Iris Beach 3 * (Cyprus / Protaras) - photos, prices and hotel reviews

Today it is hard to believe that the popularthe resort town of Cyprus called Protaras a few decades ago was a tiny quiet village. Today, here, near the luxurious sandy beaches and picturesque rocky bays, is located a number of hotels of different categories. People come here searching for luxury luxury vacations, as well as tourists who prefer a budget vacation. If you belong to the latter, then as an option for accommodation, consider a three-star Iris Beach hotel. We offer today to find out what the tourists expect at this hotel. Also we learn what impressions our compatriots have had here.

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The three-star Iris Beach Hotel is located ina small resort town of Cyprus - Protaras. This place is often chosen by people who want to live in a quiet and quite quiet environment, but have the opportunity to quickly reach the mass of entertainment that Ayia Napa has, the distance from which the hotel is about ten kilometers away. This way can be overcome both by taxi, and on regular shuttles and buses. As for the air harbor, the nearest airport to the hotel is in Larnaca. The distance to it is 64 kilometers. Thus, after landing at the airport on the way to the hotel will take about an hour. Be sure that on the way to Iris Beach 3 * you will not be bored, because you can admire the beauties of Cyprus. Since most tourists stay on this island mainly for beach holidays, the distance from the beach plays a big role. As for the hotel "Iris Beach" (Protaras), the distance from it to the nearest municipal beach is only one hundred meters.

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Iris Beach: description

This hotel is one of the youngest inProtaras. Iris Beach (photo it is in the article) is a four-story building, on the ground floor of which is a gym, as well as a sauna and a jacuzzi. There are 72 rooms in the hotel - 18 on each floor. All of them are standard double, small, but very cozy. Furniture and appliances in them are new and modern. Each room has a balcony with a view of the sea, the hotel swimming pool or neighboring hotels. Since the hotel is located near the roadway, in the afternoon there is sometimes quite noisy. However, in the evening the town ceases, and the guests of Iris Beach (Protaras) get a chance to sleep in silence. The hotel area, although small, but there is a restaurant, outdoor pools (adults and children), a sunbathing terrace, a pretty garden, a bar and parking. In general, this hotel is great for a quiet budget family vacation. If you want fun and entertainment, then you can always go to Ayia Napa, which can be reached in just twenty minutes by bus, minibus, taxi or rented car.

Rules of accommodation

As well as in most other hotels around the world,In the world, in Iris Beach (Cyprus) the time of check-in and check-out of the guests is set. So, according to the rules of the hotel, the arrival of arriving travelers is carried out after two o'clock in the afternoon. However, the administration always tries to meet the tourists, and even if you arrive earlier than this time, everything will be done here, so that you can enter the room immediately. However, sometimes it is impossible, because in the midst of the tourist season, when the hotel is completely filled, vacant rooms may simply not be. In this case, you can leave your things in the luggage compartment and relax by the pool, go for a walk in the neighborhood or hurry straight to the beach. As for the day of departure, then release your number and hand over the keys should be done before noon. If you have previously paid the full cost of the trip to your travel agent, then when leaving the hotel you should pay only for the use of additional services. If you booked the room yourself, then when you receive the keys you need to make a full payment for your stay in Iris Beach. You can calculate here both cash and plastic cards "Visa", "MasterCard" or "American Express."

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Accommodation with children

As this hotel is focused, includingon a family audience, only guests who come to rest with children of different ages are welcome here. Moreover, on the territory of the hotel for the youngest travelers there is both a children's pool and a playground, as well as a room for games. You can place a baby up to two years in a baby cot in your room. This service is free of charge. Older children and adults can also be accommodated in extra beds. However, in this case, this service will cost you 19 euros per night. In this case, keep in mind that in each room can be installed only one or a child, or an extra adult bed. Also, please inform the administration of Iris Beach (Protaras) in advance about the need to provide such a service and obtain confirmation from it.

Accommodation with pets

At this point, be sure to drawattention to those people who do not imagine a trip abroad without the company of their four-legged pet. So, unfortunately, the three-star Cyprus hotel "Iris Beach" does not allow the accommodation of guests with pets in its territory. Therefore, you will either need to find another hotel belonging to the "pet friendly" category, or leave your four-legged friend for a vacation home.

