How to make candied fruits?

Candied fruits are fruits (whole or cut intopieces), as well as berries or citrus peel, syrup-flavored, larded in sugar and dried in the oven or in the fresh air. Their homeland - Asia Minor and the Middle East, from where they reached the palaces of medieval rulers during the time of the crusades and became the progenitors of modern sweets.

Candied cubes of incredible acidcolors, now sold at every corner under the name "candied fruits" are, alas, not, often it is not fruit at all, but a tight marmalade, cut into small pieces. If you want to know the taste of these candied fruits and understand what the court ladies admired when they tried this exotic delicacy, do not be too lazy to cook candied fruits with your own hands. The process of manufacturing them is not at all complicated, but rather lengthy. Ready to talk in the kitchen for a couple of days? Then our advice how to make candied fruits is always useful to you. Let's start, perhaps, with classic candied fruits from citrus crusts.

Orange candied fruits

  • Take five very large and thickoranges of bright orange color. Wash them well with a brush, cross-cut the skin and carefully remove it. Oranges can now be eaten and cooked with candied fruits.
  • Crusts (they should be about 500 gr.) cut into straight strips and put them in a glass or enamel bowl, cover with a plate so that they do not float, and pour in cold water. We soak the crusts of bitterness for 24 hours, changing water as often as possible every two to three hours.
  • A day later, throw back the crust into a colander and wait for the water to drain.
  • In the meantime, cook a concentrated syrup of four glasses of sugar and one glass of water. Do it better in a thick-walled wide saucepan and over a small fire.
  • We immerse the orange peel in the syrup and cook them with minimal boiling for about an hour until their white part becomes translucent.
  • When candied fruits from crust are almost ready,you need to add two tablespoons of lemon juice to the syrup and, if desired, a spoonful of orange liqueur for flavor, boil them for a few more minutes and remove from heat.
  • Let them completely cool in syrup at room temperature.
  • Throw the candied fruits in a colander, wait until the syrup is completely drained. We spread the candied fruits on a sieve and wait for them to dry, and sugar icing is formed on their surface.
  • We put candied fruits in a hermetically sealed, jar and store them in the refrigerator.

Try also to make unusual vegetable candied fruits, the recipe of which slightly differs from the previous one.

Pumpkin candied fruits

One kilogram of pulp pulp cut into cubesthe size of the cherry and sprinkle them with a glass of sugar. Keep in the cold while the pumpkin does not let the juice, then, without stirring, heat it on low heat until it boils. Drain the resulting sweet juice, measure one glass and dissolve in it three glasses of sugar and 5 grams. citric acid. Cook a thick sugar syrup, pour a pumpkin on it and cook over low heat until its pieces become transparent. Strain them from the syrup, dry well and roll in sugar, mixed with ground cinnamon. Keep these candied fruits in a box at room temperature.

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