LG Washing Machine Errors: Popular Trouble Codes and Repair Instructions

Diagnosing minor operational problems is a key feature of the LG Eletronics washing machines. All devices of this brand are equipped with an intelligent control system, as this simplifies operation.

A significant achievement in the field of ease of operation is recognized that the errors of the washing machine LG are displayed in the form of combinations of Latin letters and numbers.

Basic error codes

LG fault codes are displayed on the dashboard screen, facilitating further diagnostics and repair. With their help, you can try to fix the damage yourself or at least consult with the professionals, calling the error code.

No. 1: Problems with the water supply or discharge system

InscriptionAEindicates an error automatically turn off the device. Occurs when a special float sensor is activated.When it appears, the technician should check for leaks. For this you need to inspect all the details of the device in contact with water.

Also, for diagnostics, you can turn off the power of the machine for 15-25 minutes, and then turn it on again.

The main components of the washing machine
Each user of the washing machine must at least schematically represent its device. This can be helped by the instruction with the diagrams with which the new technique is completed (+)

Possible causes of the error may be problems with the control unit, wear of the cuff of the hatch, mechanical damage to the tank.

Letter combinationFEIt is displayed if the tank is full of water. In this case, the pressure switch (sensor) blocks the operation of the system.

Reasons for exceeding the water limit:

  • defective electrical controller;
  • disturbances in the level relay activity;
  • malfunction of the water inlet valve;
  • large amounts of foam in the tank (if an unsuitable detergent is used).

To diagnose a problem, you need to check the sensor itself, the pipe and the wiring to ensure proper operation of the pressure switch. Then you should inspect the valve for the presence of a foreign object.

CodeE1means that water has leaked into the washing machine tray due to the depressurization of the tank.

Checking the hoses and nozzles of the machine
When diagnosing a problem, you should check hoses, nozzles, calipers, etc.If all the mechanical elements of the device are intact, it is worth checking the pump and leakage sensor for possible malfunctions.

CombinationIEsignals a lack of pressure. In this case, water enters the tank extremely slowly, but never reaches the required level in the allotted time (usually 4 minutes).

Possible causes for the problem:

  • damage to the water inlet valve (it is worth checking the electromagnetic coils to make sure that they are energized);
  • pressure switch defect;
  • clogging of the filter intake valve (usually limescale);
  • holes and kinks in the hose;
  • worn wiring at the intake valve;
  • poor valve resistance (below 3 kΩ);
  • breakdowns of the general management board;
  • the water supply hose is improperly installed and partially closes the water inlet;
  • Insufficient pressure in water pipes.

Pressostat errorPEsimilar to IE, but it occurs not only because of the long filling of the tank with water. It is also displayed if water enters the machine too quickly (in 1-2 minutes).

In this case, you also need to check the pressure of the water supply. If water is supplied in the usual manner, it is necessary to diagnose the pressostat. Another one of the problems could be a short circuit or a break in the network on the line.

PE error on first run
If the PE code appeared on the display during the first wash of the typewriter, then the problem may be in the wrong connection of the device to the sewer

MalfunctionOeassociated with exceeding the allowed water level in the drum. Often, the code is displayed in the case of an unsuccessful drain, when a part of the water has merged, but some of it remains inside the washing machine.

The code automatically lights up if the draining procedure lasts longer than 5 minutes. The problem arises due to clogging in the drain path, namely: in the pipe, pump, filter, hose.

Clogged drain filter
After cleaning the filter of the system, the drain washer begins to function in the operating mode. The pump (drain pump) may refuse to work due to a breakdown, then its full replacement is required

Drain hose can be twisted or squeezed. Problems with discharge are sometimes caused by punctures of the air chamber and malfunction of the pressure sensor.

In some cases, the problems are not due to the washing machine itself, but because of blockages in the pipeline. To prevent this error, you should periodically clean the drain pipes.

UE- code imbalance of water in the tank.

Crumpled linen in the tank
The error often occurs when crumpled laundry is placed in the machine, which disrupts the functioning of the device. The machine can not turn the drum without the risk of breakage, and therefore stops the operation due to unbalanced load

To fix the problem, open the door and straighten some things, and then start the wash again.

In some cases, a similar problem arises due to the small amount of things in the drum, because the washing machine simply does not feel their weight. Then you should add more linen. If these actions did not help, you need to test the motor wire, drive belt, controller and Hall sensor for damage.

The distortion of the body of the washing machine
The reason for the error may be incorrect installation of the washing machine, or rather its bias. Due to the unstable position of the legs, the device starts to vibrate and rattle

No. 2: Motor Problem Codes

Error codeCEappears when the engine (electric motor) is overloaded and the drum is overcrowded. For further operation, it is necessary to remove some of the laundry from the machine. If, after releasing the drum, the device still does not work, and the display shows the same combination, it is necessary to check the condition of the motor and electronic controller.

For models of washing machines that have a direct drive engine (DD sign), you should diagnose the drum shake. If it becomes distorted, it will indicate a fault in the drive motor.

To prevent this problem should not overload the machine. Each device has its own load limit in kilograms. Usually information about it is located on the dashboard next to the display.

№3: Errors loading door and the door

LE- error blocking the hatch. Occurs as a result of low voltage in the main supply network or due to a faulty motor and controller.

Setting the machine mode
To restore the working functions, you can de-energize the device for 15 minutes, and then turn it on again. Such a reboot often helps the machine to return to work.

As a diagnostic, you should check the closedness of the door of the machine, the lack of chipping of the door handle, the operability of the door fuse, the wiring blocking.

