How to punish a daughter?

By their nature - women are beautiful, but verycapricious creatures. They can be capricious on any occasion and do as they see fit. Everything becomes much more difficult when it comes to your own daughter.

As you grow older, your daughter is from a burning sweetcreation grows into a rigid principled princess. You must accept this and, as your child grows up, you must direct it to the true path. It is not always possible to achieve this by peaceful means, so mothers and fathers have a question - how to punish the daughter.

Punishment should not be too cruel orseverely degrading. In the end, you want to grow a full-fledged personality, which will not have any fears from childhood. Nevertheless, if the father punished a drunk daughter, then this is normal. But let's look at everything in order.

Preschool and early school age

When your daughter spoils at this age, then thisStill normally. You can confine yourself to a serious conversation, that you can not do so. You can slightly raise your voice to draw your daughter's attention to yourself. If your child does not have much time in school, then try to help her figure it out with lessons. Sit with her at your homework. It will even bring you closer.

You most likely heard from friends orTV as someone punished daughter for bad grades or how someone exclaims: I punish my daughter with a belt! This is not entirely correct. The child's psyche is fragile at this age, and it is better to come to the rescue. Perhaps the problem is in your child's friends or classmates. Maybe there are problematic children in the group who negatively affect all the children. In this case, you need to talk with the parents of these guys.

Senior school age - university

The most "explosive" age. Your daughter thinks that she knows everything and that she will do without her parents. The so-called "transition" age. Constant festivities are late. Your daughter does not listen to your words. It is very important that you somehow affect your daughter, before it's too late. She can afford to come home drunk. In this case, you need to punish a drunk daughter. There must come an understanding that what she does is not right. Here the question arises: how to punish the daughter, so that it makes her think about her actions. You remember the stories about how someone punished his daughter with a strap. Try to take control of the situation. Conduct a conversation with your child. Naturally, she will avoid talking or she will not be pleasant to her. But your duty as a parent is to convey your words to her. It is better to think about this in advance, because the older your daughter becomes, the less she will listen to your words. And there is nothing surprising in this. It is formed as a person, accumulates its own experience and relies on it. It's good if you have already influenced her and she listened to you.

Try to find a middle ground, acting onthe principle of a carrot and a stick. I always want to please my beloved daughter and not harm her. But sometimes, parents, based on their "stuffed cones," are trying to protect their child from the problems they themselves encountered. But sometimes a child does not understand this and stubbornly pursues his goal. After all, it is sometimes useful for your daughter to learn from her mistakes. You can not be with her all the time and protect her from all failures.

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