How to get a visa to France?

Anyone who wants to go to France must havevisa. To do this, you should contact specialists who will explain how to get a visa to France and if necessary, will help. But you can do everything yourself.

Getting a French visa

Visa to France is issued for a long period, withunlimited number of entries, for study or work for a period of 3 to 5 years. Visas can be issued in visa agencies, submitting all the necessary documents and paying for the services of this agency, as well as in the French visa center.

A visa to France can also be issuedyourself. You need to apply to the Embassy of the French Republic in Moscow at: B. Yakimyanka St., 45, telephone (495) 937-1500, website, or to the Consulate General of France in St. Petersburg, at: Moika Embankment, 15 , phone (812)332-2270 site.

Getting a Schengen visa

If you plan to visit other than Francethe Schengen countries, then a short-term Schengen visa is issued. When transplanting at the airport of another country within 24 hours, it is enough to have a normal visa to France and a ticket. Schengen visa, even if issued in the French consulate, gives the right to freely enter any country in the Schengen area. For Russians, the cost of the Schengen visa is 35 and 70 euros, for a period of 1 day to 5 years.

Required documents

When applying for a visa to France, the following documents are submitted:

  • a copy of the passport (if there are two, both are presented.),
  • a copy of the Russian passport,
  • visa application form for France (download and fill in),
  • 2 color photos in the size 3,5х4,5 sm, matte,
  • Reference from work with average earnings and position (download reference sample),

For minors:

  • consent to the departure of the child of both parents,
  • a photocopy of a birth certificate certified by a notary.

For pensioners, a copy of the pension certificate is also needed

Students are required, in addition to a general list of necessary documents

  • certificate from the Institute,
  • copy of student card.

For those traveling by invitation, they also need:

  • The original invitation, where the hotel is specified with address and payment,
  • a copy of the passport of the invited person (1 page), with a private invitation,
  • confirmation of the inviting company, at the business invitation.

Good luck on your trip to France!

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