How to set the mode in GTA 4

After a relatively slow start, the communityGTA IV has released a huge number of large mods. No doubt, you want to start playing without losing more time. This article will tell you how to install the mods and load them into GTA 4.

Without a doubt, GTA 4, whether it is fashion or not,is one of the greatest games ever released. At the same time, it can also be recognized that it does not fully deserve such an ideal assessment, which it received in two thousand and eighth year. There are many things that gamers would like to see changed. Unfortunately, in the game GTA 4 fashion is not officially supported.

how to install fashion

However, a community of fans around the worldgrowing. Despite the lack of official support, the game is modified and supplemented at the discretion of gamers. This deserves special attention, so below is how to install the mods and run them in GTA IV.

Difficulty level: for beginners

You will need a copy of GTA IV. If you do not have one, it's easiest to just download it from Steam. After the download, you need to place it in your GTA IV installation folder. You will find it in the main folder (usually located along the route C: \ Program Files \ Rockstar \ Games \ Grand Theft Auto IV \ GTAIV.) Copy the ASI Loader directly to the installation folder.This will not affect the game in any way (do not delete anything from the folder !), but now you can start and install the mods.

So, now you know how to install fashion, andYou can practice downloading some of them. For example, you can install the weapons editor. This improvement will allow you to select different types of weapons in the game and edit its specific properties.

To install this mod you need to download itfrom the Internet, open the file and copy it to the main folder GTA IV (C: \ Program Files \ Rockstar \ GamesGrand Theft Auto IV \ GTAIV). Start the game, and the weapon editor should be available in the menu. Remember that in order for it to work properly on your computer, you must have a working Microsoft NET Framework v 3.5 installed.

gta 4 fashion

In addition, knowing how to install the mods, youyou can make any available changes to the game. For example, there is an addition that replaces more than 35 fictitious GTA cars with real brands.

What more can be said? You will be able to enjoy the use of modified weapons in real cars. When you start the game, a replacement must be made. If for some reason you did not like it, you can remove it using the instructions in the readme file.

fallout 3 fashion

In addition to the above, it is worth noting thatToday many Fallout 3 fashion are available. Having installed the desired addition to the game yourself, you will have the opportunity to modify your hero - choose haircuts, facial vegetation and tattoos. On various resources containing discussions of this game, one of the shortcomings is the consistency and monotony of the hero, and the above possibility will just correct this defect.

It is also worth noting that on the Internet you candownload and whole modding packages of the game, which will change its appearance and progress beyond recognition. You can create an image of the hero at your discretion, as well as change the entire surrounding environment, guided only by your preferences.

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