Jubilee dates and significant events in 2019

Each year carries a lot of events and anniversaries, 2019 is no exception. We are preparing not only to celebrate the anniversaries of idols, but also to witness important events in various fields that have gone down in history.

Congratulations anniversary

In 2019, dozens of actors, composers, musicians, singers and other famous people are planning to celebrate anniversaries. Whom to congratulate?

In the spring

Quite a lot of birthday men are expected in the spring. Among those who are ready to accept gifts and congratulations there are such celebrities:

  • March 1 - 50 years to actor Javier Bardem;
  • March 2 - 50 years of Mikhail Porechenkov, who played dozens of cult roles in movies and TV shows;
  • March 6th holds a celebration in honor of the 50th anniversary of Tatiana Bulanova

Tatyana Bulanova

  • March 10, exactly 100 years ago, actress and People's Artist of the RSFSR Kira Golovko was born;
  • On March 16, the inventor of radio Alexander Popov would have turned 160;
  • March 18, just 2 birthday. 70 - to the founder of the children's humorous newsreel "Yeralash" Boris Grachevsky. 60 - to the brilliant film director Luc Besson;
  • March 21 - 180 years since the birth of composer and pianist Modest Mussorgsky;
  • March 29 - the 50th birthday of actress Ksenia Khairova;
  • April 1 would be 210 years old writer and poet Nikolai Gogol;
  • April 2 - the 50th anniversary is celebrated by the producer and part-time husband of the singer Valeria Iosif Prigogine;
  • April 5 - 50 beauty Eveline Bledans

Evelina Bledans

  • On April 10, the centenary of the artistic director and conductor of the Variety Symphony Orchestra of the All-Union Radio and Central Television Yuri Silantyev would take place;
  • April 15 - 70 Russian pop divas Alla Pugacheva;
  • April 16, 130 years ago, was born the brilliant Charlie Chaplin;
  • April 23 - to 150 inventor Boris Rizing;
  • April 25, 50 years old marks "Bridget Jones", more precisely, Renee Zellweger, who has played it sparklingly;
  • April 27 - 50 conqueror of millions of women's hearts, Stas Mikhailov;
  • May 1, 100 years ago, was born choreographer Mikhail Godenko, who received the title of People's Artist of the USSR;
  • May 4, 90 years would have turned the inimitable actress Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn

  • On May 10, the honored actress of the RSFSR Tamara Aleshina would have celebrated 100 years;
  • May 11, 50 years of actress Ekaterina Kolganova, who starred in the films “Whirling Other Desires”, “Krom”;
  • May 14 - 50 actress Cate Blanchett;
  • On May 21, exactly 100 years ago, Vera Altai came into the world - an actress who played fairy tales she knew from childhood, such as Frost, Mary the Clever, Fire, water and copper pipes;
  • May 26, 50 years old is being performed by the singer, whose voice cannot be confused with anyone else - Angelica Varum;
  • May 28 marks the 50th birthday of actor Sergei Astakhov.

Sergey Astakhov

In summer

In June-August 2019, we will have no less than a jubilee. It is possible that your idol was born in the summer, so prepare a greeting, while there is still time:

  • June 1 marks the 60th anniversary of Nadezhda Kadysheva;
  • June 3, 90 years, would mark one of the first announcers of Soviet television Lyudmila Sokolova;
  • On June 6, Vladimir Levkin, the lead singer of the Na-Na group, celebrates his 50th birthday. The same year, the same day “knocks” and leading Alexander Strizhenovu;
  • June 9, the actor Nick Kiriasis will cross the 50-year-old frontier;
  • June 15, 100 years ago, was born the director of the films “Journalist from Rome”, “Italian in America” and other Alberto Sordi;
  • June 20, 50 years to TV host Peter Tolstoy;
  • June 22 is the gorgeous Meryl Streep celebrating her 70th birthday.

Meryl Streep

  • June 28 - to 70 director, People's Artist of the Russian Federation Alexander Pankratov-Cherny;
  • July 4, 60 years ago, was born stage artist, parodist and TV host Igor Khristenko;
  • On July 15, 50 is performed by Alexander Vasilyev - the lead singer of the group “Splin”, on whose songs many grew up;
  • July 21 will celebrate the 50th birthday of Abraham Russo;
  • July 23 marks 30 years of Harry Potter - Daniel Radcliffe;
  • July 24th will hold a big celebration in honor of her 50th birthday, Jennifer Lopez;
  • July 28 is the birthday of the same age as J. Law - actress and TV anchor Julia Menshova

Julia Menshova

  • August 2 - 80 years to Mark Vysotsky, actor of the Moscow Theater “At the Nikitsky Gate”;
  • August 13, the writer and film director Alfred Hitchcock would celebrate his 120th birthday;
  • On August 17, 50 is performed by Daniele Castro, who became famous after the game in the series “Captive of Passion”;
  • August 19th marks 50th Chandler from the TV series Friends - Matthew Perry;
  • August 31 congratulations in honor of the 50th anniversary takes Richard Gere.

