James Holmes: crime, motive, court, sentence

In July 2012, many residents of the town of Aurora(USA, Colorado) went to the cinema, watch the movie "The Dark Knight: The Renaissance of the Legend". However, the premiere failed, in the worst sense of the word. Almost immediately after the introductory titles in the hall began random shooting and puffed smoke. According to the police, the local resident James Holmes is guilty of the incident. Why did the young man commit such a senseless and cruel crime?

Chronology of the Bloody Events

James HolmesJuly 20, 2012 in the cinema of the city of Aurorafans of stories about the superhero Batman gathered. At midnight local time, the premiere of "The Dark Knight: Revival of the Legend" was to be held here - the final part of the trilogy, the release of which was waiting for many fans of the genre. Film screening began traditionally with the trailers of other films and advertisements, and by the time the anticipated film began, the light in the hall was not burning, and all the spectators were keen on viewing. It was at this time that one man left the room. It was James Holmes, he headed for his car left in the parking lot. Very soon the young man appeared in the hall in a suit, similar to a military uniform, threw a smoke bomb or tear gas and opened a random shooting of spectators from a rifle and a pistol.

Shooting at the cinema

James Holmes why so didThe investigation found that to his crimeJames Holmes was preparing in advance. On the day of the premiere of the film, he came to the cinema in his car, which previously loaded weapons, cartridges and equipment. Leaving the car in the parking lot, the young man bought a ticket, like all the other spectators, and walked into the hall. He sat there for a few minutes, then left and went to the car. Dressed in a suit resembling a uniform of American special forces, and putting on a gas mask, James took up his weapons and hurried back to the hall. Recall that events occurred at night, and the staff of the cinema did not notice anything unusual until the first shots. The audience was not surprised by the appearance in the hall of an unusually dressed man, in the USA many people come to the premiere of films in a suit, the style of which corresponds to the film shown. The criminal threw a smoke bomb into the hall or sprayed tear gas, and then opened a random shooting at those who were inside. Many spectators were seriously injured, and some died on the spot.

Bad apartment

As it turned out, before you go to the movies,the criminal left a "surprise" for the police and in his apartment. The door to Holmes housing was not locked. Inside, guests were waiting for a complex mining system with a multitude of sensors and traps, which when moving inside the apartment had to activate the explosive. In order to speed up the appearance of the police, James Holmes loudly switched on the stereo system before his departure (late at night) and repeated the same song. As it turned out, a neighbor of the criminal approached the apartment door, but she did not go inside when she saw that the locks were not locked, but only promised to call the police if the music did not abate.

Weapons and explosives can be bought legally?

James Holmes VerdictDuring the reconstruction of the events of that July night 2012it becomes obvious that the criminal had a whole arsenal of weapons and cartridges. The detectives determined that the shooting was conducted from an AR-15 rifle, a shotgun and two Glock 22 pistols. At the same time, Holmes purchased only 6,300 rounds. All these characteristics and numbers sound unrealistic. But in fact, the preparation for the action took only eight weeks. It was during this time that the offender bought cartridges in gun stores. The apartment of the criminal was mined by an improvised explosive device, which James collected with his own hands from components ordered through the Internet.

Why did the supervillain start killing?

James Holmes Motif Interesting fact: Before the crime Holmes dyed his hair in a bright orange color. And when he was arrested, he introduced himself as a police Joker. This is the name of an anti-hero from a comic strip and films about Batman, one of the opponents of the main positive character. But even if James Holmes is a Joker, how can you explain what he did? The criminal himself from the very beginning refused to cooperate with the investigation and did not explain the meaning of the actions committed by him. During the investigation, the biography of the main person involved in the case was studied, all his connections and contacts were checked. Absolutely all acquaintances characterize this person as calm and exceptionally positive. But it is quite possible, no one knows who James Holmes is. Why did this young and promising man in all respects, who was only 24 at the time of the crime, remains a mystery.


James Holmes Court On July 30, 2012, a lawsuit onthis high-profile case. In total, during the shooting at the cinema killed 12 people, and 58 people were seriously injured. The perfect crime shook the whole world with its cruelty and senselessness. It is not surprising that the trial dragged on for years. In the course of the proceedings, new facts were clarified, and the prosecution and defense brought in new arguments. A forensic psychiatric examination was also carried out, the results of which showed that at the time of the commission of the crime, the defendant was aware of all the actions performed. It turns out that there should be no doubt about the criminal's responsibility. James Holmes trial for the court endured with an indifferent face and behaved as if the events taking place in the hall did not concern him at all. All in all, 152 points of prosecution were put forward against him, each of which provides for the supreme measure of punishment: the death penalty or life imprisonment.

The verdict: the last chapter of the history of the arrow from Colorado

James Holmes JokerIt is worth noting that James Holmes verdict,Catechumens in the courtroom listened calmly and without surprise. The court was conducted with the participation of jurors, and they could not unanimously decide on the imposition of the death penalty. As a result, the criminal was sentenced to life imprisonment without the right to parole. The verdict was made only on August 7, 2015 and immediately enforced. The interest of the press from the middle of the court hearings was chained to the James family. His close relatives did not contact the press, but the lawyer of the defendant in one interview stated that her parents and the sister of her client are condemning the act of their loved one, but in no case refuse it. James Holmes himself did not explain the motive of the crime, even after the verdict was announced. One can only guess what drove this calm and peaceful young man at first glance and why he once took up arms and opened fire on strangers.

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James Holmes: crime, motive, court, sentence James Holmes: crime, motive, court, sentence James Holmes: crime, motive, court, sentence James Holmes: crime, motive, court, sentence James Holmes: crime, motive, court, sentence James Holmes: crime, motive, court, sentence James Holmes: crime, motive, court, sentence James Holmes: crime, motive, court, sentence James Holmes: crime, motive, court, sentence James Holmes: crime, motive, court, sentence