Inetpub: what is this folder, can I delete it and how to do it correctly?

It happens that some very curioususers tend to see what exactly is in the system partition with the operating system, and they meet there directory Inetpub. What is this folder - many users and have no idea, considering its occurrence by the impact of viruses. Some people try to delete it immediately. But is it necessary to do this?

Inetpub: what is this folder?

At once I want to warn users of any level of preparation that the consequence of virus attacks is the appearance of this directory is not.

inetpub what is this folder

The question of how to delete the Inetpub folder (Windows10), and in general, whether it is necessary to do this, while we leave it aside, and we'll look at the catalog itself. It can appear when certain Microsoft services are used or when certain games are installed.

how to delete inetpub folder

In fact, the contents of this directoryis a special set of Internet servers, created by Microsoft, for the use of which the IIS (Internet Information Server) service is responsible for the use of the system.

If the local computer does not provide access to such services or web development, the service can be disabled and the directory cleaned of content.

Inetpub folder (Windows 10): can I delete it in the usual way?

But the most important problem is thatThe usual method here does not help. You can manually try to get rid of the directory. How to delete the Inetpub folder, probably, it is not necessary to explain (just perform a normal operation in "Explorer" or in any other file manager). But the trouble is - when reboot it will be restored. It is connected only with the fact that the IIS service is in the active state, although by default it is disabled.

Disabling IIS

So, it is already a little clear what iscomponent of the Inetpub system, what kind of folder it is and the service responsible for it, too. Now a few words about the correctness of disabling the Microsoft service (you need to do this, if only for the reason that the service itself uses a lot of RAM).

how to delete inetpub folder windows 10

First of all, you should use the sectionprograms and components, where in the list of components you need to look at the line indicating the IIS services. If they are for some reason in the active state, you just need to remove the label from the line. After clicking the "OK" button to save the changes made, you will have to wait a little while until they come into force, and after the process is completed, a complete reboot of the system is mandatory.

After the restart, the contents of the Inetpub directory will becompletely cleaned. Now, if you want, you can send an empty folder to the Recycle Bin or delete it when you delete it using the Shift + Del combination. However, keep in mind: if the service is activated again, accordingly, you can not avoid and re-appear the catalog just reviewed.

Possible problems with access to some resources: editing the Hosts file

This is the state of affairs with the Inetpub directory. What is this folder, we have already figured out. Now a few words about the possible blocking of access to some resources. As evidenced by user feedback, after the removal of this component, such problems are sometimes observed.

However, it should be noted that it is with the IIS serviceand the deleted folder is almost unrelated. First of all, it is worth checking the system for viruses, since some of them can actually prohibit access. In most cases, they make their own entries in the Hosts file. It needs to be found and edited.

folder inetpub windows 10 can i remove

In the system folder, go to the System32 directory,then - Drivers, and finally - to the directory etc. Open the file and look at its contents. The final line should be the local host address, which starts with a value of 127.0. All addresses that are below this line are blocked resources, so you simply delete these records.


From all that has been said, you can make the most simpleoutput: deleting the folder and disabling the corresponding service specifically for system health will not affect. It is only necessary to approach this question from the right side, since the usual removal does not work. However, if the use of some programs provides for direct access to it in the course of work, it is not recommended to disconnect. But ordinary users are much easier, because the service itself is initially disabled by default, and it does not affect Internet surfing in any way.

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Inetpub: what is this folder, can I delete it and how to do it correctly Inetpub: what is this folder, can I delete it and how to do it correctly Inetpub: what is this folder, can I delete it and how to do it correctly Inetpub: what is this folder, can I delete it and how to do it correctly Inetpub: what is this folder, can I delete it and how to do it correctly