KHL star match in 2017

For several years, more precisely since 2012, star matches have become very popular and popular. As a rule, in such a game, Russian stars compete with the legend team from the country or city in which the meeting is organized.

KHL Stars Match 2017will not be any exception, so all loyal fans and just fans of hockey fights will again be able to enjoy the game of legendary professional athletes.

Where will the 2017 KHL Stars match be held?

At the moment, the leadership of the KHL is actively examining applications coming from cities claiming to hold this grand match. It is necessary to say that the stars want to spend the match on January 21 or 22, but the specific date will be indicated a little later. The commission received proposals from four cities - Ufa, Astana, Vladivostok, Tolyatti.

Each of these cities has everything you need to organize a game of this level, and each of them is good in its own way. It is for this reason that the KHL had to very carefully analyze all the proposals in order to make the right choice.

So, on May 5, a decree was signed that the 2017 star match will take place in Ufa, so the residents of this city are already beginning to prepare for the upcoming event.

So why is this city, and not any other of the claimed?

KHL Stars Match 2017

First of all, Ufa meets all requirements. This financing, support of the authorities, hockey traditions, modern, sufficiently developed infrastructure. The presence of the required technical capabilities, that is, the ice area that meets all established standards. In addition, events of such magnitude and level have never been organized in this city.

The match will be held at Ufa Arena. The Ice Palace has a capacity of over 8,000 spectators, and its area is 8,300 square meters. meters Today, this arena is the home stadium of the famous club “Salavat Yulaev”

How was the vote?

Also, according to a vote among viewers about the question “where the star match will take place in Russia”, though with a slight advantage Ufa won. It should be noted that the difference between Ufa and Astana was only 2.7% of the votes of the audience. Based on all calculations, ranking positions were distributed as follows: Ufa - 45.7%, Astana - 42.7%.

A bit of history

CHL 2017

If we look in detail at the question “Where did all the main Star matches take place?”, We get a list of the following sites:

  1. Arena Riga, located in the city of Riga. An interesting meeting took place here between the “legends of Latvia” (the Balderis team) and the “legends of Russia” (the Fetisov team). The game ended with a score of 7:11 in favor of Russian hockey players. Initially, this match was held in 2012, after which such meetings were already included in the tradition.
  2. Arena "Tractor", located in Chelyabinsk. The match took place on January 12, 2013 between the Legends of Chelyabinsk and the Legends of Russia. The meeting ended in a draw, with a score of 4: 4.
  3. Slovnaft Arena in Bratislava The meeting took place here two years ago on January 10th. “Legends of Slovakia and the Czech Republic” and Legends of Russia fought in the match (team of Yakushev). The victory in the match was won by the Russian team with the advantage of one goal being scored. The final score is 8: 7.
  4. Sochi Ice Palace called "Big". The game was held on January 25 last year between two teams of Olympic Legends under the leadership of Kamensky on the one hand, and Kovalenko on the other. The last team won with a score of 5: 3.

hockey star match

But, unofficially, the 2008-09 season can be considered as the date of all games. Why exactly these years? It's very simple, since the first star meeting took place on January 10, 2009 on Red Square in the capital of Russia. The venue for the match was the beloved GUM skating rink, where about four thousand seats were designed specifically for this spectacular event.

It should be noted that prior to this date, Star Matches were also organized in our country, but only under the guidance of the Super League. The first such meeting took place on December 10, 1999 in Novokuznetsk, in the so-called sports palace of Kuznetsk metallurgists. Immediately after this meeting, the form of the match was officially confirmed, which was carried out in accordance with the regulations “West vs. East”.

The match of the Stars of the Continental Hockey League is an interesting, spectacular show, as well as an exciting game between teams of real professionals, hockey legends, which is always organized at the proper level. And for all fans or just fans of this sport, this is another great opportunity to enjoy the heat of passions, incredible martial arts and feel all the will to win on yourself, watching the game of professional hockey players.

Looking at the statistics of previous meetings, we can conclude that the Russian teams are showing a decent game, and, most likely, next year they will win the upcoming star match. Well, let's not make plans, but wish our team good luck.

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