Information about the marital status: where to get in a short time?

Surprisingly and simultaneously sad to represent,how many official papers and documents are forced for the whole of his life to get an average Russian citizen. And this need arises every time it comes time to perform certain actions in certain legal relationships.

certificate of marital status

One of the frequently requested documents from the governmenta family certificate. It would seem that a very small format of official paper is able to create the necessary conditions in a person's life for a wide variety of vital and legally significant events.

What synonymous names does this document have?

At its core, such a document is anothing more than an official confirmation of whether the applicant currently has a spouse or a spouse (depending on the sex of the applicant).

Very often such a reference is called in different ways:

  • certificate of marital status;
  • about the unmarried;
  • On failure in marriage (marriage);
  • about celibacy;
  • on the absence of the fact of state registration of the conclusion of marriage.

Where did this certificate take shape before, and where now?

Many compatriots are still inignorance, remembering how a few years ago an application for this official and much needed paper was submitted to the registry office. And at the place of residence of a citizen. Such a certificate even had a specific form number 35. But this order of affairs looked somewhat absurd, because it is not a fact that a person did not have a marriage in another city. A common database of registry offices in Russia does not exist.

take a certificate of marital status

Therefore now it is issued not in the registry office certificate aboutmarital status, and a notary in the territory of Russia or in the Russian consulate in the borders of another state (whose citizen, for example, is the future spouse).

The main situations when such a document is needed

The most common case is marriage with a foreigner:

  1. Either we will need a certificate in our homeland that the future spouse-foreigner is not married at the moment.
  2. Either a citizen of the Russian Federation will need a certificate of marital status in the state where the future spouse lives (if the marriage is not planned in Russia).

What else is this help for?

There are a number of other cases where further actions of a legal nature without the provision of such a document are simply impossible:

Registration in the consulate

When the Russian consulate is in the state where the marriage will take place (or in the home country of the "second half" - the future spouse), then you should go there.

The procedure is quite simple, because it is requiredShow only your Russian passport. Then the consular officer will issue a certificate of marital status - this is the first version of the development of events. The second option, when the applicant will be given a completed form, which will need to be filled and signed independently.

where to get a certificate of marital status

The result will be a campaign to the notary to assurewritten out a certificate or a completed form. In some countries (for example, Belgium) you will need a double apostille or a double circle of legalization (as in Syria), as well as an additional translation into the state language, plus a notarization of the transfer.

For any state, a statement of marital status should be submitted solely in the original. Typically, within three to five business days, the apostille will be affixed.

Receiving the certificate personally in the notary's office

Going to the notary does not require a long collection of necessary documents in order to obtain a certificate of marital status. The whole package of papers consists of just something from:

  • Passports of a citizen of the Russian Federation.
  • Identification code.
  • A document certifying the fact of divorce at the moment (when citizens were in a previous marriage).

The notary will formalize the notarial application foran official letterhead with a hologram stating that the applicant is currently not married. The applicant signs on such a statement, which confirms the absence of any obstacles to the conclusion of a future marriage, since in other formalized marital relations with someone does not consist.

How this help should look like

The law does not provide a strict form for such documents. Therefore, you can only consider an exemplary sample of a certificate of marital status, which is presented in the photo below.

get a certificate of marital status

The form contains information about the organization,which issued this document, the place and date of issue, as well as the outgoing number of the journal of references. The main semantic load is represented by information about the person to whom this reference is issued. Information about the citizen (name, first name, patronymic), his place and date of birth are indicated. Full information about the parents (name in words and without abbreviations). A certificate of marital status is issued only if there is an identity document. In cases where a citizen was presented with a foreign passport, the certificate also includes data on the date of issue and the validity period of the submitted document. For Russians, the registration address for the internal passport of a citizen is fixed: city, street, house, apartment. And only then in the help the current status of the marital status is displayed.

The authenticity of this document is evidenced by personal information about the person who signed the certificate, his position and the stamp of the institution.

Give a sample of the certificate, which is drawn up innotary office, there is no sense, because for her certain forms are provided. Each notary has them in his arsenal. The statement of marital status will be drawn up on this special form and will contain similar information and information on the fact that the applicant is not married at the time of writing the document (divorced, etc.).

The lawyer's help in obtaining

Although at first glance the whole algorithm, how and where to get a certificate of marital status,rather simple, but it has its own nuances.

certificate of marital status

At the confluence of circumstances, when the timingand there is no desire to mess with documents, you can turn to specialized law firms. For a fee, the applicant will be helped to fill out forms, apply, and do not even need to stand in line for a notary. Terms can be up to no more than one day.

How long will such a certificate be valid?

According to the standard rule, the validity periodInformation on unmarried people is 3 months from the moment of its registration and issuance. Earlier in practice there were appeals of citizens of foreign countries with the fact that the validity of their certificates is up to six months (Uzbekistan, Tajikistan). But this moment should in that case be registered on the form itself, otherwise the general rules for the Russian Federation apply.

certificate of marital status

In some countries, on the contrary, helpa shorter period is valid - even up to 1 month. Although according to statistics, a more rational option is 3 months, as in most states, that future spouses have time to collect the remaining documents for marriage, and the certificate was not overdue at the time.

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