How to meet guests?

At the guests always want to produce only the bestimpression, but cooking and a clean apartment is not all that is needed for a good reception of friends and family. How to meet guests, everyone decides for himself. But we can give a couple of tips and ideas on this matter.

Of course, any hostess wants to surprise guestswith their culinary masterpieces, and this is correct. It is important not only to cook delicious, but also to decorate everything beautifully. On the Internet for you a huge selection of dishes with a variety of design. Of course, there are such recipes for jewelry, with which it is difficult to cope without certain skills and special improvised means. But there are many simple and very original ways of decorating dishes. If you become interested, just go to the site that answers this topic. For example, this one. Also you can beautifully lay out the napkins and make them in the form of flowers. In general, your fantasy will be a place to clear up!

Young people always want to add somea twist on the holiday, so often puzzles over how to meet the guests fun, that everyone was having fun. One of the options can be pre-prepared costumes that are given to guests at the entrance.

If you remember how people were welcomed in Russia, thenThe first picture in my head is bread and salt. But even then people baked loaves of different shapes with different patterns, this tradition has remained and still. For example, on the wedding day, young people are met with a caravan on a towel.

To treat people with specific orExotic dishes need to be prepared in advance. First, you need to know the preferences in eating your guests. It is also worth considering the preference in drinking.

If you know that you will have a lot of people, and the hanger for things is not too big, you need to think in advance about the place where the outer clothing will lie, so that she does not interfere later.

Meeting with guests

How to meet guests according to the etiquette? Owners personally should meet visitors and spend in a room where there is a celebration. If people who are unfamiliar to each other have gathered in the company, they need to be presented in order not to create a burden in communication.

Usually, when the guests meet, a certaindiscomfort in the company, when the table is laid, there are several people already, but nothing can be touched, as this will be uncultured. To do this, the hosts must pre-cook a mini-table, where you can eat something light. For example, different canapes or vegetables (fruits) on skewers and, of course, something from booze.

When all the guests have gathered, you can invite them tothe general table. Usually guests sit down themselves, but you can take the initiative and help them choose places. Smoking guests should be warned about where you can smoke.


You as owners of the house will need not onlycheer guests, but also to watch, that on the table there was enough food and booze. In breaks between meals, you can arrange contests or dance, sing in karaoke or just socialize. At the end of the reception, dessert is served.

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