Error codeDEreports that the loading door is not fully closed.

DE error code
In LG cars, door locks often fail, but sometimes this combination only signals a weak closing of the sash.

To eliminate technical problems, you should check the correctness of closing the door and push it closer.

In some cases it will be necessary to replace the door handle due to damage, wear or misalignment of the locking hook. If this does not fix the problem, you need to check the activity of two mechanisms: an electric controller or a hatch locking device.

# 4: Problems with heating elements and power supplies

Error codeHeindicates a failure of the heater (heater). If the water heater element is completely broken, you will have to replace it with a new one. Also, the letter combination may indicate:

  • non-integrity of power circuits;
  • breakage of the temperature sensor;
  • malfunction of sockets to which the washing machine is attached.

CombinationTHOSEindicates problems with the temperature sensor (thermistor), when the actual temperature inside the tank does not match the readings on the display, as well as in case of impossibility of the machine to heat the water to the required indicators. This error signals the problems of the heating circuit (including and).

Washing machine sensors
If the diagnosis will be detected breaks or short circuits, the sensor must be replaced. In some cases, the cause of the temperature failure becomes a malfunction of the controller, so it should also be inspected.

ErrorPFindicates a power failure of the washing machine. This could be due to:

  • improper attachment of the power cord;
  • loose connection of the plug;
  • problems with connectors on the main control board;
  • connect the machine is not in the outlet, and in the multifunctional connector;
  • breakage of the heating element;
  • violation of the wiring and connection of the protective filter.

SE- code of a private error, typical only for washing machines with direct drive. It is also called a malfunction of the Hall sensor or tacho generator (needed to control the rotor speed of the washing machine).

If the device breaks down, it should be replaced with a new one. Externally, the fault is characterized by malfunctions of the drum (the shaft does not rotate).

Letter codeCLdoes not refer to the error indicators, but is displayed on the display in case of setting the child lock function. The machine does not respond to pressing the buttons on the display and does not open.

Child lock
The code combination for unlocking depends on the type of the washing machine itself, it is always indicated in the instruction manual.

EEandE3- These codes are rare errors LG washing machine most often occur on the display when you first use during the test or when the device can not determine the load.

Quick Repair Instructions

The LG machine is a reliable device, so when the first problems appear, it is worth trying to eliminate the cause of the problem without opening the device. For example, if a washing machine does not work, then most often this is due to the elementary lack of electricity in the power network.

Causes and troubleshooting simple problems

Rattling, drumming and vibrations are often due to the unstable position of the legs. If you rearrange the machine, the problem will be eliminated.

Also, a periodic knock on washing may indicate wear of the bearings and the gland that seals the drum. You can replace them yourself.

To accurately verify the cause of the noise, you must turn the drum of the machine yourself left and right with your hands.If there is a noise, crack or crash, then the reason is clearly in the faulty bearings.

Installing the machine on the floor
Properly installed washing machine "snort" will not be! Over time, the balance adjusted during installation may be disrupted due to the movement of the body during the spin cycle.

If the machine jumps or jumps, then this fault is due to violations in the structure of the counterweight.

Water leaks are caused by hose wear or improper connection. In this case, you can simply tighten the clutches in problem areas.

Possible clogging of the drain hose
It often happens that even after cleaning the filter of the drain pump, the machine “refuses” to drain the water. It is possible that the reason is clogged drain hose that you just need to clean

If the water does not drain from the drum of the washing machine, you need to repair the drain system: clean the filter, check the drain hose and the pump.

Features of diagnostic work

If the machine has become bad to heat the water, then you need to diagnose. The fact is that during long-term operation, a scale forms on the heating element, which prevents its normal operation. TEN can be easily cleaned even at home, for example, with acetic and citric acid.

Purification of Heater with citric acid:

  • the mode of washing without linen is installed (temperature of 60-90 degrees);
  • instead of powder, citric acid should be filled in (about 100 grams, but it all depends on the degree of contamination of the device).

This procedure can also be used as a preventive measure - once every six months or a quarter, depending on the intensity of the wash.

Vinegar cleaning:

  • also sets the mode of washing without linen;
  • 2 cups of vinegar are poured into the powder receptacle;
  • run the wash at the longest program possible;
  • 5-10 minutes after the start of the work, pause the machine and keep it in this position for about an hour;
  • after an hour, the washing should be resumed and the tank should be thoroughly rinsed to completely rinse the acetic solution;
  • after that, a piece of cloth dipped in acetic acid wipe the hatch doors.

But it will be more effective to prevent the formation of scale. Pollution prevention can be accomplished by installing specific magnetic water softeners (softener filters), which cleanse incoming water from calcium and magnesium salts.

Filter for washing machine
Magnetic softeners are not affordable for everyone, so you can install a conventional reagent filter for mechanical cleaning on the pipe supplying the machine, which does not allow rust and sand into the washing machine

To increase the life of the heating element, you should follow certain rules: do not wash clothes in boiling water (if possible) and not bring things to a state of wear and a very dirty look, because particles will fall into the heating element and form scum.

It is also recommended not to use cheap falsified laundry detergents, but to be more selective in choosing washing powders and gels.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

How to act when you find a breakdown yourself and when you need the help of professionals, you will learn from the useful video.

Visual instructions for determining the errors in the work of the washer for codes:

Virtually all the faults and breakdowns of the LG washing machine occur due to improper use, so preventive measures should be taken regularly to prolong the life of the device.

If a breakdown occurs, try to correct the situation yourself, but if complex repairs are required, it is better to contact the service center.

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