How to drill a wall?

If your wife wants to hang a new picture onwall, where before this picture was not, or you need to attach a shelf to the wall, or replace the cornice over the window, you need to hammer into the wall a nail, or a screw, on which all this should hang. But in a brick or concrete wall, hammering a nail is sometimes an unrealistic task. In order to make a fastening for shelves or cornices on the wall, you need to drill a hole in the wall. How to drill a wall? All methods of drilling walls depend, in fact, on the wall itself and have their own tricks and subtleties.

How to drill a wall - tips

  1. But first, just before drilling, severalcouncils. First of all, it is undesirable to get into the cable, or some kind of sewage pipe, or in the worst case, into the armature when drilling. That is, you need to know, in what place it is better to drill a hole. To identify the various wires and in general all metal use a metal detector. It will accurately determine where the metal wires are located and what is more, at what distance from the wall surface.
  2. Further, the hole size in diameter will be significantlygreater than the diameter of the drill bit. Therefore, you need to carefully select the size of the drill bit. On most walls, plaster is applied on top of the brick or concrete. A bit drills through it quite easily, and then when it hits the wall, difficulties begin. As for plaster, it can be of different qualities. And it often happens that when they start to drill a hole, the plaster begins to pour and break off. If there are wallpapers on the walls, they will eliminate this problem, preventing the plaster from showering.
  3. Depending on the type of wall, the type of drill is selected. Usually drills to brick and concrete walls have special carbide tacks.
  4. An important point when you need to drillhole in the wall of brick or concrete, is that it is the drill that must have a speed of at least 200 per minute. When drilling a hole, the drill can become very hot, so it should be wetted in water.
  5. If you need to drill a concrete wall, thenthe best option is to use a drill with a drill. It is desirable that this borer should have a diameter of less than 1 cm. Such drills are rather difficult to find. Then you will have to use those that already exist. In this case, the hole will be much larger in diameter. To eliminate this problem, you should use wooden plugs that fill the entire hole space. In order to easily screw in these corks screws, it is necessary to make a small hole in the traffic jams.

Now you know how to drill a concrete wall. There are situations when you need to make holes of the same depth. Very often it is almost impossible to do this. It is difficult to determine by eye how deep the drill is in the wall. For this you can use electrical tape. From the beginning of the drill you need to measure the value equal to the depth of the hole, and in that place wind the drill with an insulating tape. Now there is a clear label for determining the depth of the hole. If it happened that you accidentally got into the armature, then you can immediately stop the whole process. The armature can not be drilled.

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