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Number of rooms

As mentioned above, a three-star hotel"Iris Beach" (Protaras, Cyprus) has 72 rooms located in a four-story building. For the convenience of the guests there is an elevator. All hotel rooms are double, with the possibility of installing one extra or baby cot. The rooms have air conditioning, private bathroom, TV, telephone, refrigerator and balcony. Furniture and appliances are new, modern and comfortable. Most of the rooms have a wonderful view of the sea. Balconies of other rooms overlook the hotel garden or to neighboring hotels and the street. Rooms are cleaned every day. Twice a week, linens and towels are changed. For an additional fee, all hotel guests can order room service.

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The cost of accommodation at the hotel includes breakfast. They are held in the restaurant from 8 to 10:30 in the morning. Continental breakfast offers a wide choice of dishes and products: scrambled eggs, sausages, cheeses, yogurts, cereals, muffins, bread, tea, coffee, etc. The bar also serves all day long, where you can order alcoholic and soft drinks. In addition, in the hotel restaurant you can also dine. However, most tourists prefer to dine and dine outside the hotel, as numerous cafes located near Iris Beach offer a very wide selection of delicious local and international dishes at reasonable prices. If you want to save money, you can buy inexpensive products (bread, pastries, cheeses, sausages, fruits, vegetables, yogurt, etc.) in a large supermarket located just two stops from the hotel.

Sea and beach

As we have already said, the Iris Beach Hotel 3 * (Cyprus)although it is only a hundred meters from the very shore of the sea, its own beach does not have. Most of them here, by the way, are municipal. The best beaches in the vicinity of Protaras are located in the Fig bay area. This place is called so because of the fact that there is a grove of fig trees. The beaches here are clean and sandy. They are equipped with everything necessary for an excellent rest: comfortable sun loungers and sun umbrellas, equipment for water sports and entertainment. In addition, there are a lot of restaurants and bars where you can have lunch or just snack, as well as treat yourself to your favorite drinks.

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Despite the fact that the hotel "Iris Beach" hasvery small area, there are two outdoor pools. One of them is intended for rest of adult guests, and the second is shallow and is designed for the smallest tourists. Near the pools there is a sun terrace with comfortable sun loungers and umbrellas. Fans of outdoor activities can visit the gym. If you want to relax, then go to the sauna or jacuzzi. There is also an opportunity to spend time in the TV room. In the evenings, the hotel can sing in karaoke or dance at a disco.

As for entertainment for the youngest travelers, in addition to the children's pool in "Iris Beach" there is a playground, as well as a mini club.


Despite the fact that the hotel Iris Beach 3 * (Protaras)is small, there is everything necessary for comfortable stay of guests. So, the reception desk works round the clock, so if necessary, you can always contact the administrator on duty. By the way, the administrative staff of the hotel speaks Russian well, that's why you will not have problems with communication. The hotel has its own parking. So, if you decide to rent a car, there will be no problems with the parking lot either. Free Wi-Fi is available in the lobby. Turning to the reception, you can book a taxi, rent a car or book an excursion.

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Cost of living

Since the hotel "Iris Beach", located inProtaras (Cyprus) is a three-star, the prices for accommodation in it can not be called high. So, a seven-day stay will cost you in the amount of 25 thousand rubles. If you want to get a room with a view of the sea, then you have to pay about five thousand rubles.

Reviews of tourists

As many travelers in the processchoosing a hotel is very important to know the opinion of people who visited the hotels in question, we decided to summarize the comments of our compatriots who stayed at Iris Beach (Protaras, Cyprus). Just note that most of the Russians were quite satisfied with their vacation here. So, in their opinion, this hotel deserves three stars and worth the money.

As for numbers, they corresponddescription. So, there is enough new and comfortable furniture, working equipment, good view from the balcony. The only drawback is that there is no hairdryer in the bathroom, so it is advisable to take it with you from home. Cleaned in the room regularly. Bed linen and towels are also often changed.

The tourists were also satisfied with the food. Breakfast seemed to our compatriots a bit monotonous, but no one else expected from a three-star hotel. The main thing is that everything was tasty and well prepared.

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