Hugging Day in 2019

Despite the fact that such a holiday as Hugging Day seems to many stupid, the number of its admirers is growing every year. It is not surprising, because everyone wants to in life become more reasons for a great mood. Hugging Day in 2019, according to good tradition, will be celebrated twice - on January 21 and December 4.

Hug Day


In the mid-seventies, a young man, Juan, flew to Sydney (Australia). In his life there were few reasons for joy, and he decided that the situation should be changed. In large letters on the drawing paper, he wrote “Hugs for Free” and went with him to the airport. At first, the young man was perceived, to put it mildly, in surprise, but then many gladly sank in his arms. After learning about this action, Australian students supported the idea. It is believed that this is how the “hugging” movement was born.

The holiday began to walk around the planet. After Australia, students in Europe began to celebrate it. Following the connection and the American youth. And since 1986 in the American calendar appeared “International Hug Day”, which was customarily celebrated on January 21. In our country, we learned about it in the early 90s of the last century.Today, most of his admirers are urban youth, but slowly but surely he is heading to the provinces.

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Many people like this holiday, because it does not require material expenses, because the main gift is hugs, smiles and positive emotions. It is not necessary to deprive of attention and those who are far away - they can, for example, send pictures, gifs and various postcards in social networks and instant messengers on Hug Day in 2019. In addition, it is customary to hold various flashmobs on this holiday. Well, if you wish, of course, it is not forbidden to set the table and invite your friends and relatives.

On January 21 and December 4, you have the right to embrace not only your relatives and close friends, but even strangers, and they should not resist!

There are several unspoken rules in force on this holiday:

  1. You can not be offended by the arms, donated by a stranger.
  2. You can not forbid a loved one to hug other people.
  3. You can not cuddle with evil intentions and / or without emotion.

Greeting pictures:

Cards for the day of hugsCards for the day of hugsCards for the day of hugsCards for the day of hugs

Interesting facts about the holiday

We offer only a few facts proving that hugs are not only pleasant, but also useful:

  • Improve well-being. At the time of touching another person, oxytocin is produced, which gives a feeling of tenderness and warmth.
  • Normalize blood pressure. At the moment when someone touches you, pressure receptors, the so-called Pacini bodies, are activated, which send a signal to the vagus nerve, as a result of which the blood pressure drops.
  • Help in the fight against phobias. As a result of research conducted by psychologists, it was found that hugs (it does not matter - with a person, a cat, a soft toy) console and reduce fears.

Girl hugging a teddy bear

  • Prevent the development of heart disease. It is proved that for those people who shared with a loved one a story about their recent stress, without holding hands and not feeling their touch, the heart rate rises.
  • Keep the marriage union. Families, in which husbands and wives are often embraced, are less likely to fall apart than those in which physical contact is avoided.
  • Help in the fight against stress. When tactile contact decreases the level of cortisol, a stress hormone, tension goes away and a feeling of calm comes.
  • Affect the development. According to recent studies, children who are not deprived of the attention and embrace of their parents develop better not only physically, but also intellectually.Hug your baby at least 7 times a day!

For normal life every person needs at least 4 hugs. Another interesting fact is that with age, the need increases. Therefore, hug as often as possible, and not just January 21 and December 4.

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