How to value life?

Why do some live a full life that playsall the colors of the rainbow, while others can not find meaning and do not know the value of human life. And this state of affairs does not always depend on the amount of money. Despite the fact that many books and articles can be found on the value of life, they pass without a trace for most people. But how then can you really learn, value life and see its bright colors?

Notepad of thanks

Of course, the value of life is not for someoneto impose, as each person has her own. Therefore, it will be useful to start a notebook in which you should record all those joyful moments and wins that happened for the day or week for which you are grateful. But first of all you need to write down all the good things that happened in your past. And then, in time, you will get no such notebook, the main thing is to start. In a notebook it is necessary to write down even such trifles as the 20 rubles found or an unexpected discount in the store. Such an exercise not only lifts the mood, but also accompanies the fact that you will constantly notice the pleasant little things that make up human life, and which make it brighter and give it value and meaning.

Complaints - no

In order for life to play bright colors, it should beforget what complaints are. Turn around, what do you miss? We live in a magical time of progress, and several centuries ago there was no Internet, electricity, cars and washing machines, which make our life so easy. It is worth saying thank you, for these blessings of civilization. Of course, many people are missing something, but looking around you can understand that most of the necessary things are still present in our lives. In addition, you should realize that your time is limited and you will not live forever, so you need to use this time to the fullest, so that in old age you do not regret what you could do.

Lesson for the soul

For life to gain value, you should find yourselfa lesson for the soul. Think about what you like. If you like dancing, then you can easily join a dance group. I like to go camping - you can always find like-minded people on the Internet who will gladly make you a company. If you can not decide, then you can sign up for any courses, for example, any foreign language that you have always wanted to learn. From this there will only be a double benefit. First, it will distract you, and secondly, the knowledge of a foreign language will never interfere. And besides, for sure, there you will meet interesting people who can later become your good friends. And if you love animals, then you can have a kitten or a puppy who will give you their love and bring, that sense and value that you lack. Now you know how to appreciate life and it will play with all colors.

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