Invitation to the New Year 2018 template

Every year, before the New Year, corporate parties are held not only. Employees of preschool and educational institutions organize merry matinees for children, evenings, competitions and performances. Such cultural events are attended by relatives of the children, the leadership, special guests, etc. Therefore, one of the important factors of the organization is the preparation of invitation cards.


Where to find "invitation" templates

In the vast world wide web, you can find a huge number of sources. They are distributed on specialized sites, photo hosting and blogs dedicated to this topic. You can also download a free large selection from us. She has incorporated several options for invitations:

  1. for Photoshop;
  2. for coloring (popular in kindergarten and elementary school);
  3. pictures with the ability to print on a printer or printing device;
  4. templates with ready text.

Before you decide what suits you best,you need to know the subtleties of these options:

Pictures for Photoshopintended for editing in a graphic editor. They are provided in PSD format, through which you can change the display of all elements, add your content, including text, photos, and more. Of course, without special skills can not do. You must have at least basic knowledge of working with the application.

Coloringis the most original invitation card. It is ideal for kindergarten or primary school. The kids will gladly paint it for their parents. This is another way to develop creativity in kids. Also, pupils of senior groups of pre-school institutions may themselves try to write a short invitation.

Invitation to the New Year 2018 template

Large templatesin the most common graphic formats. Such content is easy to print on a printer. For him, suitable color laser, inkjet, LED and photo devices. To create an exclusive invitation, you need to use designer paper or high-density A4 paper sheets with a matte finish. Also suitable photo paper.

Text blanks- the perfect solution for quickly creating invitations. These pictures already contain a ready-to-use message, all that remains is to write the recipient's initials, address and other information. Such source codes are used to convene a large number of guests, for example, at school events or corporate events.

New Year Invitation Samples

It should be noted that a beautiful picture is an insignificant part of the invitation card. The main component is the text. It depends on him what desire the recipient will have after reading. The goal is to not only call for a person, but also convey the importance, energy and atmosphere of the event. Therefore, we included in the material invitations for all occasions, choosing from a huge number of options the best (in our opinion):

For corporate party

“Dear ... ..!
In the search for the meaning of life, it becomes obvious that the real wealth lies not in the accumulation of material wealth. It is important to know that the next is a true friend and partner, proven by time and deeds. A reliable ally is a foothold in overcoming any obstacles.
We will be glad to meet you on New Year's Eve ... date ... in a restaurant ... We hope that the holiday with friends, partners and colleagues will be a pleasant and interesting event for you. "

For kindergarten and school

The original invitation for parents and students is better to draw up in verse form. Therefore, we picked up some beautiful works:

We invite you, friends,

We celebrate New Year.

The program is cool with us,

I would like to note.


Jokes laughter gifts

And the best Santa Claus,

Another Snow Maiden is beautiful.

For all the gorgeous places.


And the music is magical sounds.

We will not be bored only.

So hurry quickly

On our holiday in a circle of children.


Come to us for a holiday.

There will be a tree, there will be laughter.

For the guests we tried,

Come, we are waiting for you all.


Everyone who wants with us together

Songs to sing and dance,

Anyone who wants to believe in a fairy tale

And receive gifts.


We wish you nice

Meet this new year.

Spend a holiday with us,

The evening will bring joy.


Come to visit us,

Let's meet New Year together.

There will be a bright carnival,

Near the Christmas tree dance.


Just do not forget to take

Jokes, joy, ringing laughter.

And then you are in the New Year

Be the happiest of all!

We invite you to a holiday,

Meet the New Year together.

We promise a lot of jokes

The evening is warm without worries.


Take with you don't forget

Laughter, enthusiasm and positive,

Get ready to have fun

And drop the negative.

And now we come to the most important thing - the choice of templates. Under each poster of the gallery, you will find a link to view and download the source code to your computer. Content posted on Google. The disk, therefore, does not contain viruses and malware.

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