skin turgor is visibly strengthened;
  • as a result of using this tool as a base with the addition of various essential oils, cellulite disappears, the body becomes more taut.

It should be noted that the oil of this nut is also great for caring for very delicate and thin skin. In cosmetology, it is successfully used to care for the lips, cuticle and eye area.macadamia oil properties and applications

In addition, due to the ability to strengthenmicrocirculation of blood, this natural remedy is used to stimulate hair follicles when baldness and with active hair loss. Oil is also part of various shampoos, masks and is often introduced into hair dye.

Danger to dogs

Despite the fact that this product has so muchuseful properties for the human body, our four-legged friends, namely dogs, it can cause serious harm. The composition of this product contains not yet completely studies of toxin, which adversely affects the canine organism. After eating one nut nut, the dog's health may worsen to such an extent that he can not climb the feet for 12 consecutive hours. An animal may have severe breathing and swelling of the extremities. It is believed that after the dog tries macadamia, it is fully restored only after 48 hours. And if the animal manages to eat 5-7 nuts, then it is likely that this will lead to a lethal outcome.

For this reason, all lovers of this exotic nut, which have dogs at home, should be extremely careful.

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