Italian men's clothing: brands that deserve attention

Today Italian men's clothing, brandswhich is known to the whole world, is the object of lust for the absolute majority of men. The quality of tailoring, fabrics and design attracts attention, makes a man more respectable and, of course, does not deprive women of attention.

Assortment and quality

Italian brands of men's clothing releasea huge selection of products: from underwear and small accessories to outerwear and suitcases handmade. Here you will find clothes and other items of the wardrobe of sports design, calm classics for every day, options for an evening out and for going to the club.

Recognized leaders are Italians consideredmanufacture of knitted and leather products. Turtlenecks or light sweaters from Italian cashmere, shoes and bags are very popular among the male population.


There is an opinion that men's clothing, brandswhich belong to Italian manufacturers, is expensive or very expensive. This is only partly true. This is explained by the fact that there are a lot of brands of Italian clothes and they are oriented to different purchasing power.

Thus, the most famous brands of men's clothingoften are among the most expensive. They are sold, as a rule, in individual boutiques, are presented collectively and have a limited amount of goods. The chances of meeting two men in the same costumes are almost zero. But it is worthwhile to know that most manufacturers have in their assortment clothing lines designed for the mass consumer, as well as youth collections.

Therefore, thanks to the flexibility and insight of manufacturers, men's clothing of fashion brands in Italy is available to almost everyone.

Famous brands of men's clothing class "luxury"

Italian brands specializing only in men's clothing and accessories:

  • Ermenegildo Zegna (Ermengildo Zenia) is oneof the most famous Italian fashion brands, producing exclusively men's clothing, perfumes, shoes and accessories. Is a leader not only in the production of clothing, but also's clothing brands
  • Caraceni ("Caraceni") - an Italian brand specializing in the production of exclusively men's suits with a classic cut and individual approach to each customer.
  • Bontoni ("Bontoni") is a family brand. Otshivaet men's shoes to order, and also sells in large chain stores of premium class around the world.
  • Giovane Gentile ("Giovane Gentile") -Italian brand, which produces clothes, footwear, accessories and hosiery for the stronger sex. Has several clothing lines: formal-business, everyday for sports, for every day.
  • Costume National ("Costume National") - an Italian company that produces fashionable clothes for men, as well as accessories and perfume.brands of men's clothing

Brands that work not only for men

Among the brands that produce the men's line, along with other clothes, we can distinguish the following.

  • Fendi ("Fendi") is an Italian fashion brand,most famous for his bags. It produces not only men's accessories, but also women's accessories. Recognizable brand logo - two inverted Latin letters F - will allow the owner of a bag of this brand to stand out from the crowd.
  • Gucci ("Gucci") - one of the most famous anddesired brands, both for people wealthy and held, and for young people. The assortment of this brand includes clothing, accessories and perfume. Every member of the stronger sex will find a suitable thing or fragrance for himself.
  • Dolce & Gabbana ("Dolce & Gabbana") is an easily recognizable and prestigious Italian brand that produces clothes, bags and perfume. Any mod with pleasure will wear things with the treasured letters D & G.
  • Prada ("Prada") - the most famous Italian private brand, which is chosen by stylish men. Produces fashionable clothes, shoes and various accessories.
  • Giorgio Armani ("Giorgio Armani") - fashion houseItaly. It specializes in the production of clothing, footwear, accessories, watches, cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry from precious metals and stones for representatives of both sexes.
  • Bottega Veneta (Bottega Veneta) is an Italian brand famous all over the world, known for its various accessories made of leather.
  • Giuseppe Zanotti Design ("Giuseppe Zanotti Design") is a shoe brand that produces both women's and men's lines, as well as accessories.
  • Moncler ("Montclair") - an Italian brand that develops elite clothes for outdoor activities and professional sports.

The best brands of men's clothing in the mid-price category

Clothing of Italian brands from this segment is mainly designed for a wide consumer and young people. It is sold, as a rule, in own departments of large shopping centers.

  • Paul & Shark is a brand that produces sportswear and accessories of the highest quality for playing golf or traveling on a yacht.famous brands of men's clothing
  • Emilio Pucci (Emilio Pucci) is an Italian brand. In clothes for men, he specializes mainly in shirts and ties.
  • Piquadro ("Pikuadro") - a brand that produces mainly leather business and travel's clothing fashion brands
  • Glenfield ("Glenfield") is an Italian company whose main focus is on the production of knitted garments for women and men.
  • Baldinini ("Baldinini") - a popular and recognizable brand, mainly producing shoes, leather outerwear, as well as accessories and perfume.
  • Tod "s (" Tods ") is a famous shoe company that produces shoes and various accessories for women and men .The business card of this brand is moccasins.
  • 7camicie ("Seven Kamichi") - the leading Italian brand in the production of shirts. The assortment is so diverse that the shirt can be picked up almost any color and for all occasions.
  • Replay ("Replay") - a brand specializing mainly in the production of jeans for young people.
  • Tom Farr ("Tom Far") - fashionable Italian clothes with Russian continuation. For bright young people with an individual style.
  • DSquared2 ("Diskuead") - a fashion brand that produces a variety of men's clothing and accessories, but primarily famous for its jeans and glasses.italian men's clothing brands
  • Roberto Cavalli ("Roberto Cavalli") - known for its unusual prints fashionable Italian brand. Specialization - goods made of leather, denim and knitwear.
  • Emporio Armani ("Emporio Armani") - a line of clothing and accessories for young people from the main Italian brand Giorgio Armani. Collections are aimed at young people aged 20 to 35 years.the best brands of men's clothing
  • Diesel ("Diesel") - one of the largest Italian brands, the specialization of which is women's, men's and children's clothes, shoes and underwear.

Men's clothing: brands for young people. Size chart

When buying clothes and shoes of Italian brandsit should be remembered that their sizes do not coincide with the Russian ones. This is very important, if things are purchased through the online store, and Russian, and even more so, foreign.

The Italian clothing size differs from ours by a few points. The following table shows the correspondence of male sizes.

























With shoes the same: our Russian 43 size corresponds to 44 Italian, that is, a larger one by one size.

The data given can help to orient in the approximate size, but it's better to try it on before buying.

Where can I buy

Men's clothing, whose brands refer topremium segment, you can buy mainly in a specialized boutique of a particular brand. Some luxury brands have online stores where you can make purchases without leaving their home.

Italian clothes of popular mass and youth brands can also be ordered through online stores (brand or trading platform) or in individual departments of shopping centers.

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