Richard Gere

In the autumn

The year 2019 is surprisingly rich in anniversary dates. We offer a list of autumn birthday men, but be warned - he does not claim to be an exhaustive title, there are many more jubilees:

  • September 4, actress, People's Artist of the RSFSR Nina Urgant celebrates 90 years;
  • September 7 - 60 years to the permanent leader of the program “Dialogues about animals” Ivan Zatevakhin;
  • September 8 would be the 100th anniversary of the People’s Artist of the RSFSR Lyudmila Tselikovskaya, who played Shura in the film “Hearts of Four” and many other roles;
  • September 17, People's Artist of the Russian Federation Oleg Menshov celebrates his 80th birthday;
  • September 19, 50 years, celebrates the actress Anastasia Melnikova

Anastasia Melnikova

  • September 23 - 40 years of the famous rapper Gufu;
  • September 26th is the anniversary (50 years) at the Hollywood star Catherine Zeta Jones;
  • September 27 is preparing to celebrate the 50th anniversary of actress Anna Ardova;
  • October 3, 50 years marks Gwen Stefani;
  • October 14, to singer, TV and radio host Timur Rodriguez - 40;
  • October 23, actor and director Sam Raleigh celebrates his 60th birthday;
  • October 25, 40 years old actor, film producer, screenwriter Mikhail Galustyan;
  • November 3, 70 years old composer, singer, and more recently, the tutor of the TV show "The Voice" Alexander Gradsky;
  • November 4, the 50th time marks the name of an American actor Matthew McConaughe

Matthew McConaughey

  • November 9th - 90 years to the talented composer Alexandra Pakhmutova;
  • November 13 is the birthday of Whoopi Golberg. The amazing actress turns 70;
  • November 26, 70 years old is performed by singer Tina Turner.

In winter

If you believe the statistics, in winter more talented and brilliant people are born than in other seasons. This is confirmed by the list of winter celebrations in 2019:

  • December 1, celebrates 60 years of musician, singer Garik Sukachev;
  • On December 6th, 70 years old is performed by Olga Naumenko, the same Gale - Zhenya's bride from the movie “Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!”

Olga Naumenko

  • On December 13, 50 years would have turned Murat Nasyrov, who sang about a boy who wants to go to Tambov;
  • December 26 Mikhail Boyarsky accepts congratulations, he is 70;
  • January 1 - 100 years since the birth of the People's Artist of the USSR Igor Vladimirov;
  • January 5 - 50 years to the shocking rock singer Marilyn Manson;
  • January 3, 90 years would have turned the director of the film "Once Upon a Time in America" ​​Sergio Leone;
  • January 14, 50 years old marks Dave Grohl, the drummer of the band Nirvana;
  • January 16, the 50th anniversary is celebrated by actress Daniela Escobar, who became famous for playing the role of Maiza in the TV series "The Clone"

Daniela Escobar

  • January 22 - 80 People's Artist of the RSFSR Larisa Malevannoy, who played in the films “Anchor, Another Anchor!”, “The Legend of Tyla”, “Late Dating,” and others;
  • January 24, the People’s Artist of the USSR Alexei Sergeev would have celebrated his 100th birthday;
  • On January 31, Alexander Porokhovshchikov, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, would celebrate 80 years;
  • On February 1, exactly 80 years ago, Ekaterina Maksimova, a talented ballet dancer, People’s Artist of the USSR, was born;
  • On February 3, 100 years would have turned into the owner of a baritone of rare beauty, Honored Artist of the RSFSR Leonid Kostritsa;
  • February 5 - 80 to Rustam Ibragimbekov, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation - one of the screenwriters of the film “White Sun of the Desert” and dozens of others;
  • February 8 marks the 70th most charming and attractive Irina Muravyova

Irina Muravyova

  • On February 10, 100 years would have been noted by Alexander Volodin, a screenwriter who presented such films as “Ring, open the door!”, “Don't part with your loved ones”, “Autumn Marathon”;
  • February 11 - 50 actress Jennifer Aniston;
  • February 25 would be 60 Alexei Balabanov.

Significant events 2019

It is expected in the year of the earth boar and the mass of events that are sure to go down in Russian and world history.


Quite a lot of planned sporting events.

  • European figure skating championship will be held in Minsk in January. The world championship on this sport is scheduled for March 18-24 in Japan.

Figure skating

  • In the first decade of March, the XXIX Winter Universiade will be held in Krasnoyarsk.
  • From the beginning to the middle of May the World Ice Hockey Championship is expected in Bratislava and Kosice.
  • June 8-July 7 - Women's World Cup.
  • June 14-30 is the date of the II European Games in Minsk.
  • The XXX Summer Universiade will be held in Naples in August.
  • On August 9-25, athletes will gather in South Korea to participate in the World Aquatics Championships.
  • In China, on August 31-September 15, the World Basketball Championship is scheduled.
  • In September and November, the Country of the Rising Sun will take on the Rugby World Cup.

In addition, in 2019 the World Youth Hockey Championships, ball hockey, handball, biathlon, women's handball championships will take place, but the exact dates have not yet been determined.

Women's Handball Competitions


The political life of 2019 promises to be rich. Elections of the head of state will be held in Ukraine. Turkey has scheduled general elections. Japan will host the G20 G20 summit.

In the field of aeronautics

In 2019 there will be a continuation and exploration of outer space. So, Russia has scheduled the launch of an automatic probe "Luna-Glob", which should fly around the Earth satellite and select suitable sites for the installation of research vehicles in the future. The United States is not far behind - in December NASA is going to land 3 astronauts on the moon. In December, the Hayabusa-2 probe (Sapsan-2) will travel to Earth from a C-1999 JU3 near-earth asteroid. The launch of the interplanetary station was carried out with the aim of collecting soil.

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