How to properly color the hair at home

It is difficult today to find a woman who does notpainted her hair. Of course, because changing the color of your hair, the whole image changes. In addition, you can easily choose the color with which I will dyed hair again: for good, store shelves are filled with hair colors from different manufacturers. It has long been debating whether it is possible to dye your hair. Some persistently defend the position that it is harmful not only for the hair itself, but for the whole organism. Others, on the contrary, do not see anything terrible in this, and some even tend to believe that the paint is able to strengthen the hair and give them extra shine. Whatever it was, but those who want to repaint their hair is not gone.

Usually, in order to change the hair color, you needgo to the hairdresser and pay a considerable amount of money for all work. If there is no time, no money, then you can dye your hair without much difficulty at home. Hair coloring at home is available to every woman, most importantly, be able to do it right. How, and will go further speech.

Choose the paint

First, you need to decide on the futurecolor. If you are painted for the first time, then do not immediately carry out experiments such as repainting white hair in black. It is not known whether such drastic changes will go to you. Try to choose the color that you really want. Pay attention to the durability of the paint: the longer it will not wash off, the better.

Preparation of all necessary

Hair coloring at home start withprepare everything you need, namely: paint, plastic comb, a few pins, a brush, gloves and a container (ceramic or porcelain), in which you will dilute the paint. Ideally, the day before painting, you should conduct an allergy test, especially when you are painted for the first time. How to conduct an allergy test is described in detail in the instruction sheet attached to the paint. I'll draw your attention to the fact that you will still need a piece of some cloth or an old towel so that with their help you can cover your shoulders and not get dirty during painting.


Wear gloves. Usually, along with paint, awkward, giant-sized gloves are sold. You can buy medical gloves of the size you need in advance. Following the instructions, carefully mix the ingredients of the paint in the container.

Go to the mirror, so you will see everything that you do.

Hair coloring at homecan be carried out in two ways. The first (personally tried) is faster, but not quite right. It is suitable only for painting short or not very long hair. Take a hand (do not remove gloves) a small amount of paint and apply it to the hair (see the instructions, whether they should be washed beforehand). So you should gradually spread all the paint from the container evenly over the head. Then take the comb and gently comb it. After that, massaging the movements, distribute the paint on your hair once again and make sure that there are no painted areas. Thin and rare hair color in this way will not be difficult, but if the hair is thick, then it's better not to take risks and use the following method.

Secure your hair with hairpins, leaving only thatpart that you will paint over. It is best to begin dyeing hair at home from below, gradually taking a small portion of hair from under the hairpins. Take a small strand of hair and apply a small amount of paint on it with a brush. Distribute it along the entire length. Then take a new prick, paint it, etc. This method is more complicated, since it is very inconvenient to paint yourself, and the hand quickly becomes tired. And still you can use it. You can even try to make hair styling at home, however, only if the hand is already well-stuffed. I know a few girls who never go to a hairdresser, and they do it in such a way that any specialist would simply envy.

By the way, pay attention to the fact that staininghair at home can hold your girlfriend. Why not? The main thing that she knew how to do it. And if she is also painted, then you can color her hair. As a result, none of you will not have to walk every month to the hairdresser only to dye your hair.

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