Lecho of courgettes. Recipes of vegetable caviar

Summer is the time of year when juicy anduseful vegetables. Therefore, they can eat directly from the garden, or prepare delicious snacks and side dishes. One of these dishes is lecho of courgettes. Usually this vegetable is perfectly combined with tomatoes, eggplants, onions, bell peppers. Therefore, there may be a sufficient number of dishes.

Lecho of courgettes with bell peppersis the most popular snack. And, it can be prepared, in small portions, and can be preserved for the winter. The main thing to buy the following ingredients: one kilogram of zucchini, tomatoes and bell pepper; half a kilo of carrots and sweet onions; five cloves of garlic; half a glass of vegetable oil; one and a half large spoons of salt and one sugar. In the event that the dish will be closed for the winter, then add teneen minutes of vinegar essence ten minutes before the meal is ready.

Carrots are cleaned, chopped medium straw. Zucchini to clean and cut them into circles one and a half centimeters thick. If the seeds are hard, remove the core. Otherwise lecho of zucchini will turn out to be less gentle. Remove the sweet pepper from the core and cut into the same straw. Bulbs cleaned, cut into half rings. Tomatoes to lower for some minutes in boiled water, to remove from them a skin. Cut into slices and pass in a blender. You can start cooking.

Pour a little oil in a saucepan and makereheated from onions and carrots. Next, add zucchini and pepper, reduce heat and stew for ten minutes. Now you can add tomatoes, sugar, crushed garlic, salt. Stew lecho with zucchini about half an hour on a small fire, but only after it boils.

The prepared dish can be eaten immediately hot in the form of a garnish, or cool and serve as a snack.

If there is a desire to procure such a salad for the winter,then you need in the end do not forget to add the essence. Next, the dish is laid out on steamed half-liter jars, covered with lids and sterilized for twenty minutes. At the very end in each pour over the hot vegetable oil and roll up.

Lecho of zucchini and eggplantit turns out not only tasty, but also enoughhigh-calorie. But you need to keep in mind that the real caviar for this recipe has turned out, it is recommended to cook it in a pressure cooker, and cut the vegetables large enough to make caviar, and not porridge. Let's start.

Kilograms of courgettes peeled and choppedCircles that have a thickness of at least two centimeters. Put them into a frying pan neatly, so that each piece becomes golden. Transfer the zucchini into the pressure cooker. Further the same procedure to make with a kilogram of aubergines. Next on the line will be onions, cut into rings. He's in this lecho of courgettes can be to taste, but the traditional amount is a pound. Eight hundred grams of carrots can be rubbed or chopped with rings that have a diameter of at least half a centimeter. Fry it with onion rings and put in a pressure cooker. Kilogram of tomatoes cut into random pieces and put out to such a state that the mixture became homogeneous. It is better, of course, to peel from tomatoes. To do this, omit them for a while in boiling water, or simply scald.

Gently mix all the ingredients, adda large spoonful of salt, a pinch of sugar and black pepper, as well as favorite seasonings. Bring to a boil, reduce the heat, close the lid and stew the dish for an hour, without opening the pressure cooker. At the end, put ten crushed garlic cloves. This dish is best to eat chilled.

Salads from courgettes can always be varied, changing the ingredients and their proportions.

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Lecho of courgettes. Recipes of vegetable caviar Lecho of courgettes. Recipes of vegetable caviar Lecho of courgettes. Recipes of vegetable caviar Lecho of courgettes. Recipes of vegetable caviar Lecho of courgettes. Recipes of vegetable caviar Lecho of courgettes. Recipes of vegetable caviar