How to open the trunk?

Cases when you just slamming the trunk of the car, youremember that the keys are left inside, not so rare. But before you panic, try to calm down and finish reading our article to the end.

How to open the trunk without a key?

For some reason, the problem is how to open the trunk, iflost the key most often rises in the owners of VAZ. On these cars and we will focus our attention. So, you can get inside the locked trunk from the cabin. At the top of the back seat of the classic VAZ is attached with two guides, from the bottom there are two hinges, which can be seen from the rear door. At this point, bend the tongues welded to the car body, pull the bottom of the backrest and push it upwards. Thus, the path to the partition between the cabin and the luggage compartment becomes open. We move aside the partition and proceed to make an extension cord with a 10 mm head on the end, otherwise we will not get the lock nuts. In order not to drop the head, it is better to fasten it to the collar with scotch tape. And, of course, we need a flashlight. Well, if both lock nuts can be unscrewed the first time, but not even from the first it is not so difficult. The open door of the trunk will be our reward. Although there is no need to hurry to disassemble the half-salon. It is likely that the lock of the trunk of our VAZ will open with some other key, even taken from neighbors.

Other methods are known. In the case of VAZ 2106, for example, you need to take a not very thick but sturdy slotted screwdriver and insert it into the slot between the body and the luggage compartment lid directly under the lock. An old, designed lock can be tried to open with any key less or the same as "native", the thickness. Enter it carefully, not deeper than 0.5-1.0 cm while trying to crank. Some craftsmen do this operation even with a long slotted screwdriver.

The trunk opens and the key to the door. It should be entered vertically, and, having entered to turn on 90 ° up to a horizontal position. Turning, take out the key and press harder on the larva of the lock with your finger. Well and absolutely already radical method - opening of the lock by a strong impact of a foot hardly below a lock, but we will not recommend this to our readers.

How to open the tailgate lock on the "Volga"?

To do this, you need to stock up with a rigid wirediameter of about 2.5 - 3 mm, and remove the rubber band around the lock. Make a wire hook at 45 ° length of about 8 cm and insert it between the lock and the boot lid. The task is to press the opening of the lock pull. If there is another "Volga" nearby, it is useful, before starting the operation, to refresh the memory of the lock design, having studied it not by the neighbor's car.

But do not think that the problems with openingthe luggage carrier is pursued solely by domestic car owners. For example, experienced owners of older Mercedes-600s know that this problem is solved by penetrating into the luggage space through the niche of the first-aid kit in the rear shelf.

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