Ideal advertising for the store - a luminous sign

You have opened your store, but do not know howDo you want everyone to notice it? The answer is simple: you just hang a bright sign that everyone will see. A signboard is a construction in an extensive and shallow undertaking, which is located most often on the facade of the room, near the entrance, while giving information about the organizations and enterprises in the room. Signs provide not only information, but also advertising of the organization itself. Signboards belong to the subdivision of outdoor advertising, it functions as an image. Thanks to the signs about your store everyone will know, it will begin to notice from all sides. A bright sign will be visible from afar, and this will surely entice customers. A few people in any case will come to you, at least for the sake of interest.

Luminous signboard

The concept of a signboard and its requirements

Signage is a business card of various buildingsand facilities, they help visitors understand what they will find inside without going there. For all stores, the luminous sign is ideal, because this is the perfect signage for attracting customers all day and night. The sign for the store must meet certain requirements:

  • Legislation on advertising.

  • Requirements of city authorities.

  • Technical regulations.

Manufacturing of a signboard

Before you have a glowingsign-advertising, it is better to turn to professionals who are engaged in its manufacture. This is to ensure that the sign complies with all norms, it did not have to be altered. The illuminated sign for the store should be visible, but at the same time it can not exceed the specified dimensions in the legislation. You need to carefully think over the sketch of the sign, think about how it will look, whether it will be covered with branches or trees, etc. In general, you need to think about all the nuances. The main thing that should be in the signboard itself is its readability at all angles and at different distances, it should be ideal from all angles.

Structure and basis of a signboard

Light boxSo of what is the luminous signboard? It should consist of a clear definition of your proposed products. On the signboard you need to put the name of the store, its logo and a few words about the product. The base of the signboard consists of a plastic or aluminum casing, the front side is covered with acrylic glass. Also, the luminous sign has LED lamps, they are considered to be better lamps than others, because they have good light output and at the same time are economical in power consumption, while they are environmentally friendly. Their price is less than the price of a neon sign.

In addition to all this, the luminous sign serveslonger than the rest, it is strong, resistant to various effects (temperature drop, frost, impact). It is also safe, you can view any image on it either day or night. Installation of such signs is more simple and convenient because of their weight. Specialists who manufacture such signage can create everything you want, whether it's a running line, changing texts, colors, or a sign of any shape and size. Applying to a specialized company, you can be sure that there will be a better sign that will attract potential customers to you.

Kinds of a luminous signboard

Luminous sign for the storeAlso for your store is perfect for thiskind of signage, like a light box. These are products that are volumetric structures, with a face that transmits light, with a side and back metal or plastic surface. In the middle of the box install a light source, illuminating the front surface. With the help of the internal illumination, the box is visible not only during the day, but also at night. This type of box is the most popular type for signage and outdoor advertising. The drawing is applied to it thanks to full-color seals or vinyl films. Backlighting is performed by means of LEDs and neon tubes.

Quality of the light box

Luminous signboard advertisingThe light box has such positive qualities:

  • The variety of shape - can be thin and voluminous, pendant and floor, with different kinds of lighting.

  • Colorful - attracts interest in yourself throughout the day.

  • Fast execution time and affordable price (unlike other luminous signage).

  • Does not require special care for yourself.

  • Durable - when used properly.

What is the luminous sign

Application of a light box

It is used in all areas of outdoor advertising,because it is considered to be the most popular type of signage execution. The box is the main decoration of the facade. If you want your store to have a bright and noticeable advertisement, then an irresistible thing in this is the light box, because it is perfectly visible at night. At the moment, this kind of signage has become a high-tech product, which is assembled according to standard technology. Therefore, it is made easily and quickly.

Remember that the best sign and light boxyou will be produced only by specialists who have been engaged in this work for a long time. Contact any advertising agency, and there you will be explained in detail. The advertising agencies employ very professional and creative people who will make you the best advertising. An important point is that they take into account all the wishes of the customer, so you can create signs of your dreams. The specialists will draw up a plan to carry out the work with all the necessary requirements, you will confirm it, and they will start manufacturing. You will only have to wait for the result. You, of course, can try to make a box yourself, on the Internet there is a detailed instruction, but do you have the time and desire for it? If there is, then good luck in this matter, and if not, then hurry to the advertising agency, they are obviously waiting for you.

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