Lada Largus Cross 2018

The Largus Cross model was a further development of the popular Lada Largus station wagon in our country. For the first time Cross was introduced in 2016. It differed from the standard modification by increased ground clearance, plastic overlays for wheel arches, exterior mirrors and light inserts of both bumpers.

At the present time, the Cross variant makes up more than 30% of sales from the Largus model and is surely among the top ten best-selling cars. Therefore, taking into account stable demand, AvtoVAZ decided in 2018 to start production of the new Lada Largus Cross model.

The main factors that ensured the popularity of the model include:

  • spacious interior;
  • increased ground clearance;
  • surround trunk;
  • good equipment;
  • high maintainability;
  • adaptation for operation in domestic conditions;
  • reasonable price.

It is important to note the fact that AvtoVAZ is currently preparing for the release of the base model of the 2018 Lada Largus model. Therefore, due to the possible combination of a number of works, the final revision of the updated Cross version will be faster and cheaper.


According to its purpose, the Largus Cross station wagon is a car with a certain specialization, so for potential buyers a bright design is not a priority when choosing a model. Considering this factor, AvtoVAZ made changes in the exterior of a new modification of a small character.

New Lada Largus 2018

The most notable updates in the appearance of the new Largus Cross 2018 include:

  • the formation of the front of the crossover in the company's corporate style, using an X-shaped bumper and an updated grille;
  • enlarged wheel arches with dark plastic inserts;
  • elongated head optics;
  • new design side mirrors.

Cross still retains the parameters relating to the class of all-terrain vehicles:

  • high ground clearance;
  • body kit on the perimeter of the body;
  • stylized protective pads on the front and rear bumper;
  • plastic molding on the side doors.

Dimensions of the car has not changed and still make up:

  • Length - 4.47 m.
  • Width - 1.76 m.
  • Height - 1.68 m.
  • Wheelbase - 2.90 m.
  • Clearance - 17.5 (+0.5) cm
  • Weight - 1,270 tons.

Dimensions of the car Lada Largus Cross

According to the results, the application of all the above solutions is a new appearance that corresponds to a universal car with improved throughput.


According to the presented photos of the interior of the Lada Largus Cross in 2018, we can conclude that the changes in the cabin are also not revolutionary. Based on these photos, you can note:

  • an increase in cabin elements in chrome edging;
  • installation on the doors and dashboard parts made of glossy plastic;
  • the emergence of additional niches for the placement of things and items needed during the trip.

Interior Lada Largus Cross 2018

In addition, the company AvtoVAZ provided information that the decoration used high-quality materials with higher anti-wear properties and resistance to fading, as well as work to improve sound insulation.

The maximum amount of luggage can reach 2360.0 liters, while in the five-seater version the standard volume is 560.0 liters, while the seven-seat model has only 135.0 liters. Wide rear doors allow you to quickly and conveniently load luggage, and the ability to remove or fold the seats to change the configuration of the cabin, which is an important advantage of a universal car.

Third row of Lada Largus Cross 2018Driver's seat Lada Largus Cross 2018Elephant Lada Largus Cross 2018

Technical parameters and equipment

The following power units are designed to equip the 2018 Lada Largus Cross (see Table No. 1).

Table number 1

No. p / p

A type





1.60 l

106 l. from.


114 l. from


1.80 l

123 l. from

A front-wheel drive transmission, in addition to the five-speed manual transmission, can now additionally be equipped with a five-band robot. For the undercarriage, an independent type of front suspension with springs is used, the rear one is made in a lever type in a dependent design.

Among the new equipment that will be equipped with Largus Cross 2018 should be noted:

  • electric heating seats;
  • electric steering;
  • increased number of front seat adjustments.

Also standard now includes:

  • front airbags;
  • electric control and electric heating of exterior mirrors;
  • rear parking sensor;
  • a computer;
  • GLONASS complex;
  • air conditioning;
  • cabin filter;
  • power windows;
  • motor protection;
  • immobilizer;
  • fog lights;
  • Power steering;
  • ABS;
  • EBD.

New engine Lada Largus Cross 2018

As an option, it is possible to retrofit a car:

  • protection thresholds;
  • deflector for the hood;
  • a set of fenders;
  • full parking system;
  • security complex with two-way communication;
  • armrest.

In addition, for an additional fee it will be possible to choose the color version of the interior design.

Spacious Largus Cross

Start of sales and cost

The 2018 Lada Largus Cross has two options for standard and extended equipment, with the standard price being:

  • five-seat option - 485 thousand rubles;
  • seven-seat option - 505 thousand rubles.

The cost of the car in the extended configuration is defined:

  • five-seater performance - 605 thousand rubles;
  • seven-seater performance - 625 thousand rubles.

AvtoVAZ plans to announce the beginning of sales of Largus Cross next year immediately after the start of production of the updated Lada Largus model.

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