It 2 - the film in 2019

  • Original name:It: Chapter Two
  • World premiere:September 6, 2019
  • Premiere in Russia:September 5, 2019
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Genre:horrors
  • Producer:Andres Musketti
  • Cast:Bill Skarsgard, Sophia Lillis, Jaden Liberer

"Ono 2" in 2019 will once again transfer viewers to the small American town of Derry. There, on sleepy streets and quiet alleys, behind the facades of well-kept courtyards and cozy houses, the inconceivable Evil awoke again. Indifferent and merciless, It announced a new hunt for the weak and defenseless. Who will stop the monster this time?

Frame from the movie Ono 2

Continuation of one of the main kinohit 2017

"It 2" - the second part of the film adaptation of the cult book of Stephen King - the whole world will appreciate in early September 2019. The first film was also released in the first days of September. And he became one of the film sensations of 2017. With a modest budget of $ 35 million by Hollywood standards, he collected around $ 700 million worldwide. And the net profit that the studio received was almost $ 300 million.

The project was successful not only from a financial point of view. His rating on IMDb is worthy of 7.5.I liked the tape and critics: 69 points on Metascore, 85% on Rotten Tomatoes with an average rating of 7.2. Plus, the horror film has received about 30 nominations for various film awards.

First of all, ordinary viewers and the critical community praised the cast, whose backbone was children. Also, the public and the press found the film really scary, but not deprived of humor and sincerity.

Excellent ticket and reviews made the appearance of the sequel inevitable. Yes, in 2017 only half of the story invented by the “king of horrors” was revealed. However, the authors insured themselves against a possible failure and made the first part a completely independent, complete work. If the movie had failed, most likely they would not have released the sequel.

Clown from Ono 2 movie

When “It” comes back

To transfer to the big screen the King’s volume creation (in the Russian edition, for example, more than 1.2 thousand pages) is not an easy task. It was not realistic to fit all the lines within a single film project without a loss for a common idea. Therefore, the creators decided to devote the first part exclusively to the childhood years of the “Losers Club” - the main characters of the novel called themselves.And in the second - to tell about matured heroes, who are forced to again challenge their fears and overcome the Evil that has revived in their hometown.

In the book, however, the narration was conducted nonlinearly. Scenes from childhood characters interspersed with episodes from their adult life. Moreover, King's action took place in the late 1950s and mid-1980s. In the cinematic version of the events of the first "It" unfolds at the end of the 1980s. And the plot "It is part 2", the release date of which is scheduled for 2019, will be transferred to our days.

Shot from horror film It

The sequel will focus on already grown heroes. After the tragic accidents and incredible adventures that ended the childhood of the members of the "Club", 27 years have passed. Of course, other actors will play the brave seven friends in the upcoming film project. But, to the delight of fans, in “Ono 2” in 2019 part of the actors from the first film will return.

Penny and all

The first person without whom the continuation caste cannot be imagined must be called Bill Skarsgard. He perfectly played one of the incarnations of the main villain of the movie Pennyvayza - a terrible clown with a smile from ear to ear and a red balloon in his hands, promising his victims that they will soon fly.

By the way, according to rumors, when Carey Fukunaga was attached to the dilogy, Pennyzweiz was supposed to grow along with the “Losers. In the first episode, a child would play it, and in the second - an adult. But when the director left the project, they abandoned this interesting and original concept.

Who else from old acquaintances will make the company Skarsgard in “It’s 2 part” in 2019? Here are the actors and roles that are already known:

  1. Sophia Lillis is the smart and brave Beverly Marsh, the only girl in the group.
  2. Jaden Liberer is Bill Denbrough, the leader of a team of friends whose little brother was killed by Penny.
  3. Jeremy Ray Taylor is a kind and glorious burly Ben Hansky. Like Bill, he is in love with Beverly.
  4. Finn Wolfard - the talker and fidget Richie Tosier, who dreams to become a comedian and make people laugh.
  5. Jack Dylan Grazer - quiet and delicate Eddie Kaspbrak, diligently patronized by his mother hen;
  6. Wyatt Oleff - reasonable and a little timid Stanley Uris.
  7. Chouzen Jacobs - savvy and fearless Mike Hanlon, who gets twice as much as others because of the color of his skin.

Cast of the film Ono 2

So, all the children who played the key characters, reincarnate again in their characters. As for their matured incarnations, the casting has not yet been completed. Fans really want Jessica Chastain to grow up Beverly. She is also red-haired, as is Sophia Lillis.And in addition, I already worked with the director of the dilogy Andres Musketti on the horror “Mama”. But while the participation of the actress in the film in question.

What awaits matured "Losers"

"It 2" will appear in cinemas in the near future: release date - 2019, the trailer will also be presented soon. What awaits the "Losers Club"? Having defeated the “dancing clown”, the friends healed with their own lives. They grew up, moved around the country, began to do what they had always dreamed of.

But one day they will have to remember the oath they brought in the Wastes - the favorite place of their childhood. Mike Hanlon, who remained in Derry, writes letters to his comrades. It seems to him that Evil again came out of the darkness, where it hid and accumulated strength for a long 27 years. Mike asks his friends to come home, and if Penny was really back, try again to beat him.

Do all the "losers" respond to the call of an old friend? Will they risk going into battle with an evil clown? Will Pennyzayzu manage to take revenge? To find out the answers to these questions will have to be patient.

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