Installation of floor slabs

March 4, 2018
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Reinforced concrete slabs are used as interfloor floors, as well as in the construction of the foundation, as a more affordable way. Before installation, it is necessary to check the load bearing walls or foundation blocks using the water level. Because if the slabs are laid on an unlined surface, there will be a lot of problems later on in the finishing.

Installation of floor slabs

Installation of floor slabs is carried out using a crane. Before laying, a cord is pulled over which a cement layer is applied under the slab, which should be two to three millimeters higher than the cord. The installation of floor slabs begins with the end walls and is carried out across the bearing walls. Preventing the penetration of moisture between the seams, it is necessary to fill them with a solution of cement or concrete with rubble, having previously cleaned them with high-pressure air.

Installation of floor slabs

It is necessary to fill the voids in the places where the construction is in contact with the plate. When conducting a communication in the voids, a drill is used, work in the punch mode is not permissible.Then it is necessary to connect the slab and the bearing wall using anchors that are made of reinforcement parts, welding with embedded parts.

Installation of floor slabs

The installation of floor slabs is carried out by four workers, a crane driver, two installers slinger. The slinger fixes the slab, the installers who are on the ceilings, receive the supplied slab, guide it during the descent to the projected location. The assembly workers carry out the fitting of the slab with the help of crowbars even before the slings are removed. Before the slab is lowered onto the layer of mortar, its precise guidance is necessary to obtain a reference area of ​​the required width (fifteen centimeters). After the installation of the slab is completed, the ceiling horizon is checked visually or by rule. If there is a discrepancy between the plate and the laid plate earlier, with a gap of more than four millimeters, the plate is raised.

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